Between Truth and Polemics

Between Truth and Polemics

Adel Bashqawi

11 August, 2021


Perhaps it is adequate and useful in the current circumstances to monitor the inappropriate moves and activities against the demand for the restoration of the usurped Circassian rights. This must be condemned, especially regarding the irresponsible and offensive statements published on Jul 20, 2021, in BuzzFeed Website, about an interview performed recently in Maykop, with Zaty Sonmes, the head of “Federation of Circassian Cultural Societies in Europe,” and Hauti Sokhrokov, the president of the International Circassian Association, who is based in Nalchik, KBR. 

The Interview contained intended deception aimed to mislead the Circassian people in all of their whereabouts ( Knowing that it is well known and certain that targeted Circassian institutions, are willingly pursuing their duties out of national duty, through the use of peaceful and legal means, along with self-help efforts. However, there are some parties that re-emerge from time to time with the aim of diminishing the importance of Circassian rights, including the right to return to the Circassian homeland.

However, inverted criteria and crooked logic utilized do not represent any mean of interest in the Circassian Question. Rather showed fabrication attempts to deceive, bully and offend those interested in the Circassian national affairs, who worked hard to reveal thousands of previously hidden documents and facts, which eventually identified the perpetrators. 

These characters display the situation strikingly. It is a mixture of black comedy and sitcoms marred by dramatic scenes and false statements against the truth and logic. Amazingly, they create conflicting, unbalanced, marred by self-flagellation and abuse aimed at spreading backbiting, gossip, strife, lies and contradictions.

There is no reason to ignore facts and overlook those who were behind the conquest and destruction of Circassia, the perpetration of genocide, brutal occupation, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation. Even if this disturbs some involved parties, who got the desire to change the identity of the real criminals. 

In principle, the Circassians do not “pursue an anti-Russian policy,” as such; but their prerogative is to restore their usurped rights, which they lost since the deportation of 1864. Also, Zaty Sonmes said, that the goal is “preservation of their history, culture and language,” but he should demand in parallel, to grant the legitimate right of return of Circassians to their homeland with no restrictions, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948). This must eventually lead to exercising the right of self-determination as per the international laws and norms.

This is a crisis that the Russians are trying to get out of through the irresponsible statements of their supporters. Zaty should’ve consulted his partner Hauti Sokhrokov, the president of the ICA, who declared his unconditional supported with all his heart and soul for the constitutional referendum, held in Russia in July 2020, being member of the committee that was formed by the President of the Russian Federation for this purpose. 

“Actions Speak Louder than Words.”

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