Plenary Session

Plenary Session

img (1)Of 95 votes, “the Russian Empire in recognition of the Circassian genocide”, the draft resolution was adopted.

“As a matter of historical and political, as well as the international point of view ‘is very important. Vudebt srualiad we start construction of new relations between the Georgian and North Caucasian peoples, which is important in terms of regional security and stability,” – said the Caucasian diaspora and the committee chairman, David Tsiklauri plenary session. According to him, it comes of as a regional leader in defining the role and function.

“In Georgia and Tbilisi has always been both an intellectual and political center in the Caucasus region. We can, the return of the leader role in the region. Time is the great Caucasian solidarity and consensus in the moment and this issue will contribute to a political origin,” – said Nugzar Tsiklauri.

Faction “Powerful Georgia’s” The View Chakhvadze estimates, Circassians, the descendants of the displaced to return to their homeland, and I’m pleased that we will have a modest contribution to the well. “In Georgia, this historic crime against their own experience, it should not be indifferent,” – said The Circassian genocide talking and discussions.

Dmitry lortkipaniis says Georgia is no longer a nation of orphans, because their children cherkezebisa and restore the will of the Caucasus. “This day means that not only the sovereign state, but they can express their sovereign will,” – said the faction “Strong Georgia”, Dimitri Lortkipanidze. He does not understand that when the Russian Empire, the Circassians and the intentions of Russia’s historical and cultural traces of deleting it, why should anyone moubrundes language and why it should be reasonable enough to make such a decision with the scales.

“Yes, today’s Russia is the legal successor of the Russian Tsarist Empire, because people are people, must publicly recognize that the great tragedy of the Circassian brothers,” – said Dmitry Lortkipanidze.

MP Baghaturia discussions in the Circassian Genocide by Russia in the genocide of Circassians, depending on interest. In addition, the Opposition MP expressed the opinion that it is possible that recognition of the Armenian genocide of the Circassian cause anger, because they recognize the genocide of the Georgian Parliament cherkezeb addressed before.

Parliamentary majority, a member of the evaluation to the agreement, it is the people’s responsibility and duty to a brother nation to take the first step, which is necessary for the restoration of historic justice.

“Today is a historic day, today was a day gamichina a feeling and I can say that I am a Georgian, Circassian, therefore,” – I responded to George Tsereteli, Vice-Chairman of Parliament’s plenary session of the Circassian Genocide recognition issue.

Circassian Genocide recognition issue in Georgia for more than a year, which is working. The elaboration of a draft resolution comes after the conclusion of the scientific community, where science – is a historically proven XVIII-XIX centuries, the Circassian Genocide.

The draft resolution says that the Circassian Genocide recognition will occur. “Recognized by the Russian – Caucasian War, the Circassians (adighelebis) of mass destruction and their forced out of the historical homeland of the Genocide Act, according to the” ground war, the laws and usages of the “Hague 1907 October 18, IV Convention and the” genocide prevention of crime and Punishment ” The UN Convention of December 9, 1948. Also, be recognized as refugees in Russia – the Caucasus during the war and later deported to their homeland from the Circassians, the “Convention on the Status of Refugees,” UN Convention of 28 July 1951 “, – said the draft resolution.

Plenary session of the faction “Strong Georgia” Chairman He initiated the “Freedom Charter”, the third hearing, but lawmakers after the vote, the editorial comments of reflection followed. “bill focus on three main directions are made, the first – the dekomunizmizatsia II – Tbilisi International Airport for the installation of detectors and radioactive substances gamomvleneli third – the creation of a spetsalistebi and professionals decide which of the symbols and the switch to remain in occupation of the museum, “- said Tortladze. He said the bill reflected a number of comments expressed during the second reading.

“Freedom Charter”, “lustration” law and the so-called “Patriot Act” combines. The maritime, land and air borders, strategic segments and the strict monitoring of freight, financial services and bank transfers control of the former Soviet Union – is the secret of the special services of registration, voluntary registration and the Registrar of the Commission, the Communist Party Central Committee and Lenin Committees of official restrictions imposed on former officials and a number of other initiatives were also proposed. In addition, the project in Georgia – the Bolshevik symbols should be banned by law.

Sitting on the agenda of other bills were also discussed and voted.

Government, initiated by the “General Education” of the law on amendments to the “draft law approved by Parliament. Deputy Minister of Education and Science Kurdadze Irina explained, according to a legal entity – the National Curriculum and Assessment Centre functions from the national evaluation of the function will be deprived of the Ministry of Public Law and other legal entities to be transferred. Parliament also approved the first reading, “higher education” in the law changes.

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry’s relevant authorities will no longer operative – investigative powers of the activity, because it is the Ministry datsesebeulebis – Investigation of the liquidation. The amendments, which parliament approved on first reading, “The Criminal Procedure Code” and “The Operative – Investigation samkmianobis about” the law.

The sweeping – dasutvebis and waste management in the field of self-government bodies with a view to settling the issues dakavshrebuli, first reading, Parliament adopted changes to the “Capital of Georgia – Tbilisi”.

Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, monteregrosa and Iraqi citizens in the Republic of Georgia and will need a visa for a stay of 360 days. Corresponding change in the “Legal Status of Foreigners” in the law, Parliament has approved a third momsmenit. Parliament also approved the third reading of “standardization” of the law changes.

“Military Service Law” On the amendment, according to a person who has not served the compulsory military service, but the accredited higher education institution as a student during a meeting at least once a day period in 2007-2008, served compulsory military service will be counted. He was given an ordinary rank and transferred to the reserve. The Parliament’s plenary session, the bill was approved on third reading.

Parliament approved the second reading of the “Road of Georgia” in the law, which states that the liberalization of the law. According to the change, the economic boundary freight vehicle without the cost of moving cargo or the driver or vehicle owner will be fined no more.

Parliament today approved the second reading and the “License and Permission Fees” in the bill changes. According to the change in Georgia in the areas where casinos are exempt from the fee system established by law, sareakriatsio resort area will be added.

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