A Question Directed to His Excellency, the President of the Independent Republic of Abkhazia

A Question Directed to His Excellency, the President of the Independent Republic of Abkhazia

At the beginning of this “Open Letter” that is formed in an “Open Question” directly sent to His Excellency, the President of the independent Republic of Abkhazia concerning important and even vital issues that need to be verified and ascertained of.

Nevertheless, that will not prevent us from disregarding and/or make us forgetting to extend sincere Circassian greetings to you and to our dear Abkhazian people who know exactly the meaning and truthfulness of the historical brotherhood and friendship that bind our peoples within the North Caucasus since time immemorial.

Our question does not fall within the scope of accountability or liability of the Abkhazian predicament in facing all kinds of obstacles and for maintaining a dignified national stand on the way to achieve legitimate rights especially when monitoring the “main authoritarian force” that we claim it is preventing the real freedom and independence of decision-making in matters related to the common national interests of Abkhazia!

Is it possible that Your Excellency would kindly inform us why in the light and in the midst of the civil war erupted in Syria you do not allow Circassians of Syria to take refuge in Abkhazia?

You know as well as the mentioned “main authoritarian force” knows that Circassians of Syria have no ambitions and/or aspirations to acquire in Abkhazia as much as they desire to move to a safe place shielding from the evil of civil war with all its implications until time is right to return to their original homeland in the Circassian Motherland.

The fact we all realize that Russia has shown a stringent and stubborn, tyrannical and imperial stand to prevent Circassians of Syria to take refuge whether in Abkhazia or in the Circassian homeland, taking into account that Russia is one of the parties that perpetuate the existing civil war in Syria! Is it Possible Your Excellency tells us why you do not allow them to come to Abkhazia? Preventing Circassians to take refuge to the North Caucasus, particularly to Abkhazia, will not make them forget for a moment that they will return one day to the Circassian homeland.

We are sorry if our question would create any inconvenience for you, but we are sure that it will not affect the historical relationship between the Circassian and the Abkhazian nations in any way, and furthermore we hope that Abkhazia will be able one day to solve its crucial problems and will gain its true independence, the way we are eager to achieve the legitimate objectives of the Circassian nation.

November 29, 2012.

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