Continuation of the Conspiracy Against Circassia


The course of events at present time takes us back with the Circassian memory to what it contained and accumulated of the relevant information in self-defense, presence, survival and continuity, as a nation among other nations long wanted to live in dignity, freedom and self-esteem, but the racist, colonial and imperial greed had prevented the achievement of those cherished aspiration, and even genocide, ethnic cleansing and  forced deportation for the majority of the stricken nation, that were executed against the nation’s exceptional sons and daughters, not to mention the looting and stealing of livestock, properties, and  whatever their treacherous hands could reach, in which all of these heinous and documented acts are rare in the human history, and some of the scourges that the greedy occupiers had inflicted in a way that they were performing the total destruction of the harmless Circassian villages and towns, and the occupiers were gathering civilians and unarmed villagers in public places and even in barns, and they used to set fire, which used to come on anything that their malicious and evil hands had not touched, where Circassian Horses were not safe either, which also experienced genocide, because of the occupiers’ knowledge that the Circassian brave knight riding on the back of his inherent Circassian horse is worth many times that number of members of the aggressor forces trained and equipped with weapons and modern military equipment. All of these acts and monstrous crimes were carried out so as not to let a young or old to survive, with the deliberate massacres, and who escapes would find his home being destroyed and his village being razed to the ground, for a painful torment to begin to the unknown, not to mention the killings, sabotage and seizure of property carried out by gangs of hired assassins, bandits, mercenaries and instigators who were among the Tsarist invading forces.

Policy of fascism and imperialism

The racist abhorrent Russian laws and practices in violation of the rights that have been followed and still, of its methods are with exclusiveness, bullying, oppression and tyranny against different peoples and nationalities, and all falling under the tyranny in inflicting havoc and destruction in the territories and the people, where the satisfaction of lust and the desire of glutton and control, over others and the adoption of devil methods is a hallmark of Russian invaders who attacked and committed the atrocities,  heinous crimes, dirty and prehistoric crimes, with primitive brutality and torture that is rare of its kind, against dozens of nations and peoples, including the nations of North Caucasus in general and the Circassian nation in particular.

The brutal Russian Tsarist occupying forces had proceeded since the beginning of gaining control over the Circassian homeland, dismemberment, change the features and the names of its parts, and follow the talents of beating, killing, crushing,  grinding, extermination, violation of privacies, rape, looting of public and private properties, deportation and forced exile to spread terror that conveys the subjugation, disgrace and humiliation as a result of oppression,  injustice and violations that the colonialist had inflicted on the defenseless people in all the places that used to stay in, such as towns, villages and farms, and forced all who stayed alive (according to Russian official documents) for the transition from homeland to take refuge either to the areas within continental imperial Russia or to transfer to the Ottoman Empire (with prior coordination with its authorities to take them towards the trouble spots) across the horrors of the Black Sea and its means of dilapidated and unsystematic transportation, and harsh weather conditions in an extremely deprived living conditions with very shameful humanitarian, where  tragedies convened, infectious diseases, and scandalous violations of Circassian human rights, that were subjected to grave threats, humiliation, insult, and heinous acts that are not acceptable to a conscience, mind, logic, religion or humanity, which was unfortunately  hitched also, by people who are brothers in religion and belief!

Anyone who was Left with, even a little bit of Circassian human dignity of loving and loyalty to their nation, would not yield and will not accept injustice, disgrace, abandonment, dishonor, oppression, indignity, harassment and excessive suppression of human feelings, but recalls what the forefathers had pledged themselves for, namely, “death is preferred to surrender”, because dishonesty is not of chivalry, and because homeland is the most valuable, highest, dearest and most precious of the world and of what it contains.

It is not the first time and will not be the last, that a group who describe themselves Circassians, scrambles with surrendering and humiliation, those described lackeys, agents and spies in the best circumstances, who they are without manhood or honor, and far removed from the values and inherent ethics, and at the same time, gasping after their own selfish interests, as if the reality of their situation says, to the occupiers perched on the chests, do whatever you like  against us and against our people, everyone is fully prepared to receive more doses of humiliation and disgrace. That there are individuals and groups of Circassians, unfortunately, they have appointed themselves bosses, on their compatriots, both in Motherland and in the Circassian Diaspora, on a heritable and / or a factious form, and they deemed flattery, appeasement and compromise concerning the legitimate rights so that they can stay, according to their vision of selfishness and narcissism of the matters, of the fortunate, influential, owners of wealth and money, of power and prestige, through hypocrisy, lying, deceit and deception, and those who are ignoring the consequences of dishonesty in the maintenance of the homeland, its people and the inalienable rights.

Voyage of National Misleading

One guy in the name of “Sufian Jemuhov”, has recently came out of one of the nests, the former managing editor of Pravda newspaper in the North Caucasus, who is still in a marathon project to set up an absurd and semi-Olympic games, proposes to be called “Circassiad” Under the slogan “good brings good,” where he claimed and still claims that he is marketing the implementation of what he invented himself with another partner, on the Circassians in their whereabouts, both at home or their Diaspora, in which the train of his dreams, this time had arrived to Turkey, after passing by the Circassian communities in St. Petersburg and Moscow, passing through the Circassian community in the United States of America (the State of  New Jersey), when attending a conference at Georgetown University in Washington DC at the end of September, where he gathered with those who met him personally or collectively, and resulted with contradictories about his stands that the resultant showed a lack of firmness in the Circassian national line, and even there seemed fixed line of twisted ways for adjusting and tuning with the Russian colonial policies, especially the suspicious project that is connected with founding games in the year 2012, that looks Circassian by its appearance, but its essence is imperial Russian, lead to the result of a service presented to bridge these games with the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in the year 2014. Whatever came out of the contradictions of Sufian’s and his alleged accomplice, Alexey Bekshokov, who is known as the Chairman of the Union of Abkhazian Volunteers, this deception will not fool observers of the events on the Circassian arena.

The Turkish Station

In the same context and within the same plot, the Circassian site NatPress from Maykop, the Republic of Adygea, has reported the details of presenting the project of the so-called Circassian games of 2012, for some Circassians in Turkey during a meeting, that seemed like a harmony and consensus among these promoters of the new Russian trick in appearance, but old and exposed in contents and objectives. The mentioned news pointed out that “the person of contradictory stands” Djihan Djandemir, the President of the Federation of the Caucasian organizations in Turkey (KAFFED), who came out once on people to tell them that the Russian authorities had detained him in a North Caucasus  airport when he arrived there to attend a conference and prevented him from entering to the Caucasus, until he was deported to Turkey, on another airplane after several days, and after a short period of time, we find out that he is receiving medals and decorations from the International Circassian Association that is steered by the Russian secret Services FSB, to find him later on meeting with Russian officials including Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and there he is now offering unconditional support for the games, to the extent that his federation decided to establish an office for the organizing committee in Turkey, in KAFFED’s offices and centers, where Metin Senmez, from the Internet site, “Circassian World”, who is close associate with Djihan Djandemir, the president of so-called Federation of Caucasian Organizations in Turkey, as head of the representation office of what is going to be called, “Circassiad 2012” in Ankara, but Djihan Djandemir and his aides, had forgotten or pretended to forget, that the Circassian youth at homeland had held a forum last September in Cherkessk, and they took a resolution, which states that over the past years Circassian organizations had been established  to deal with “solving the vital national issues”, but they had not worked “satisfactorily”, and as a result, a “generation of people has grown and they do not know or understand” the extent to which the country’s difficulties had reached, and most important of these organizations in question, is the International Circassian Association, in which Djandemir had attended the recent meetings of the eighth convention being himself one of the most important supporters, under the circumstances of its kidnapping status by the Russian secret services FSB, its agents and spies.

The Dynamics

The Jordanian Ambassador in Ankara, “Faris Mufti” has waded himself a party on an issue that is a conflicting issue which aims to tame the senses and the Circassian values, and the Ambassador in result goes further of what the situation and the diplomatic norms needed, as he proclaimed in a country other than the country that he is employed by, of issues that he is most probably ignorant with, and he is not allowed to decree about as a result of his official mission in the Jordanian government; according to the report, he has been informed by the potential initial sponsors,  that the next promotion of the “suspicious” project, will be held in Jordan in the belief that it is possible to tame the more naive, rather than taming the beast of “selfishness, tribulations and pains”! With reference to the proverbial “rotten apple spoil the neighbors” and without citing Ameena, according to credible reports, it is the obligation to alert here to the family type, “operational” shape, of interlocking fonts “interoperability” with complex fonts (birds of a feather flock together), which brought Sufian and his partner in conspiracy, to the person of the Ambassador, which the meeting did not happen coincidentally, but by coordination between Sufian and Khaldoun Helmi (one of the members of the Circassian Benevolent Association in New Jersey, who has close links with Russia and its agents), and his mother, Magda Mufti, who is one of the Ambassador’s cousins, and “as you sow, so will you reap”! Time to recall here that Magda Mufti, through her presence in Maykop recently to attend the Eighth Conference of the International Circassian Association, has  attended the Conference of the Circassian Parliamentarians that was held on the sideline of the International Circassian Association and she self-appointed herself a representative of the Circassians in the United States of America, with the knowledge that her sister, “Janet”, Member of Parliament of Jordan was part of a delegation to attend the conference, among the participating Jordanian Parliamentarians , Magda had attended the conference with the parliamentarians and had been mandated by Marwan Aleem, the Chairman  of the Circassian Benevolent Association in New Jersey, or his  Deputy (in liability) Khaldoun Helmi (Magda’s son), who sent in the recent past, a support letter to the President of the Republic of Kabardino – Balkaria, congratulating the Russian agents on the occasion of Russian imperial celebrations, which had committed genocide and scattered the Circassian nation across the world, for what they called falsely and with fabrication, anniversary of voluntary association with Russia! Actions speak louder than words.

Deprived of Rights

The Russian occupation of Circassia and the North Caucasus had placed their citizens to be forgotten, especially, that the colonial authorities rule by iron and fire and with various methods of corruption and confusion according to moods, whims, lies, and the contradicting fabrications, which in consequence would result in the confiscation of the legitimate rights through the implementation of sadist policies and suspicious projects, while thinking that this would benefit them by the  implementation of maintaining, the existence and consolidation of the occupation, and to commit assassinations, lethality,  confiscation of freedoms, looting the national wealth and all kinds of heinous acts, as well as making the dedicated loyal sons of the nation absent from the scene. These occupation authorities crack down on people ranked as one of the ethnic and religious groups, to make discrimination and injustice against them a specific feature that of their blend, when compared with other occupiers, because people, got rampant of unemployment and illiteracy, beside, the authorities demand that everyone to register personal and private information and to show identification documents, when using the information technology, while the repressive organs perform acquisition of the means of modern communications and outreach, especially satellite stations and make it organized so that the propaganda methods of pursuing a deliberate and systematic technique for the dissemination of information, false and fabricated rumors, including history and events revisionism, and well-known fixed facts, in order to clear the memory of the world, especially the nations afflicted with  the fire of their tyranny, violations and repugnant occupation. There are many of the detainees, and absentees in the darkness of dungeons and prisons of the unjust Russian state, where they would be subject to severe measures of fascism, insult, torture and brainwashing, and whose destiny to be able to get out (who did not die by the sword dies with other means, varied causes but one death), he would suffer mental illness and chronicle physical disabilities, so be the occupation has succeeded in instilling terror to try to ensure that no one would seek claiming the legitimate rights including the right of self-determination and to live with dignity in the ancestral homeland.


That lying with staring eyes, is the worst thing that can be done, as it occurs without a sense of guilt, at the same time it cheats who ever listens to the talk of those who imagine “the ignorance of others”, and no one repeats what a fool does, but a fool like him. Everything is fine in the end, if they were not, that’s not the end, and the resolution of any problem will not take place, except by finding those who can solve them.


Deportation Victim

01 – November 2009

Justice For North Caucasus

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