A Statement by “Justice For North Caucasus Group” Condemning Bias Towards Falsehood

A Statement by “Justice For North Caucasus Group” Condemning Bias Towards Falsehood

Image Source: (IA “Adyghe Hekum and mak. Circassia’s voice”)

Justice For North Caucasus Group deplores the feeble and shameful stand taken by a group calling itself Circassian, which is only a handful of affiliated with the pro- Russian policy executors and those who are in charge of the International Circassian Association, the Russian lovers and belonging, and those marchers in its procession, which committed itself to not be biased to the true path, but to ride the wave of falsehood and justify satanic realignment and deception without objection, deterrent or moral scruples, which declared from the site of bloodshed and the Circassian Genocide in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana in support for the usurper for its intentions to proceed with holding the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 with no indifference or consideration.

The continuous practice of the Russian intelligence services and their proxies deployed according to the hegemonic interests of the Russian dominance in the occupied Circassian homeland and places of the Circassian presence in Diaspora, and the practice of methods of intimidation and incentives in order to exercise hegemony and to steer the Circassian public opinion according to imperial guardianship resulting to keep the Circassian nation dispersed throughout the world and limiting to deal with those who understand this Russian desire and working on broadcast advertising that suggests the people to stay in the whereabouts of where they are, and not to think of returning to homeland.

This reckless and unfair policy practiced by the Russian authorities which aimed to tearing the steadfast and patient nation will be useless because the existence of the Circassian Question revives in the conscience of this nation for one hundred and fifty years after the end of the Russian – Circassian War, is considered the conclusive evidence of a will of steel and firm determination to continue marching towards attaining freedom and independence of a homeland that its people had been killed and displaced, and its bounty stolen no matter how long the road, whatever the sacrifices, no matter how long time and the scope of Diaspora has widened.

Such attempts aimed at distorting the facts and the image of national and patriot cohesion among Circassians and an attempt to divide the Circassian communities between refusal and supporter, not only for the coming Sochi Olympic Games, but for the clumsy Russian policy towards the Circassian Question and its tragedies and implications.

The so-called falsely and slanderously, the Russian Federation is considered an usurper entity and hostile to humanity, has practiced what inherited from successive Russian regimes of genocide, colonialism, racial separation (apartheid) and other methods of humiliating against other dozens of colonized peoples. It must be noted that documented acts of aggression and hostility committed by the Russian authorities over the years are acts condemned by the civilized world, which are more impacting, more lethal and longer lasting than crimes committed by other authoritarian regimes, and that necessitates the persistence to commemorate the memory of victims of genocide and Circassian deportation to remind  that victims are more precious and of a higher caliber than those precipitous about giving a fake legitimate nature on imperialist policy with apparent landmarks for a long time, and must demand taking the necessary measures to respect the human rights for Circassians on the soil of their Motherland.

There are none as blind as those that will not see.

Justice for North Caucasus Group

26, October 2013

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