A Statement On Sochi By The Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center (CCAHRC)

A Statement On Sochi

The Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center (CCAHRC)


The Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center (CCAHRC) expresses its rejection and condemnation concerning the news, published recently by media in sight and sound in regard to a visit of what is described as a “foreign” delegation of 50 members from Diaspora, composed according to the description heads of associations,  activists, businessmen, workers in the fields of science and culture, and the graduates of the University of Kabardino-Balkaria, but among the delegation, there was members of staff in the International Circassian Association (ICA), supported by Russia, based in Nalchik, the capital city of Kabardino-Balkaria, which performed the arrangements of the visit and tour, for what seems to be in accordance with the incoming instructions, where the same sources added that the delegation visited the Circassian Sochi in 16th of October, 2013, which the supposed delegation “expressed admiration for current arrangements” to hold the ominous Olympiad and was described as the “positive impact on the region”! In addition, the delegation at the same day met with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Kozak, who, in turn, “promised to include paragraphs of the Circassian cultural heritage on a large scale in the cultural program of the Olympic Games”!

To overlook ignoring the Circassian Genocide categorically, and by this blunt and non-responsible way, and even the secrecy over the operation until the memorial picture was taken for participants, in a bless for blurring the trace of crime that was committed against the Circassian nation, which was not limited to genocide only, but rather extended to ethnic cleansing, forced deportation, occupation of the Circassian soil, procrastination, neglect and the unwillingness of the party, who inherited the legal responsibility according to international laws and norms to consider restitute the usurped rights to their owners, which are eternal rights Circassians will not renounce, but they will regain in the suitable time.

The International Circassian Association (ICA) should admit that it does not serve the Circassians, where it confirmed beyond doubt that it supports the Sochi Olympic Games and indulges, even insists on pursuing irresponsible role and undertakes its prime concern of distorting the general scene intending to re-write the Circassian history, their well-known way, which is aimed to harm the fragrant reputation enjoyed by our ancestors. It is apparent that the reason of founding the International Circassian Association after the collapse of the former Soviet Union was for the unification of the Circassians of the world and the demand for Circassian rights including the protection of the language, culture, return to homeland and live in one entity in their own united Circassia, but, unfortunately, it is now administering the Circassian affairs anywhere on behalf of the Russian state, and inflicting damage to the Circassian Question.

One of ICA’s core open and confidential duties in recent years, is the relentless efforts to discredit the reputation of the activist Circassians and the interference in the attempt to obstruct any positive progress in any area, where a declared campaign is launched against the Circassian activists who are eager to achieve international understanding of what had happened to the Circassian nation, in order to blackout on any peaceful and legal move for what can be salvaged of the literature, culture, history and national heritage, in conformity with the scientific principles and within conserving the national dignity.

The Circassians have the opportunity to inform the world about the real history and the tragedies suffered by their predecessors in order to gain international support to restore the confiscated rights, and this is precisely why Russia anticipates things and organizes such a meeting to launch a campaign of propaganda to enhance Russia’s desperate attempts to silence the Circassian voice, and to falsely suggest for near and far that the Circassian representatives have eventually yielded as dictated by Russia and its proxies.

It is worth mentioning that tasks of the associations were dwarfed to limit flexibility to move, which are limited to culture and charity, with no political activities especially what is related to the Circassian issues. As long as the functions and duties of the associations prevent them from dealing with such issues, which is at the heart of the Circassian legitimate rights, and considered concession to those who do not even recognize the existence of the Circassian nation, then why this rush to give nominal legitimacy for a crime that started since the Russian – Circassian War until now, where the attendance was politicized with attendees showing mercurial position; but it should be noted that a sincere Circassian greetings and great appreciation should be offered to respected brothers of a kind, as two Circassians from Kfar Kama, Israel, who were among the so-called Diaspora delegation, and  when they were informed of the plan of the suspicious “Sochi Tour”, they decided to leave right away, which cut short their participation seemingly because they faced a situation that even an average human being would feel disgusted to be put in such a shameful situation!!!


28, October, 2013

The Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center (CCAHRC)

Riga, Latvia.

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