A Statement by JFNC Group to Condemn Russia’s Arrests of Circassian Activists

A Statement by JFNC Group to Condemn Russia’s Arrests of Circassian Activists

Justice for north Caucasus Group (JFNC) expresses its rejection and condemnation for the Russian authorities’ brutal manner of terrorizing the Circassian activists in the North Caucasus and waging a systematical procedures of arrest, interrogation and intimidation imposed and implemented by the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB) against the Circassian activists in the republics of Adygea, Kabardino – Balkaria, and Karachi – Cherkessk, as well as the Krasnodar Region.

It is essential to clarify and to cite the significance of harm and ill-treatment recognized by nations and peoples whether bordering Russia or ruled by the police-state regime of the so-called Federal Republic of Russia and the Russian contribution to domestic, regional and international aggressiveness, sadism and creating hostilities to communities and societies. The repeated mounting circumstances indicate and expose the destructive behavior towards others, especially those who had no choice but to be ruled by the irresponsible self-centered authority that resides in Moscow.

The Circassian civic and human rights activists in the North Caucasus had been targeted and pursued, and still by the FSB and its various agents and branches, continuously and persistently for a simple reason that is apparently to be the clear state policy of intimidation and oppression, in seemingly an imperial attitude of belittling the colonized nations and peoples.

When a citizen needs a passport to be able to travel and/or reside in the supposed to be the capital city of the country who happened to hold its citizenship or any other city, while being under threat of search, investigation and prosecution at anytime, beside the fact of the aggressive attacks by Russian chauvinist and radical groups, it indicates the nature of horror and tyranny, which affects the human rights in the entire country!

Not to misjudge the practice of declared propaganda war by most of the Russian media which apparently continue in many different occasions as typical evil ways and means to attack and offend the peoples of the North Caucasus in addition to persecuting and harassing any individual from the North Caucasus, to address openly and negatively the nationalities’ issues by waging a misinformation campaign in coordination with the local authorities.

Justice For North Caucasus Group ascertains its rejection and denunciation to all Russia’s racial and irresponsible practices and acts, and draws the attention to the seriousness of the situation in the North Caucasus, especially in regard to the Russian authorities’ decision to hold the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the last Circassian capital city before the Russian occupation, which is the site of the Circassian Genocide, no matter what the cost is and no matter what oppression weighed on the Circassians.


Justice For North Caucasus Group

26, December, 2013

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