The Circassians Condemn Russian Intervention in Ukraine


The Circassians Condemn Russian Intervention in Ukraine

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Circassians strongly express disapproval of suspicious Russian adventures and conspiracies against the independent state of Ukraine, which reflected the colonial relentless efforts starting from intruding and intervening in the Ukrainian internal affairs through the interference and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, reaching nowadays to the Russian blatant military intervention beside recruiting and mobilizing mercenaries in Eastern Ukraine.

Shooting at Ukrainian border guards, using Russian tanks, equipment and missiles, occupying by military force parts of Ukrainian territories and trying to change the facts on the ground by establishing otherwise, Russia pursues a policy of antagonism against the Ukrainian people in disagreement with international law, the United Nations Charter, the sovereignty of States and the right of protection of its borders.

Ukrainian antiterrorist operations in Eastern Ukraine and the liberation of Slavyansk last week, is proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the whole matter is a Kremlin backed-plot against the territorial integrity of Ukraine that necessitates to maintain the military and political pressure to restore the situation to normal status and reinstate the proper authority of the state up to the internationally recognized boundaries.

Russia must realize that this is the 21st Century, as crimes and atrocities can’t be hidden anymore. If Russia is not part of the solution, then it’s definitely part of the problem. All suspicious hostilities against other nations should cease immediately, because the world will not accept the Soviet-style practices any longer.

If Russia is sincere in calling to enable peoples and nations to choose their own way of life freely and to be able to observe the right to self-determination, then it must start with itself, because there are tens of oppressed nations colonized by the so-called Russian Federation that need to have their freedom, legitimate rights and independence, which doing so would make Russia closer to become part of the civilized world.

Circassians beside other nations of the Caucasus, being victims of Russian imperial greed, stand alongside Ukraine to exercise its natural legitimate rights to defend its very survival as a respected country and to take the appropriate measures to deter the aggressors, with the help of all freedom loving peoples and nations of the civilized world.


14, July, 2014

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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