Russia’s Chronic Failure in Dealing with Circassians

Russia’s Chronic Failure in Dealing with Circassians

By: Adel Bashqawi

26, November, 2014

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Russia has consistently adopted an imperial policy of a typical imperial way of dealing with subordinate peoples and nations that applies in the Circassian example, being one of the Russian victims that had endured difficulties as a result of the findings and implications of the Russian – Circassian War, which has overlapped over the years, and kept ever-since, the hostilities and the displacement of the vast majority of the Circassians to accept the status quo and maintain it permanently.

Russians and their mercenaries advanced, to rule tens of millions of inhabitants of the nations of the North Caucasus including Circassia in order to prove imperial competitiveness, supremacy and the ability to access and reach the strategic seaports of the warm waters of the Black Sea for trade and contact with Near and Far East ports of the world, stretch and widen military superiority forces, compete with other major powers, and implementing a racist belief in Slavic superiority, which was among those significant incentives.

Stubborn conduct of imperial policies have consistently proven that Russia had performed its aggressive and violent terrorist colonial methods which started with territorial expansion that was broadened to commit atrocities such as genocide and ethnic cleansing that were followed by displacement and deportation, in order to carry out purification of the territories in order to control the strategic territories, and the Black Sea ports and shorelines for the sake of economical assurances of controlling natural resources in the Circassian homeland and beyond.

The awakening of the Circassian sleeping giant is no joke, it’s real. Imperialism was bitterly criticized and considered betrayal to civilization and human values that consist of freedom, equality, and independence, which must be taken seriously. Circassians have already proven to the world and to the opinionated Russian leadership, and beyond any reasonable doubt, that continuously ignoring facts and refusing the idea of restoring the Circasssian confiscated rights, will not be accepted in any way.

Circassians who are faithful to the national principles will follow legal and nonviolent working methods and will not allow anyone, whoever or whomever might be, to hijack their hopes and aspirations for personal or opportunist benefits and gains, and at the same time, it must be clear that such organizing mechanism should act only to assert the legitimate rights.

The different issues of the Circassian Question and the historical evolution shows the origin of the Circassian people in addition to the most important natural and strategic resources in the region and various links in the North Caucasus that pertain to the Russian occupation and       annexation. There must be coordination with the other peoples of the North Caucasus that they are under Russian control, and obtain backing of the Caucasus countries, regional countries, key countries of the world, the European Union and the United Nations Organization. Providing endeavors and initiatives aim to demand solution in the framework of international legitimacy by applying self-determination on the Circassian soil.

Circassians seek to demand the Circassian legitimate rights, and they are entitled for the right to have their own consideration of expressing their thoughts and convictions as indications necessarily require that if people do not seek to restore their legitimate rights, no one would volunteer to do that on their behalf. Initiative should come from them.

Circassians demand Russian recognition of the Circassian Genocide in accordance with the International legitimacy based on International Law and the United Nations’ Charter, which require to implement the Right of Repatriation and returning to own homeland. The Circassian nation is entitled to enjoy Human Rights, which they are rights inherent to all human beings without discrimination. The “rights must be interrelated, interdependent and indivisible”, the Right to Self-determination in accordance with United Nations’ Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, and the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Circassians must be on the right track, and keep moving towards their objectives.

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