Putin’s Russia Is promoted By “Strategy Page”!

13, June, 2008

Putin’s Russia Is promoted By “Strategy Page”!

By: Adel Bashqawi

13, June, 2008

Every other day, there are some individuals and media performers who choose to be appointing themselves as defenders, guardians and supporters for those who preferred to be oppressors and tyrants by bullying, intimidating, and terrorizing millions of people who are living under tough situations and circumstances due to the bare fact of being colonized and occupied by a tyrant imperial power. Those can be seen as devil defenders!

The “Strategy Page” (http://www.strategypage.com/default.asp) published an evaluation in June, 6, 2008, that assessed what was described as the “Islamic Terrorists”, and started with the following introduction:

“Over the last seven years, some countries have become particularly difficult for Islamic terrorists to operate in. Pro-terrorist message boards and listservs (mailing lists) get into heated discussions about these places, and how to overcome the obstacles found there.”

Regardless of what were the scale and/or the assessment criteria that were followed by the author  of the article that was published in Strategy Page in the title of, “10 Countries Islamic Terrorists Avoid” (http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htterr/articles/20080606.aspx), and in particular, in regard to one of those main items, “Russia”, that is the subject of these words, which I have no clue in regard to the other 9 countries mentioned.

With all respect to the analyst/author, the statement in regard to Russia, stated one-sided and shallow-minded assessment as follow:

“Russia- Created their own little Iraq in Chechnya, where the terrorists obligingly fought it out with Russian Special Forces, Chechens who soon tired of all the violence and turned against the nationalist Islamic terrorists.”

There is a difference between the circumstances in Iraq and the situation in Chechnya, because Chechnya is already occupied by Russia, and there is a history that lasted for hundreds of years of series of wars, genocide, ethnic cleansing, atrocities, violence, destruction, and devastation that Chechnya was subjected to, by the Russian Muscovites, Tsarist & Imperial Russia, the Communists and Soviets, and the present Russian regime’s government that proved since Yeltsin, to be adopting the same brutal, slavish, savage, and wicked policies, were implemented towards the Chechen nation for the last four hundred and fifty years.

Simply, the Chechen freedom fighters had engaged in struggle for legitimate rights to restore their nation’s freedom, right to choose, and self-determination. Imperial Russian presence and colonial greed in Chechnya, the North Caucasus, and other regions were entirely disregarded, overlooked, and unnoticed; but a fake and false explanation was presented in a way that it gave the Russian crimes a “get away” and escape routes and clarifications of justification for illusions and fictions that are nesting in the minds and hearts of those who got no value and/or respect for the peoples and nations’ rights and dignity!

A fair judgment about the situation would find out that Chechnya, and peoples and the nations of the North Caucasus are subjected to atrocious and horrible occupation that is creating difficulties, hardships, and suffering to all the citizens except those who chose to work with the occupational authorities and had accepted their destiny to be the occupiers’ one.

What it takes is a reasonable and sensible glance and attention at any situation to find out what is the truth, and that is not far away from the minds of the wise people. Let us remember what happened to Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinyenko, and thousands of other journalists, public figures, and honest citizens of the opposition, who were targets for the organized state terror!

Justice For North Caucasus Group



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