North Caucasus Imperial Crisis

June, 25, 2008

North Caucasus Imperial Crisis

It is true that the “Russian Soviet Union” was involved in a cold war by arming itself in preparation for an armed conflict with any attacking and/or offending force. The actual, prominent, and dominant effect at present time and will stay in the future, regarding the so-called “the threat to Russia’s security and stability”, will be only from the nations that are occupied by the Russian state, and not from the unrealistic description of so-called “radical and militant Islam”, which is inappropriate and contradicts reality and facts of life.

The Middle East Times that seems to be based in USA has published in 23, June, 2008, a Russian propagandist heading without mentioning a writer’s name, however the surprise about the article was not the title which came in favor of the Kremlin’s policy of flattery and blandishment, but indicated between the lines a performance of going in parallel, and getting along with selfish riding the wave of terrorism which seems to be taking a broad, wide and floating meanings and dimensions which entitled the Russian KGB/FSB controlled government and security agencies to over-ride the law, democracy, and rules, in order to control all colonized and occupied subjects in the North Caucasus and beyond, which surprisingly count more than 120 nations that were occupied by the Russians against their well, and were forced to be part of a false federation (The Federation of the Elites), that connects a majority of a Russian element with tens of slaved and oppressed nations that got no say in the imposed present and future of fate and destiny!

The title that arose a legitimate enquiry of concerns and worries, “How Serious Is Russia’s Problem With Islamist Terrorism?” should be questioned, and at the same time, it should be cross-examined, doubted and disputed due to the questionable and distrustful way of claims that proved the “one way street” method of thinking and presenting destiny of colonized nations in a clumsy and primitive presentation and perception.

It seems that those dreams are waged for suspicious ideas and intentions. The lobbyists are hiding behind and simultaneously proposing to hide the actual Russian threats against dozens of countries around the globe starting from their neighbors, and reaching all corners of the world.

The article’s assumption about what is described “the threat of terrorist attacks by fanatical Islamists against Russian cities” as real is completely baseless, because the proven fact was uncovered by Russians who worked as KGB/FSB agents and they were involved in creating and investigating the famous Russian cities’ apartments explosions that were carried out to fuel and provoke the most recent Russian/Chechen War that broke in the year 1999, which extended later on to other parts of the North Caucasus! All Chechen cities (as seen on TV), were terrorized by the Russian invaders by artillery, missiles, air-strikes, tanks’ firing, land-mines and all other Russian destructive weapons. It seems that the writer either didn’t know about the books “Blowing up Russia: Terror from within” and “LCG – Lubyanka Criminal Group”, or there is something else in mind, which was not identified!

The astonishment is not that this published journal has repeated the character of similar one-sided article that was posted on “Strategy Page” about intimidating nations, but to have a subject matter about the Caucasus and Russia that is published in the “Middle East Times”, which should had been  totally a different geographical area.

The threat for Russia is the criminal policies and strategies against humanity and all kinds of people of different faiths and origins, who are not all Muslims, which reflects that the wrongly predicted and intended “put on the Web” article is ignoring all facts of hardship and suffering that all citizens who live in so-called Federal Russia are sensing and feeling with the exception of those who are the security agencies and the spoiled portions of the society that are attached in a way or another with the ruling FSB-backed authorities. It is not fair toignore the harassed, chased, and murdered Russian journalists that the Russian society had gotten a majority of them not Muslims in all parts of the extended so-called federation even in Chechnya and Ingushetia. Not to forget the authorities advantage of controlling the media and the ill-treatment and humiliation of the Russian opposition!

Russian troops and during the recent hundreds of years have always engaged in criminal fierce fighting, ethnic cleansing, and complete extermination of some nations, with all nations that even thought of freedom, whether they were Muslims or others, which caused genocide, death, and devastation in all of those occupied regions. The occupied nations had always fought back with the available resources that they got. Our memory still recalls what the Russians had committed during the Soviet era against Eastern Europe especially in the important event and revolutions of “Prague Spring”, BudapestWarsaw, and Berlin! Recollection reminds of the fall of the “Fall of Berlin Wall” No one who lived in the horror of KGB controlled countries forgets what that meant! None of the aforementioned was Muslims in any way!

What would the respected writer call those types of freedom struggle?

Why to play blind-folded when it comes to tangible facts and figures?

Russia has decided through its present FSB/created and backed leadership to maintain its imperial polices of arming, re-arming, keeping closed society, modernizing in all fields, but to the extent that would keep the authorities in total control of all walks of life, business, and technology, while trying to grasp all what it can from all countries around the hostile state of Russia, which is noticed through the relationship with GeorgiaUkraineJapan, the three Baltic Republics and others. Not to forget terrorizing Europe with its gas and oil, beside frightening and horrifying all occupied nations in accordance with the Russian imperial well-known policies that had started during the Tsars’ era.

The enquired claim, which was part of the analyzing article that stated “How serious should the world, and indeed Russia itself, to take the Muslim terrorism threat?” very seriously says Gordon M. Hahn in his book, “Russia’s Islamic Threat,” which listed five outlined reasons, needed some review and elaboration for truth to be high-lighted.

First, there is no real danger that Islam would create danger in Russia, or the parts that Russia is occupying, but when time is right for any particular nation, demand would be raised for restoring freedom and independence.

Second, There is no connection in any way as the writer claims, between al-Qaida organization or other Islamic movement with Muslims nations that are occupied by the Russian state, and the possibility of destabilization of Russia comes through from within, by depending on own limited resources within the occupied territories.

Third, the claim that stated, “if some of the autonomous Muslim republics manage to secede from the Russian Federation and establish themselves as caliphates, that could pave the way for Osama bin Laden’s dream” is considered way out of hypothetical, unrealistic and impractical expectation, because of the nature of the majority of the population of the nations that are occupied by Russia got nationalist agendas, that would require the right of self-determination and the respect of dignity. The peoples would prefer a connection between a group of nations that are similar in size and wishes to unite for benefits of all, such as the short time lived independent state of Mountaineers Republic of the North Caucasus that formed in the year 1918.

Fourth, it is a nasty and awful attitude that the analysis and the book writer’s ideas try to stress on generalizing hypersensitive issues with a rude description of others who got different faith and belief that they would get weapons of mass destruction, while forgetting the fact that there are others who are considered irresponsible towards humanity and human beings the acquisition by radical Islamists of weapons of mass destruction with which they could use to threaten other states.

Mentioning fifth point, an imaginary and supposing campaign of destabilizing Russia by Islamists could result in the central government in Moscow to empower Islamists is not realistic, because for years now, the Russian government had already established good relationship with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, but this doesn’t mean that mentioning these examples is considered with or against such relations, so who is fearing who? These facts alone, if remembered by this type of coalition of authors and writers backing the Kremlin, who seem to be united on the subject issue, would show that they have assumed the ignorance of whoever got the chance to read and/or to recognize such heterodoxy and deviation of ethics against those who were intended to be falsely accused and charged without even knowing many circumstances, essentials, and particulars, about such measures which would only make us reach the conclusion of constructive hypothetical substantiation and verification!

The situation though is not fate and shade as such, but the manner that the unethical wheeling and dealing individuals who try to make it emerge, because civilized and intelligent people will always win and the method of creating gaps between peoples and nations, and/or religions, cultures, and civilizations would not succeed because all those who are whether active or silent would not approve and/or allow such evil projects to evolve or pass. Suggesting “greater cooperation between Western and Russian intelligence services”, is not the ethical promoting greater understanding between different cultures and Russia, and encouraging the moderate people who embrace Islam to play a more active role.

Last but not least, the silent majority is that part of the human society that will speak up at the right time to impose the right issue, while at the same time they think divisively, wisely, pleasantly, and considerately, by respecting all origins and religions without trying to wrongly show themselves as the custodians and guardians of whoever they represent and/or they were appointed by! There is no need for generalization, swearing, rude language and ill-mannered phrases to describe the people of the same faith with false and nasty words…

Such subjects that are presented in such irresponsible ways and means would pointlessly increase and promote the xenophobia violence that would be a show-off by those who want to instigate mobs to encourage demagogy to form an abyss and a gap between cultures and nations, and creating anxiety and irritation would fuel a number of phobias that would negatively effect relationship between individuals that they live within the same country or between peoples and nations of the world.

Criminal groups in all societies, origins and religions act against the spots of civilization such as religious and architectural sites, and against the innocent people, by ways of physical, psychological and even immoral advanced technological methods that would make the entire civilized world to condemn and resist such evil acts, because the aggression is targeted towards humanity in the first place. There are many of those criminal scoundrel individuals, fanatics, groups, organizations, and parties in the history of mankind and in the world of today, that left traces, scars, and brouses of sadism, violence, atrocities, brutality and bloodshed, that should be condemned and punished without generalizing and swearing!

Well-mannered will realize that their conduct would mature into morals, and Lord Chesterfield had said, “A man’s own good breeding is the best security against other people’s ill-manners”.





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