To Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili

To Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili


First I would like to greet you and to express my respect to the Nation of Georgia for the efforts that were performed to restore democracy and freedom.

You came up with a sensible and remarkable statement as per Moscow News according to report, concerning that you are willing and ready to start diplomatic settlement for the conflict with the Republic of Abkhazia that had been striving for self-determination and independence.

Georgia, with all respect is obliged to be dynamic and a leading factor in solving out the problems that were thrown on the way of development and re-conciliation.

Why to insist on occupying the land of others like Abkhazia and South Ossetia, even though they are practically out of reach and/or control with the consideration that they are of different origin, nationality and language, which was mandatorily annexed by famous stalin dictatorship?

When any one got the guts to dictate as an example, that Abkhazia should be part of Georgia, then there will be others who call for Georgia to be again part of Russia, as it used to be part of the Russian “Soviet Union” before 1991!

Georgia’s attitude towards solving out the problems in the mentality of the past made another colonial power who is full of imperial ambitions and of greedy intentions to take the opportunity and under the cover of different excuses such as “Peace Keepers” and  United Nations “TRUCE OBSERVERS” to be the actual colonialists who occupy nowadays both Abkhazia and South Osetia, which means for them that “purpose justifies means”.

Who got the benefits of the lasting conflict and who are suffering because of the hardship created as a result of the unsettled situation?

Georgia, Abkhazia, North and South Ossetia beside the other North Caucasian nations that are colonized by the presently called “Federal” Republic of Russia” are part of the Caucasus. They should strive for self-determination and the right to choose, to be free of colonial control that the imperial Russian State is the main factor in that equation.

They should cooperate and coordinate their efforts to protect each other against the monster that is ready to swallow and consume all of them any time it is possible to achieve that. Their strength lies in their unity against any foreign aggressor and/or intruder.

Georgia, the big brother of all of those republics and nations should take the initiative and the lead to carry out the necessary peaceful negotiations to grant the self-determination, freedom and independence to both Abkhazia and South Osetia, and to guarantee the protection of that by the international community, to let them get out of the “under-cover Russian imperialism”, because those Russian plans floated to the surface and appeared to all when they started to issue Russian passports to the citizens of Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, beside other arrangements and preparations for future annexation.

With such striking and brilliant action, the gates of freedom will be widely opened for all oppressed nations of the Caucasus and the same principles of self-determination, freedom and independence will be a mandatory and an international obligation for helping all of the colonized nations for the right of self-determination.

The Georgian Nation with the other North Caucasian Nations will be able to form an alliance of goodwill and/or an association that can be similar to the civilized United Europe, that would guarantee the independence and the freedom to choose for all and will eventually reject any suspicious foreign interference.”Union is strength”.

What the Caucasus needs is peace which was denied for the last 400 years, and because of the continuous Russian aggressive wars that were fought against the Caucasian nations.

The Chechen war was started to give a reason for the present Kremlin rulers to carry out their aggressive policies against any obstacle on their way of obsession, and what is going on in the other parts of the occupied Caucasus proves the fact that peoples will never stop their relentless efforts to restore their stolen rights.

The sabotage that left Georgia without “Russian Gas” or “Power Supplies”, beside the Russian insistence on keeping the Ukrainian Crimean and Black Sea positions, and the interference in Moldova, Belarus, the Ukraine, and all other ex-Soviet Republics are part of those mentioned policies that are part of the FSB state top priority goals, targets and aims.

It should be proven that there is a great deal of humanity in Caucasians, and doors of wisdom are never shut.

A wise Georgia can make the difference, and prosperity will be brought to the entire region, since “if you want any thing to be done, do it yourself, and don’t wait for the opportunists”.

Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today, because one crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.



Justice For North Caucasus Group


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