In The Tragic Anniversary, The Circassian Homeland Remains Above All

In The Tragic Anniversary, The Circassian Homeland Remains Above All

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The importance of a sense of any human-being that lives freely and decently on own historic homeland, is unmatched by any other consideration, but not in ways that are unacceptable and at any price, like those who demanded the random unorganized return and to obtain the nationality of a State that does not respect the rights or humanitarian standards applicable in the civilized world!

I turn on the anniversary of the Circassian Catastrophe to the youth, sons and daughters of the stricken nation, which got own homeland looted and its foundations destroyed by the forces of barbarism, that work to send to the currently occupied Caucasus, elements of the criminal Tsarist Empire, and these words are addressed to anyone who has jealousy for his most valuable, his homeland and the future of his family and the sons of the afflicted nation affected and evicted from their dear homeland to all parts of the world, who were denied the pleasure of living in their ancestral homeland of Circassia, that  wicked people had worked on its occupation and to blur its features and even its name and title from existence that extended from presence on the ground to the maps, as well as they emptied the homeland of its people to no avail, because we, the children and grandchildren are still there with strong, solid and tireless determination and our homeland still lives in our human identity, and we work to organize and prepare for sincere and constructive work by using civilized and legal ways and means.

The objective Circassian activities has been growing and taking root on the ground both in the occupied homeland or in Diaspora, despite the numerous difficulties which led to the secretion of new facts to prove to everyone that the persistent of dedicated sincere hard efforts will be increased, accelerated and strengthened by the participation of more of the nation’s loyal sons and daughters who have devoted themselves to work for the promising future which we will not be approached without taking the elements of power, strength and stamina, and most important is to get rid of the selfishness and egotism and to focus on collective action that hopes and goals will not be realized if they were purely for personal ambitions and motives.

The Russian course to hold the Winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Circassian Sochi, a land of mass-massacres, against the Circassians who heroically in defending their homeland is the best evidence of the hidden Russian intentions and objectives that do not hold any respect to the nation that they tried to eliminate by various ways and means.

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Examples for the Circassians achieving what enhances their strength and vigor on their long  voyage towards achieving what they vision in mind of legitimate objectives and goals, is what friends have contributed to them of backing and support, which, if anything, it shows the consistency and firmness of will to recover and restore the Circassian ransacked rights in accordance with international standards, I cannot except mentioning the precious documents obtained recently by the Circassians from the National Archives in Georgia, which contains the conclusive proof that criminals had hand-written with their evil hands on the perpetration of massacre, slaughter, deportation and all types of crimes that the soldiers of the Russian Empire did not hesitate to execute, and under official orders received from the butchers, the Russian State pillars, who issued their project aimed to eliminate the Circassian nation and the occupation of their homeland at any cost or price!


21, May, 2010

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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