A Press Release – The International Circassian Movement / Jordan


A Press Release

The International Circassian Movement / Jordan

The International Circassian Movement / Jordan, condemns and denounces what was stated in the statements of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Alexei Yarkhov, regarding the denial of the crimes of aggression, genocide, destruction, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation committed by the legions of the Russian imperial forces in the nineteenth century against the Circassian nation over 101 years, and the disastrous consequences and repercussions that led to the situation to remain as it is, as if the rights guaranteed under international laws and norms are from the past and there is no need to address them. This is the result of condoning the necessity of finding legal solutions and considering the present Russian state the legitimate heir of the Russian Tsarist empire and the Soviet Union.

The Circassian Question and the deterioration of the situation requires the disclosure of counterfeiting operations of history and events, and information regarding Russian officials and generals who committed crimes that are shameful and inconsistent with the human conscience, to find acceptable solutions to the victims of genocide and deportation and their descendants in terms of apology to the Circassian nation, material and moral compensation, the right of repatriation and practice the right to self-determination in the homeland. The Russian ambassador to Turkey is like some other officials in the Russian Federation who make irrational statements, either because they are ignorant of history or because they assume ignorance of others.

The Circassian nation, through its firm and absolute belief in the necessity of pursuing peaceful, legal and civilized means in its endeavors to restore its stolen rights, reserves its legal right to appeal and litigate with international bodies and courts to prove the obligations of the Russian state and to ensure the implementation of the rulings issued by these authorities.

Long live free Circassia

February 18, 2020

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