Sochi Is Part of Circassia

Sochi Is Part of Circassia

It is petty to view ideas and comments that would drift those who are interested of knowledge and useful information to more contradiction and one side-minded mode that would necessarily lead to “one-way communication” and increases disagreement that compiles information to concentrate on certain ideas that are intended to be given as facts without a second thought of the human obligation of presenting the content in more logical and consistent methods, that would remind of so much betrayals suffered by the Circassian nation that would lead us to: “If you have been betrayed from behind the scene, then you should be proud because you are the only one who is in front”…

Human inhabitants lived in the coastal Black Sea area since human history was known, that included many entities which most of them have gone extinct or no longer exist at the present time, but Circassians in spite of all disasters that were affecting their very existence, they are still there, even though only 10% of Circassians are still living at homeland and the rest are dispersed all over the world…

It is true that ancient nations such as Greeks and Romans have established colonies on the coastal Black Sea areas mainly for trading and for guarding passages for their conquerors who waged wars against others on the edges and beyond the Caucasus Region, but their presence didn’t last for long time.

The Circassians were in the North West Caucasus for thousands of years at which their social evolution had contained in the Middle Ages 12 tribes, but some of them were exterminated in the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries as a result of mass-crimes committed by the greedy Tsarist Russian Empire during Russian / Circassian (Caucasian) Wars for approximately 450 years that the last one of them had ended after  a continuous 101 years of war, horror, crimes and massacres, which had postponed in 21, May, 1864, after the complete occupation of Circassia. It will inspire us to know the wisdom: “The eye which doesn’t know the meaning of tears, it doesn’t know anything of value”, and the Circassians learnt from the bitter experience: “The panic from a catastrophe is another catastrophe”.

As “the one whose ambition is great so his worries”,  all what was inflicted against the Circassian nation and still continues to exist with well-known  precious culture and human values, despite all the difficulties, obstacles and adversities that were encountered by the Circassian Nation, while there where many nations that lived in those years that had become extinct such as the Old Egyptians, Old Persians, Old Romans, the Byzantine Empire, the ottoman Empire and even the Tsarist Russian Empire that was followed in extent by the defunct Soviet Union.

The Russian Tsars, princes, army commanders are all “criminals of war” such as Notorious General Grigory Khristoforovich Zass who healed his thirst for revenge by beheading Circassians and placing the heads and skulls under his own sleeping bed which is classified to be an act of cannibalism. Also, Prince Gregory Potemkin, Russia’s first viceroy of the Caucasus in 1785, General Alexander Suvorov,  General Pavel Tsitsianov, General Glazenap, General Bulgakov, General  Aleksey Yermolov, General Delposto, General Stal, Commander of the Caucasian Army Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, Admiral Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev, and hundreds of criminals of high and low ranks.

Honest and devoted Circassians who didn’t have their hands soaked in treason and affairs of suspicion with the occupiers and the foreign conspirators who desire to normalize the consequences of the “Circassian Catastrophe” by accepting the fact of getting assimilated in a global “acceptance of status quo”, and forgetting homeland and legitimate rights, that includes accepting and approving to hold the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in the site of the genocide and forced deportation that the Circassian nation was subjected to during the Russian/Circassian War that lasted for 101 years and postponed in 21, May, 1864!

All dedicated Circassians are urged to work harder and to use their financial capabilities, writing skills, and any possible remedy; but not doing so will lead to the betrayal of their Motherland, because the secret of success is to face the crisis instead of ignoring, delaying or evasion the important tasks.

The Indian leader, Nehru had said: “Our duty as leaders to engender in people a spirit of hope and optimism, as for the vulnerable and oppressed peoples will not prevail and will win as long as they remained miserable and pessimistic; but no way to do this unless the leaders strike examples that they are in the front and lead, with courage, sacrifice and bravery”; and another philosopher had approached a real long-applied Circassian practice: “People feel small in the presence of some of the great personality, yet the greatest is the one who let all around him feel great as well”.

Be a member of the lions’ group, is better than being a leader of ostriches.


18, June, 2010.

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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