Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for May 13-18, 2020

Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for May 13-18, 2020      


1.      Abuses in Ingushetia Call Attention to Absence of Russian Law Against Female Mutilation  

2.      1953 ‘Beria Thaw’ Model for Khrushchev’s Thaw Three Years Later, Emil Pain Says

3.      2020, Intended to Be Putin’s Triumph, Becoming Instead His Waterloo, Shevtsova Says

4.      Coronavirus Infections in Russia Continue to Rise as Do Deaths but More Slowly Due to Underreporting  

5.      New Edition of Dmitriyev’s Sandarmokh Book Presented Online to Rave Reviews

6.      Bashkortostan Head Undermining Bashkir-Tatar Relations to Please Moscow, Gabbasov Says

7.      Russian Government Asks Duma to Allow Police to Shoot at ‘Threatening’ Demonstrators  

8.      Ingush Fear if Moscow Begins New Round of Amalgamation, Their Republic will Disappear

9.      Coronavirus Cases in Russia Pass 250,000 But Officials Say Country has Plateaued and Putin Promises Vaccine  

10.  Amalgamation of Arkhangelsk Oblast and Nenets Autonomous District Helps Putin but May Spark New Protests  

11.  Can KPRF Move Beyond Zyuganov and Become a Real Leftist Alternative?

12.  Kremlin’s ‘Victory over Middle Class Puts Russia on Brink of Social Explosion,’ Milin Says

13.  Tribalism Undermining Stability in Turkmenistan, Saparmuradov Says

14.  Gradual Reopening Especially Dangerous Time for Putin Regime, Inozemtsev Says

15.  For Protesters, ‘Ingushetia is Like Moscow Only Worse’ Because Outsiders Don’t Focus on It, Aleksandrova-Zorina Says  

16.  Could Amalgamation Involve Two Predominantly Ethnic Russian Regions?

17.  WHO Says Russia Now at Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic

18.  Class Analysis Doesn’t Work for Russia Because It is ‘a Classless Society,” Rodgers Says  

19.  Russian Young People Less Oriented toward the West than Their Soviet Predecessors, New Study Finds

20.  New Russian Laws Make It Even Easier for Kremlin to Falsify Elections, Melkonyants Says

21.  Putin Regime Constantly Lies and Seeks to Force Others to Be Complicit in Its Lies, Skobov Says  

22.  Russians have Good Reasons to Go to Estonia But Estonians Don’t to Go to Russia, Free Idel-Ural Movement Says

23.  Kremlin Reaction to Western Reports about Coronavirus Deaths in Russia Shows They are More Numerous than Moscow Admits

24.  Dushanbe Takes Radical Step to De-Russianize All Tajik Names

25.  Kremlin Plans for Countering Pandemic’s Negative Impact on Putin’s Standing Published

26.  Kremlin has Lost Its Levers of Influence over a Demoralized Russian Society, Kagarlitsky Says

27.  Eventual End of Pandemic Only Beginning of Crisis Facing Russia, Aganbegyan Says   

28.  Looming Gas Crisis Will Follow Oil Crisis and Also Hurt Russia, El Murid Says

29.  Memorial Rights Group Again Fined for Failing to Identify Itself as Foreign Agent in Ingushetia   

30.  ‘America is Fighting the Coronavirus; Putin is Fighting America,’ Vishnevsky Says

31.  Moral Decay of Russian Leaders, Highlighted by Pandemic, Contributing to Moral Dissolution of Russian Society, Martynov Says

32.  Like Others in Self-Isolation, Putin in his Bunker Coming Up with All Kinds of Ideas, El Murid Says  

33.  Zyuganov Now a Russian Nationalist and His KPRF Comrades ‘Black Hundreds on the Left,’ Stepanov Says

34.  Even Putin’s Traditional Electorate Increasingly Views Him as Ineffective, Nikolskaya Says

35.  Putin’s Ideology Emerged from Miasma of Russian Marginal Movements, Vitukhnovskaya Says  

36.  Russian Politicians, Feminists Demand Action Against Female Genital Mutilation in Ingushetia  

37.  ‘Crimean Tatar Tragedy of 1944 Being Repeated’ and Possibly with Greater Effect, Dzhemilyev Says

38.  Arkhangelsk-Nenets Merger May Lead Moscow to Seek More Amalgamations but Its Success is Far from Guaranteed, Experts Say

39.  Current Crisis May Force Putin to Forgo Constitutional Change and Go Back to 2008 Succession Model, Grashchenkov Says

40.  Dedovshchina Declining in Russian Military but Crimes by Officers Aren’t, Investigator Says

41.  Infections Increase as Do Russian Efforts to Hide Figures and Regime’s Problems in Combatting Pandemic  

42.  Proposed Modifications in Russian Anti-Extremism Strategy Point to Broader Crackdown Ahead, Rights Activists Say

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