Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for May 25-30, 2020

Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for May 25-30, 2020    

1.      Coronavirus Catastrophe in North Caucasus Moscow’s Fault, Sidorov Says

2.      Absence of Official Ideology Helps Putin But May Prove His Undoing, Glukhova Says

3.      Russians Have Almost No Common Values, Sociologist Says and Russians Agree

4.      Kremlin Highlights Its Own Uncertainties and Fears by Rushing Referendum, Pastukhov Says

5.      Russia’s Biggest Demographic Problem – Super-High Mortality among Working-Age Males –Just Got Bigger  

6.      Russians Ever More Hostile to Putin and Ever Less Desirous of a Strong Hand, Dmitriyev and Nikolskaya Say   

7.      Total Infections in Russia Pass 350,000 but Officials Work to Reopen the Economy

8.      Moscow’s Past Amalgamation Plans have Run into Trouble and Haven’t Worked as Advertised

9.      Almost Half of Russians Say It’s OK Not to Pay Taxes Owed

10.  Is Putin about to Restore Cossack Units in the Russian Army?

11.  West Using Saami Language as Weapon Against Russia, Derkul Says

12.  Politics in Russia’s Regions Increasingly Riven and Driven by Paradoxes and Inconsistencies, Shtepa Says  

13.  Putin Says Russia has Passed Peak of Pandemic while Infections and Deaths Continue to Rise

14.  US Wants Greenland as ‘a Second Alaska,’ Russian Analyst Says

15.  Ever More Countries Becoming Fascist Now but Don’t Use the Word, Aleksandrov Says

16.  Deputy Wants Duma to Annul 1989 Condemnation of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

17.  Three Systemic Opposition Parties in Duma to Press for Greater Federalism

18.  Pandemic Creating ‘Ideal Conditions for a Social Explosion’ in North Caucasus, Bakov Says  

19.  Under Pressure from Moscow, Kazan Downgrading Khakimov’s Transformational History Institute

20.  Putin’s Planned Victory Parade Recalls 1986 May Day in Kyiv Five Days after Chernobyl  

21.  Putin but not Russians ‘Main Force Behind Authoritarianism’ in Post-Soviet Space, Milov Says

22.  Separatism in Russia hasn’t Been Limited to Non-Russian Republics

23.  A Third of Russians Don’t Believe Coronavirus is Dangerous and Nearly a Quarter Think It was Invented to Threaten Their Country

24.  Pandemic has Achieved What Protests Couldn’t – No Vote on Arkhangelsk-Nenets Amalgamation This Year  

25.  Non-Russian Republics Such ‘a Sacred Cow’ Russians who Oppose Them Often Denounced as Russophobes, Shcheglov Says

26.  Putin’s Efforts to Defeat Ukraine Diplomatically and Economically have Failed Leaving Him with Only a Military Option, Romanenko Says

27.  Foreign Investigators of Northern Peoples Threaten Moscow’s Control of Arctic and Northern Sea Route, FSB Border Guards Chief Says

28.  Putin Regime Views Russians as Supplicants to Be Ignored or Given as Little as Possible, Inozemtsev Says

29.  Putin Misread Pandemic and Now His ‘Vertical’ is Dissolving, Morozov Says

30.  ‘Will the Caspian Flow into the Persian Gulf?’

31.  ‘Putin has Returned Russia to the 1990s,’ Violating His Chief Pledge to Russians, Shelin Says

32.  ‘If It Weren’t for Tatarstan, Russia would Be a Much More Unitary State,’ Tatars Say

33.  Putin Significantly and Dangerously Broadens Definition of Extremism

34.  Putin’s ‘Constitutional Blitzkrieg’ Blowing Up in His Face, Russian Analysts Say

35.  Millenials Will Transform Political Arrangements in Russia and the World, Gontmakher Says

36.  Those Who Could Overthrow Putin Don’t Because They’d Be the Next to Be Pushed Out, Piontkovsky Says   

37.  Russia’s Governors have Been Strengthened ‘Only on Paper,’ Kokko Says

38.  Some Russians Want to Be Called ‘Great Russians’ in 2020 Census and Beyond

39.  Female Mutilation in Ingushetia Not the Widespread Problem Moscow Writers Claim, Three Republic Experts Say  

40.  Population of Only One Predominantly Russian Region Now Growing in Absence of Immigration, Experts Say

41.  Russians Now Facing What Americans Did at Start of Pandemic – A Shortage of Toilet Paper  

42.  Pandemic has Shifted from Opportunity to Threat for Kremlin, Higher Schools of Economics Scholars Say

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