Every Vessel Including Exudes / Another Indecent Media Mouthpiece

Every Vessel Including Exudes

Another Indecent Media Mouthpiece

Adel Bashqawi

16 July, 2020

Artemy Lebedev, another power structure mouthpiece, who is known to be close to the power structures in Russia, due to what he  gains of the most profitable contracts for the creation of logos and advertising. He is also considered a famous blogger, who has adopted fascist ideology as seemingly he belongs to the raised generations of people with excessive patriotism. He only seems to be rabble, who used his favorite qualifications on a video that contains a mixture of  swearing and blundering in mob-handed that represent extreme nationalism.

Not surprisingly, Artemy Lebedev, another fanatic has emerged from  nests of imperialism and colonialism. He utilized rude and abusive verbal ranting that contained profanity and impoliteness. All this aggressive congenital decadence is directed at the members of a nation whose guilt was nothing but its contradiction with a colonial fascist empire’s policies that had expansionist greeds at the expense of its neighbors.

In this video, he publicly marginalizes his opponents:

{In Sochi, at the request of the Circassians, the monument to the feat of Russian soldiers has been demolished. I think this is pretty curious news, because it turns out that some Circassians who have watched too much television, saw how in America a tiny group of people can ruin (….) the establishment and all the foundations of life, and decided that they, too, can do the same thing …

Literally two weeks ago, not even a monument was opened there — it simply depicted a model of the Holy Spirit fortress,” which (…….) stood at this place 200 years ago and played an important role in the conquest of the Caucasus by Russian soldiers. This fort is no longer there, and those times seemed to be long gone, so they put up this memorial sign at the place where the fort once stood, in order to commemorate this historical event.

All at a sudden, some Circassians came out and said: “Guys, you put up a monument to the fact that a Russian soldier has beaten (……) a Caucasian, defeated (……) a highlander … and vanquishing (…….) the Caucasus is not good, so please take this shit down from there … And it is absolutely incomprehensible why the hell the Adler administration removed the monument from there.

This is to say, it is absolutely the most shameful foolish mistake (…… ..), absolutely shameful surrender; it is absolutely the beginning of the opening of the Pandora box. That is — I see how it opens up and how different local nationalists are under the sauce of “how dare you tell us how you beaten (……) our great-grandfathers here and now put up a monument to this — now please don’t do it.”

This is exactly the very diminution of historical memory that has only recently been signed and most recently adopted as one of the comparisons to the new Russian constitution. That is, we were always told that we should not forget our history, but in this case they say — no, you know, different things happened in history, and history in general is so muddy and everyone was engaged in obscene affairs there. Since this cannot be done now, it was accordingly impossible to do this 200 years ago.

Thus, everything that reminds us of what happened 200 years ago, should be terribly (…….) erased and do not dare to remind us about it … In short, it’s absolutely complete and total useless (…….) one and it’s clear that these Circassians who only constitute one percent of Adler’s inhabitants, came out and said something, and the answer they should have received is this: “Guys, they forgot to ask you here, this is our historical memory, our fort stood here, it is important for us, go to hell (…. yourselves)! This would have been simply the most correct and adequate answer.”

Instead, the monument was cowardly demolished. Well, then what will happen? Then all the other monuments will begin to be demolished, because it turns out that in Russia there was not a single tsar who would not do something bad. Everyone who increased the area of Russian territory, or everyone who has something … [sentence incomplete]

What is a military feat in general? A military feat — that means you took a soldier, smelly killers, killed and defeated someone. This means — you have done a military feat, you hung a medal on your chest, but someone in the family does not have a breadwinner of arms and you hung a medal for yourself, but someone in the family does not have a breadwinner — you killed someone there, some beautiful and wonderful father out there who is now lying in an unknown grave. You covered yourself with unfading glory, and you deprived someone of  own father, grandfather, brother, or husband.

Therefore of course, it’s absolutely creepy, thence, in principle, there can be no monument to any wars, because someone always dies in a war, “someone died” is always bad and, accordingly, the winner has no right to celebrate anything … [obscenities] and now we should listen to how 1% of national minorities tell us how to live!?”}

In respect for public decency and respectable readers, instead of mentioning the obscenities that came within the video, dots are substituted for the number of letters of the saucy words, and they are placed between brackets.

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