Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Dec. 21-26, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Dec. 21-26, 2020   

1.      Pandemic Beginning to Exacerbate Class Tensions in Russia

2.      Rostov Scholar Says Russian Political Scientists Must Adopt Critical Stance toward the State

3.      No Longer Any Doubt that FSB has Officers Who Carry Out Political Murders for Kremlin, Guriyev Says

4.      Pandemic has Set World on Path to Renewal but Moscow is Trying to Restore the Path, Shevtsova Says  

5.      Nearly Half of Russians have Written Something on Social Networks, New Study Reports

6.      Current Popularity of Stalin More than Reaction to Post-Soviet Problems, Dolgareva Says   

7.      Qarabagh Conflict Far from Settled, Moscow Analyst Says

8.      61 Percent of Russians Fear Infection, but 42 Percent are Certain Vaccine will End Pandemic  

9.      Navalny Revelations Prompt Some to Ask Whether Putin Should be Impeached

10.  HSE Center Studies What is Best in Russian Society, Its Director Irina Mersiyanova Says

11.  Russians Prepared for 2021 to Be Even Worse than 2020, Levada’s Levinson Says\

12.  Prosecutors in Ingush Seven Trial Trying to Obscure How Weak Their Case Is by Introducing Irrelevant Materials, Defense Lawyers Suggest

13.  Belarus-Induced Fears Not Pandemic Driving Kremlin to Criminalize Politics, Davydov Says

14.  Putin’s May 2012 Decrees Destroyed Russia’s Medical System, Auditing Chamber Says

15.  Despite Pandemic Upsurge, Majority of Russians Still Say They Don’t Want to Get Vaccinated  

16.  Russians in Kazakhstan Differ from Russians in Russia, Moscow News Agency Says

17.  FSB Confiscates Printrun of New Book on Stalin’s Deportation of Finns and Norwegians

18.  Putin System Failing Because It is Deceiving Itself, Inozemtsev Says

19.  Russia’s Buddhists Establish Large Online Presence and Become More Demanding

20.  More than 1,000 Russian Cossacks have Died in Wars in Post-Soviet Space

21.  Kurgan Oblast Reportedly to Be Combined with Tyumen into Single Duma Constituency But Some Kurgan Officials Said Seeking an Alternative

22.  Pandemic Reduces Number of Orthodox Clergy in Moscow for First Time in Many Years  

23.  Russian Analyst Warns Armenians May Launch Terrorist Attacks Against Russian Forces

24.  Liberal Democracies have Fought Pandemic but Authoritarian Countries have Exploited It to Tighten Control, Inozemtsev Says

25.  Increasingly Restrictive Laws Keep Pouring Out of Duma

26.  Some in Birobidzhan Want to Replace Region’s Rainbow Flag Because of Its Links to Gay Movement

27.  Another Witness at Ingush Seven Trial Contradicts Official Charges

28.  Experience of Bashkir Republic Founder Critical for Those Seeking Federalism in Russia Now, Sidorov Says   

29.  ‘Only in Russia:’ Government Funds Grow as Incomes of Population Fall

30.  Russian Nationalism Can’t Arise Because Russians aren’t a Fully-Formed Nation, Shapovalova Says

31.  Putin May Give Up Some Powers Lest He Be Threatened with Ouster as Lukashenka Now Is, Gallyamov Says

32.  Putin Regime Building Defenses Against Challenges of Past Not Those of Present and Future, Pastukhov Says

33.  ‘Armenia Must Normalize Relations with Baku and Ankara or Pack Its Bags and Move,’ Libaridian Says

34.  West Must Oppose Russian Intervention in Belarus Under Cover of Minsk-Moscow Forces Accord, Kostsov Says  

35.  Navalny Case Reinforcing Russian Acceptance of Kremlin’s Vision of World, Sergey Medvedev Says  

36.  Russia Registers Three Millionth Case of Coronavirus Infection

37.  Moscow’s Plan to Carve New Federal Territory Out of Portions of Stavropol Kray, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karchayevo-Cherkessia Angering Regional Officials

38.  Pandemic has Left Russians More Divided and Less Willing to Compromise than Ever Before, Psychologist Says  

39.  Pandemic has Further Undermined Federalism in Russia, Luzin Says

40.  Again, Russia Faces Not Just Falling Oil Prices but Declining Production — With Few Prospects of Restoring Either

41.  Russians Increasingly Can’t Afford Quality Alcohol and are Turning to Cheap and Dangerous Kinds, Bulgakova Says

42.  2020 ‘Year of the Spy’ as Far as Mutual Expulsions of Russian and Foreign Diplomats are Concerned, Mineyev Says

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