Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 5-10. 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 5-10. 2021    


1.      Third and Fourth Covid Waves Combine to Trigger ‘Tsunami’ of Suffering across Russia

2.      One Russian in Five Doesn’t Plan to Take Part in Upcoming Census

3.      Unique Nature of Russian Poverty Holds Country Together, Economists Say

4.      GULAGU.Net Documents Tortures and Rapes of Prisoners; Regime Responds with Investigations and Denial of Service Attack on Portal

5.      Sanctions Against Russian Oligarchs ‘Achieving Their Goals,’ ICIJ Study of Pandora Papers Says

6.      Germany Now Better Candidate than Ukraine for Securing Recognition of Circassian Genocide, Temirov Says

7.      Sixty Federal Subjects Running Deficits and Lack the Ability to Borrow to Cover Them, Economists Say

8.      Lockdowns Even in Hardest Hit Regions ‘Undesirable,’ Kremlin Says

9.      Three Years Since Border Agreement Protests Began, Repression of Ingush Activists Continues

10.  70 Percent of Russians have Never Heard of Black Lives Matter Movement, Survey Finds

11.  Moscow’s Effective Control of Much of Russia Rapidly Declining, Kagansky Says

12.  ‘Post-Soviet Space No Longer Exists as a Single Whole,’ Gushin Says

13.  Moscow Broadens Attacks on Religions with Foreign Ties, Threatening Even More Groups, Verkhovsky Says

14.  Melting of Tajik Glaciers Now So Fast that Downstream Flows May Actually Increase for a Brief Period, Dushanbe Says

15.  Kremlin has No Plans to Promote Vaccinations, Peskov Says

16.  Russian Census Prompting Many to Reflect Deeply about Their Nationality and Language and to Turn Away from Russian

17.  Many Foreigners have More Right to Russian Throne than Romanovs Do, Historian Says

18.  All of Russia’s Federal Subjects Must be Called Regions, Kaplenkov Says

19.  Iran Remains Opposed to Azerbaijani Corridor in Zengezur but Pledges to Help Armenia Build One

20.  Moscow Thinking about Creating an Arctic Fleet, TASS Reports

21.  Moscow Gelds Chief Defenders of Rights of Russian Soldiers

22.  Pandemic Surge Began Right after Election Because Russians ‘Tired of Being Afraid’

23.  A Baker’s Triple Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

24.  Prisons Central to Putin Regime and Films of Torture in Them a Major Political Problem

25.  Nationalities May Decline in Number in Upcoming Census for Reason Moscow Won’t Like

26.  Local Slavs Tried to Destroy Adygey Republic After It Joined Parade of Sovereignties in 1990

27.  By Its Policies, Kremlin Sparking Separatism Even Where It Never Existed Before, Gessen Says

28.  The Greater Public Distrust in Elected Bodies and Individuals Becomes, the Stronger the Siloviki Will Be, Russian Experts Say

29.  72 Federal Subjects Now Close to Requiring Lockdown to Contain the Pandemic

30.  For Russians, Census is Only Statistics; for Non-Russians, It’s an All-Important Plebiscite, Free Idel-Ural Organization Says

31.  For Biblical Reasons, Russia Must Mark 300th Anniversary of the Declaration of Its Status as an Empire, Frolov Says

32.  The Real Nationality Problem in Russia: the Powers Don’t Want Russians to be a Nation, Popov Says

33.  Kremlin Wants 500,000 Emigres to Return by 2030, But Tragic History May Give Them Pause

34.  Arrest of Moldovan Prosecutor, an Ethnic Gagauz, Sparks Protests and Warning that This Chisinau Step Trigger a Moldovan Donbass

35.  Tatar President of Russia More Likely than a Russian President of Tatarstan, Living Central Asia Portal Says

36.  One Russian in Three Ready to Get Single Shot Against Covid and Flu

37.  Story about Enslavement of Russians in Daghestan Turns Out to Be Fake News

38.  Only One Russian Émigré in 25 Plans to Return to Russia, New Survey Finds

39.  Dueling Military Exercises in South Caucasus Unsettle Region

40.  Mandela Effect Poisoning Bashkir-Tatar Relations, Garifullin Says

41.  Russia Continues to Lose Scientists at Kremlin Cuts Back Funding

42.  Putin Cult of Personality Not an Explanation but Something that Must Be Explained, Vanin Says

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