The Killing and Destruction Continue in Ukraine

The Killing and Destruction Continue in Ukraine

Adel Bashqawi

7 February, 2022

The world is watching how Ukraine is being targeted, being a large country in eastern Europe with a population of more than 44 million, and an area larger than the size of the United Kingdom and Germany combined. It’s neither acceptable nor palatable for the countries of the world to suddenly find themselves in the midst of a global crisis that signals the world is approaching a third world war. In fact no one will be spared from its flames or its catastrophic consequences, whether those who ignited it or those who are burned by its flames.

It seems that for the unrealistic reasons that were cited to justify the invasion, occupation, destruction, killing and changing the rules of engagement by force, attempts were made to impose impossible and harsh conditions that would be difficult for an independent country to accept. The military operations aim to change the geography on the ground as well as the fragmentation and annexation of the soil and territories of an independent and sovereign state, in attempts marred by incitement, misinformation and racist propaganda, which can only be described as “an excuse worse than a sin”.

This falls within the scope of threatening other countries, particularly the European Union States, in an effort to pressure their governments and peoples to avoid pursuing policies that contradict the Russian policy of domination and assimilation. Knowing that declaring war and aggression against independent states is neither acceptable nor permissible, in accordance with the international laws and norms. In  specific, this is inconsistent with the “Charter of the United Nations” regarding “the achievement of justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law” and the obligation to “not use armed force in a way that is not in the common interest.”

In addition, “the charter codifies the main principles of international relations, starting with the equal sovereignty of the state and ending with the criminalization of the use of force in international relations.” Texts of international law define methods for “addressing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.” The war crimes resulting from the bombing of cities, residential complexes and means of transportation such as roads, bridges, ports and airports, and the disruption of means of communication. All that would cause casualties that affect human rights and would cause the killing of innocent civilians, and as a result will lead to the forced displacement of millions to various regions or even to other countries.

Ironically, when Ukraine gained independence from the buried Soviet Union in the 1990s, it decided to voluntarily give up its Soviet-era arsenal of nuclear weapons. On the other hand, Russia, Britain and the United States, who were considered to represent the international community, affirmed that they pledge to guarantee the security of the State of Ukraine, but it seems that the promises have not been fulfilled. Russia, which was one of the signatories, is violating right now, what it has signed itself for. It is engaging its armed forces in a relentless war in an unequal battle with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As a result, the war will only continue with the continuation of those who stubbornly launched it to achieve what they wanted when they started it. However, it will end and peace will return and prevail when the language of reason and international law is invoked, and the interest of all is given priority over selfish interests.

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