From Extermination to Gas Ovens and Everything in Between

From Extermination to Gas Ovens and Everything in Between

Adel Bashqawi

5 May, 2022

By: Twitter
By: Twitter


To be fair, practical and realistic, those with short memory, whether intentionally or inadvertently seek to hinder any positive action that is considered in the public national interest, rather they aim at dragging people all backward by all available means. 

It is useful to trace what happened in the past and what is happening at the present time, despite the change that occurred in the successive Russian regimes. However, this did not change the harsh realities in regard to the preset colonial policy of the state. Thus sense of superiority and notability of these regimes over the oppressed peoples and nations, which are smaller and fewer in population.

Unhindered Hate Speech

Facts related to the atrocities committed against oppressed peoples are obvious and well known, which can neither ignored nor refuted. The aggressors cannot deny or disavow the one-way street hate speech, destruction, occupation, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, extermination and forced deportation. In this regard, reference can be made to the genocide (Holodomor) perpetrated by the Soviet Union in Ukraine, by creating a famine in 1932 and 1933 that claimed the lives of millions of Ukrainians.[1] To make matters worse, they tempted to throw accusations haphazardly, in addition to fabricating false charges according to ready-made plans and pre-judgments.

It is not enough for the invaders to invade, destroy, kill and exterminate. Rather, to complete their evil plans, corpses are mutilated and disposed by malicious methods that dripped pure ethnic hatred, racism and discrimination. Occasionally, mutilation takes place for large groups of people, followed by burying in mass graves. During the Russian-Circassian War, General Grigory Zass committed evil practices by planting Circassian severed heads on spears to intimidate and terrorize his Circassian enemies.[2] However, when committing massacres, they aim to get rid of the corpses in a bizarre way sometimes by introducing innovative brutal methods, even if they are evil and inhumane through cremation. 

Furnaces are designed to accommodate cremation chambers for the disposal of the bodies of the victims. That requires Ultra-high temperature that can reach up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Ultimately, the separation of the parts and particles of the material that make up the corpses, requires the high heat to breakdown the body that consists of small fragments of the ash of bones and flesh is generally produced by  a source of heat that might be gas or other petroleum derivatives.

Utilizing Unconventional Means

Gas ovens and mobile crematoriums remind of the extermination of innocent humans. Perpetrators always assume that they will get away with all the crimes and atrocities committed. Cremation leads to a fundamental change in the nature of the composition of the organs or components of the human body, which will eventually have an effect on the cohesion of the corpses to mitigate the effects of widespread death and destruction. In the sense of affecting the cohesion of the matter by turning it into ash, which makes life easier for gaseous forces.

It doesn’t need rocket science to recognize reality. Yet the victims being deceased, need their loved ones to be allowed to offer them dignified burial, according to the rules, customs and traditions. The perpetrators deliberately skip the laws and ignore what must be followed to satisfy their desire and longing by trying to insult not only the live ones, but also the dead. Those who practice these evil deeds are characterized with underlying arrogance, racism and mental disorder in their qualities and characters.

World War ll Gas Ovens and Current Gas Mobile Crematorium

The methods of the annihilation mission followed by the experts in regard to the extermination technique is well known.

— The intentions and policies of tyrants are somewhat similar, regardless of their affiliations. “After the June 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union and Einsatzgruppe mass shootings of civilians, the Nazis experimented with gas vans for mass killing. Gas vans were hermetically sealed trucks with engine exhaust diverted to the interior compartment. Use of gas vans began after Einsatzgruppe members complained of battle fatigue and mental anguish caused by shooting large numbers of women and children. Gassing also proved to be less costly.”[3]

— Mobile crematorium could be operated by gas or other oil products. Any way, not only the defending forces and civilians are subject to atrocities followed by crematorium operations, but “Russia has mobile crematoriums in its arsenal that could follow invading forces and “evaporate” dead soldiers, according to a report.” Also, “British website The Telegraph is reporting that Russia is using mobile crematoriums in Ukraine in bid to hide its losses.”[4]

— The official page of the “Ministry of Defense of Ukraine” has tweeted quoting the Mayor of Mariupol: “In order to hide the evidence of their crimes, occupiers used mobile crematoria in Mariupol. They destroyed the bodies of hundreds of tortured and murdered citizens. {The world has not seen a tragedy on the scale of Mariupol since the Nazi camps}, said mayor of the city.”[5] 

— It is neither surprising nor unusual, to explore the style of exertion and efforts accomplished by the experts and professionals of the oppression and extermination of peoples and nations. These policies are well known, and the authoritarian and tyrannical rulers behind it are known, regardless of the time and place. However, they look alike and  meet in their ambitions and aggressive goals.

Similar actions sometimes are not measured by the elapsing time between cases of comparable inhumane behaviors; but by Law of the Jungle that is applied and utilized by a typical chauvinistic mentality saturated with fanaticism, arrogance and even hateful racism by the invaders and occupiers against their oppressed and harmed victims.

— Militants participated in the Nalchik attacks committed in 2005 by young men against security headquarters, which resulted killing 14 civilians, 35 security personnel, and 92 militants. 58 people were arrested and brought to trial in October 2007. At the time, news agencies have mentioned that the crimes committed by Russia are the continuation of everlasting atrocities against individuals, citizens peoples and nations.

A crime took place that outraged the conscience of mankind, “of different angle, caliber, size, magnitude, and meaning; but at the same time it is considered premeditation, willfulness, and with forethought. It is not only a normal or accidental crime, but war crime, murder, assassination, homicide and killing, against the remains and corpses of dead innocent people who had been physically kidnapped, confiscated, and seized by the Russian authorities and their security enforcement fascist forces, since the year 2005.”

An embellished description was given to this new foolery “according to the authorities that committed that latest atrocity of a list of countless crimes, by the word cremation, is indeed seen as gas-ovens exercise, that should be called by the real description.”[6]


Racial prejudice hostility due to chauvinism and extreme dislike to other peoples and nations creates national hatreds and generates racism and abuse of others according to inhuman dimension mechanism, which is characterized by specific parties. Furthermore, to deal with more bodies in less time depending on exclusive methods of lethality, extermination and their development to be more brutal, more savage and at the same time more advanced in technology so that more bodies can be dealt with in less time.









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