In Solidarity with the Circassians in Nalchik

In Solidarity with the Circassians in Nalchik

19 May, 2022


On May 21st, this year, local Russian authorities will not allow the annual traditional commemoration and mourning day events at Freedom Square in Nalchik.

Nor will the procession of the Circassian march accompanied by purebred horses will be permitted.

This year, the Circassians in Kabardino-Balkaria will not be allowed to commemorate the Circassian Genocide Remembrance Day, the way it has been in recent years.

Even though, all participants usually “observe the Circassian Khabzeh and dress appropriately for a memorable event, remembering their roots and origins.”

The Circassians in Diaspora are outraged, they are expressing their anger and raising this banner in solidarity with Circassians of Nalchik.

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