Moscow State Institute of International Relations Organized Anti-Circassian Propaganda before Sochi Olympics

Moscow State Institute of International Relations Organized Anti-Circassian Propaganda before Sochi Olympics

Adel Bashqawi

June 2, 2022

This video was published by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March of 2010, the time when the first Circassian Conference was held in Tbilisi.

In short, the first part contains ideas that got nothing behind it but a deliberate campaign of lies and gossip, and a rhetoric filled with subversive propaganda, hatred and misinformation. The irrationality made them to have their primary concern at the time, agitating against everyone who opposes the Sochi Winter Olympics, to the extent of saying that “this is the land of the Circassians, the Abkhaz and Russians, they should not allow the Circassians to do this, the Abkhazians should help the Russians in spreading this propaganda. Specifically, a theory has been proposed that Krasnaya Polyana is an Abkhazian rather than a Circassian land, and that this should be promoted in the world, including among the diaspora, by using cultural centers with a common Adygha-Abkhaz component for this purpose.”


The following is the comment of one of the Circassian insiders on the subject, and it is published for the information of whom it may concern:

“This is a conference with the participation of an Abkhaz delegation, which was held at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). The chief organizer of about 10 similar conferences in Abkhazia with the participation of Abkhaz and even Circassian historians was Alexander Borisovich Krylov, who holds a doctorate in historical science, a principal researcher on Caucasus affairs, and an employee at the Post-Soviet Studies Center.

 At these conferences, theses were put forward that it was necessary to fight Circassian ethnocentrism, that there was no genocide of Circassians, and this was nothing more than a myth and the like non sense invented by Circassian intellectuals in the post-Soviet era. To take part in these conferences, the participants were offered good temptations, and in the case of the Circassians, they or their children were given good positions. This is just the beginning of these conferences. The editorial came in the report of the Abkhaz writer Denis Chachkhalia, which states that there was no genocide occurred to the Circassians. Then the campaign was joined by Larisa Tsvizhba from the State Military Archive engaged in this exertion. As a result, a series of conferences in Abkhazia cost the Russian budget a very large amount of money, and at the end they had to erect a tent in Sochi with the motto {Circassian House} and invite members of the International Circassian Association (ICA) there. However, an interesting phenomenon occurred—these morons who were paid for a political mission honestly believed that if they continued to do the same task, they would be paid again. The situation has changed, much to their displeasure—to our relief, the idiots have drawn our attention to them. So now, we know their true essence.”

In conclusion, it must be said in this respect that in the long run, rightness shall prevail, and “as you sow, so you shall reap.”

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