Circassian Rights are Counterbalanced by Falsehood of Denial

Circassian Rights are Counterbalanced by Falsehood of Denial

Adel Bashqawi

August 3, 2022

The Russian Empire arose and then nurtured and entrenched since Ivan the Terrible on imperial plans, aimed at conducting a policy of extermination or containment and acquisition. It has adopted a political agenda with a colonial ideology that is resistant to change, based on discrimination, racist thought and intolerance, according to which the successive ruling classes and their political and aristocratic societies, and even the church to a certain extent, have publicly declared and repeated what their fascism is based on, which is in line with the institutional racist culture, and spread it in places where societies are being torn apart according to inhumane dimensions and foundations. What happened can only be explained as a struggle between good and evil, and between ancient civilizations rooted in their homelands and the region for thousands of years, but their development has stopped since the invasion and subjugation, and other nascent ones, which have grown up with aggressive and obsessive dimensions.

— An article caught my attention in the title of “Neither Communism nor Colonialism”, which stated in its introduction: “The types of colonies were researched when the colonists felt that they could not treat the conquered countries the same.” It touched on the colonial conquests in different historical eras, from Alexander the Great to the modern era. He says: “The Charter of Nations after the First World War was based on the nullification of colonialism, respect for the right to self-determination, where the concept of self-determination is that independence means a natural right for every nation that governs itself or its governed by others; So whoever of the nations is independent and is recognized for its independence, then it has sovereignty over itself and no one has sovereignty over it, or it was suspended for an accidental cause that prevents it from a mandate that has the right to sovereignty over it, as it is in the custody of humanity choosing someone to rule it until it has the reins of its sovereignty, and the state chosen for its rule has no right to harness and exploit it.” (

— The Circassian nation has certainly not been fortunate to recover its lost rights. “The countries that were invaded by the Nazis, fascists, and those Japaneses who advocated warlike power, have all come out of their hands, and they have only gained loss, defeat, and misrepresentation (bad reputation), where this  didn’t occur to countries that accepted the principle, even by defrauding it. It is not said that the Nazis, fascists, and advocates of war power have suffered what happened to them, because they were defeated and were unfortunate, so the punishment of the law befell them.”

— Most of the colonists have turned into disavowing the arrogance of the colonizer, albeit with artificial fawning and modesty, but this was not clear in the case of the Russian state with the Circassian nation in particular and the peoples of the North Caucasus in general, where their further harm and stubbornness were revealed. “When the pride of colonialism was abolished, <colonial humility> appeared before general principles appeared in international politics, and colonialists from the early twentieth century still approaching their subjects by making them equal in citizenship rights, and they express this equality through the constitutional formulas they liked, or the formulas of common custom among modern democrats.

** The Englishman allowed the Indian to be equal with him in the right to run for Parliament in the English capital city.

** The French say: Algeria is a homeland for the French, and France is a homeland for the Algerians.

** The Russian says to the Asian Turks: The brats of all nations share in the rights of the homelands. (Where is the position of the Circassians from this description?)

** The American says to the people of the Philippines before the recent amendment of the Constitution: The subjects of the United States and the national islanders are equal in the rights of citizenship.

— Despite the succession of different regimes, peoples and nations are forced in different ways and means, whether by encouragement or intimidation, to abandon their original culture, where sometimes it will be labeled as retarded, while through amendments to the articles of the constitution, and providing alternatives that are passed by a majority of the Russian Slavic element, an example is holding a referendum on changing the articles in the Russian constitution, the Russian language exclusively became, the main and official language in the length and breadth of the country. The local authorities can be described as wrapped in decorative masks that represent a totalitarian, dictatorial or authoritarian regime. Accordingly, local laws that apply specifically to the indigenous population, which are similar to the customary laws of racist regimes, are enacted by intelligence services or militias that are not subject to legal accountability.

— Perhaps taken by surprise and seeming unpredictability, and because of the continued tyrannical influence on the subjugated societies, the truth of the strong rulers and the weak ruled peoples. Thus, some reluctant and willing, succumb to undesirable desires and expectations within an uncalculated gamble. They necessarily have symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, due to the use of multiple influences to keep the situation in a status quo.

— Rather, methods and tools are utilized, including taming the minds of the victims and their descendants, who are still forced to live in Diaspora, unable to return to their original homeland in accordance with easy implementation of a plan to return to homeland. However, some of them, whether in diaspora or in the homeland, act according to a mechanism described as (functionally illiterate) that falls within the narcissism of a system and political hypocrisy with ominous consequences. When the wolf is a shepherd, no one will escape injustice and persecution.

In conclusion, the implementation of a continuous colonial policy according to a security doctrine with a racist content, and the continuation of the genocide to this day, will have nothing but more ugliness that everyone suffers from. Not only the diaspora Circassians, but the Circassians of the homeland as well. The weird thing is, Diaspora Circassians are kept busy addressing unsolvable matters given the Russian obstructing, unlawful, unfair and disadvantageous laws and rules. This essentially makes them forget much more important rights they have lost. Obviously, they will be dealt with as amateurs, pushed to forget about more important confiscated rights, that concern the central problem related to discussing all related topics.

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