Paul Gobles 50 Windows on Eurasia 

Paul Gobles 50 Windows on Eurasia 

27 November, 2022

1.     Approaching Death of Lake Urmia Threatens Tehran and Entire Region   

2.     Willingness of Educated Russians to Work for Putin’s Fascist Regime Reflects Russia’s Moral Collapse, Skobov Says  

3.     A Truce in Ukraine would Be Strategically Worse for Putin than a Withdrawal, Savvin Says

4.     Russian and Non-Russian Opposition Movements Increasingly at Odds  

5.     Russian TV Talk Shows Unreliable Source on Kremlin Plans, Alyukov Says  

6.     Ethnic Russians Now So Individualistic They Can’t Even Form Criminal Groups on Their Own, New Study Finds  

7.     Russian Elites Convinced Their Country has Lost in Ukraine But They Aren’t Ready to Challenge Putin, ‘Meduza’ Says

8.     Russian Women Refusing to Have a Second Child Lest Husbands Leave and They Become Single Mothers, Sinelnikov Says  

9.     Protests against Sending Mobilized Russians to Fight in Ukraine Spread to 15 Federal Subjects  

10.  Russia’s Unrecognized Curse: Each Transformation Makes Next One More Difficult, Yershov Says  

11.  Exercise to Defend Kremlin Highlights Broader Russian Efforts to Protect Putin, Kanyev Says

12.  Bishkek Vote on Border Accord with Uzbekistan Highlights Deep Divides in Kyrgyz Society

13.  Another Failed Integration Effort by Moscow: EAC Members Trade Less with Each Other than with Outsiders  

14.  Iran Responds to Azerbaijani Exercises and Charges by Expanding Revolutionary Guards’ Presence in North  

15.  Moscow Again Using and Trapped by Conspiracy Theories to Justify Russia’s Fight against the West, Arkhipova Says  

16.  Despite Certainty of Draconian Extended Sentences, Ever More Russian Prisoners are Being Driven to Revolt, Merkachyova Says  

17.  War-Driven Exodus from Russia Degrading Society More than Economy, Zubarevich Says  

18.  Putin Regime has Three Basic Ideas, All Taken from Leningrad’s Back Alleys and the KGB’s Torture Chambers, Eidman Says  

19.  Soldiers from Turkic Nations form Battalion in Ukraine to Fight Russian Invaders

20.  No Country Recognizes Borders Russia Now Claims Making Its Disintegration Ever More Likely, Oreshkin Says   

21.  Progressive Politics Foundation Outlines Four Possible Futures for Russia  

22.  Worried Russian Elites Consolidating but Atomized Society Not Organizing to Oppose Them, Mikhaylichenko Says  

23.  Widespread Apathy among Russians Keeps Country from Becoming Democratic or Totalitarian, Khristenzen Says

24.  Russian Regions Not Optimistic about the Future, Kremlin-Organized Focus Groups Show

25.  Ukrainian Journal Lists Bunkers where Putin has Been Isolating Himself

26.  Russia May Now Be Even More Dependent on Imports from China than North Korea Is, Bank of Finland Says  

27.  Guns from Putin’s War in Ukraine Leading to Surge in Armed Crimes in Russia Itself

28.  If Europe Slips into Recession, Russia May Escape Precisely because of Western Sanctions, Milchakova Says   

29.  Putin’s ‘Annexation’ of Donbass Showed Crimea was No Special Case and His Loss of Kherson Shows Ukraine can Retake It, Portnikov Says

30.  Putin’s War will Be Remembered as Conflict between ‘Those who Fought for their Freedom and Those who Fought for Their Slavery,’ Some Russians Say  

31.  Having Lost Trade with Europe, Karelia Now on Brink of Economic Collapse  

32.   Bishkek Permits Kyrgyz Living in Border Regions to Acquire Guns More Easily

33.  ‘Only Two Somewhat Realistic Scenarios’ Exist for Bringing to an End the Putin Regime, Gozman Says

34.  Despite His Talk, Putin Not ‘Decolonizing’ Russian Science but Isolating It, Kislenko Says  

35.  Stalin Plays Role in Putin’s Russia that Lenin Did in Soviet Union, Grashchenkov Says  

36.  To Oust Khrushchev, Brezhnev Promised End to Rapid Cadres Turnover, a Move that Prefigured Disintegration of the USSR, Emil Pain Says  

37.  Yet Another Putin Effort – the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty – Collapsing, Russian Commentators Say

38.  Today’s Russism Product of Vulgarity and Mediocrity of Soviet Mass Culture, Vitukhnovskaya Says

39.  Russia won’t Fall Apart after Putin, Gelman Says

40.  Putin has So Dehumanized Population that Only Return of Elite to Power Can Save Russia, Pastukhov Says

41.  Euro-Islam Now a Western Tool to Subvert Russia and Muslim World, Semyonov Says

42.  The Million Russian Victims of Covid Pandemic Died on Average 14 Years Prematurely, New Study Says  

43.  Kyiv Now Reaching Out to Circassian Nation  

44.  Russian Court Says Using a VPN a Crime

45.  The New Cold War Won’t End Peacefully, Eidman Says

46.  To Be True to Itself, Russia Must Stop Viewing Itself Between East and West and Instead Position Itself as ‘the Geopolitical North,’ Moscow Scholars and Officials Say  

47.  Polls Show Many Russians Favor Putting Up Statues of Stalin but Few Residents of Volgograd want His Name Returned to Their City

48.  Death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Plays into Putin’s Hands, Nevzlin Says  

49.  Kremlin Demand for Changes in Republic Constitutions Exacerbating Border Disputes in North Caucasus  

50.  Young Muscovites Turning Away from Russian Orthodoxy to Follow Eastern Religions, New Study Finds

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