Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia January 15, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia January 15, 2023

1.     As War Drags On, Putin is Ever More Dependent on the Military and has Ever Less Control of Initiative, Stanovaya Says   

2.     Kazakhstan’s Ongoing Military Expansion May Ultimately Threaten Russia, Kramarenko Says   

3.     Belarus Also Wrestling with Brain Drain Problem   

4.     Russian Orthodox Church More Isolated Internationally than Even in the Late 1930s, Malyutin Says    

5.     Those Russians who Fled Abroad to Avoid Serving in Ukraine Unlikely to Go Home if Moscow Requires Public Repentance   

6.     Russia May Always Ready for Nuclear War but It is Never Prepared for Cold Weather, Muscovites Say   

7.     Ethnic Russians Form about 70 Percent of the Population and of the RF and Not the 80 Percent Many Think, Sidorov Says   

8.     Only 1.4 Percent of Declared Russian Orthodox Believers Attended Christmas Services This Year

9.     More than One Russian in a Hundred Still Lives in a Communal Apartment and Many More Don’t have Indoor Toilets 

10.  For Putin, Sovereignty Means He can Do Anything He Wants and No One Must be Allowed to Object, Gallyamov Says   

11.  Putin has Lost War He Declared in 2007; His ‘Special Operation’ is Only a Doomed Attempt to Reverse That, El Murid Says   

12.  For Five Years, Riga-Based Harbin Portal has Sought to Keep Russian Conservatism Alive   

13.  Russian Complaints about Non-Russian Names of 2023’s First Babies Lead Non-Russians to Call for De-Nazification of Russia   

14.  Russians Increasingly Asking Fortune Tellers about Outcome of War, Escaping the Draft and Date of Putin’s Death, ‘Holod’ Editors Say 

15.  Nine Signs Russian Economy in Deep Trouble   

16.  War in Ukraine Seen Pushing Russian Birthrate Down to Its Lowest Level in Russian History by End of Year  

17.  Systemic Opposition Parties Irrelevant in Russia Today, Rodin Says

18.  Like the Bolsheviks in 1917, Putin has Destroyed Russia, Leaving It Much Like Hitler’s Germany in 1944, Gozman Says   

19.  ‘Russia More Radical than Russians,’ Yerofeyev Says; ‘One can Deal with Russians but Not Make Agreements with Russia’   

20.  Russian Census Report on Changes in Number of People Speaking Their Native Languages Artifact of How Enumeration was Conducted, Gabdrafikov Says   

21.  Kremlin Talk about ‘Abolishing’ Ukrainians Leading Some to Talk about Doing the Same to Jews, Georgians and Others, Shablinsky Says  

 22.  Kremlin Now Planning to Combine Predominantly Russian Regions with Each Other rather than with Non-Russian Republics, ‘Accents’ Portal Says  

23.  Russia Finally Given 25,000 Haj Slots, a Sign the Saudis See Its Muslim Community Growing   

24.  Emigres Form Committee for Ingush Independence   

25.  War in Ukraine Transforming Russian Culture Much as Bolshevik Revolution Did, Andreyeva Says   

26.  Number of Russians Charged with Disseminating Fake News or Insulting Army Actually Quite Small, ‘Holod’ Journalist Says

27.  Reasons for Declaring No Nationality in Latest Census Vary from One Nation to Another, Zorin Says 

28.  Despite War and Repression, Labor Protests in Russia Continued throughout 2022 but Changed Forms Becoming Like Those of End of USSR  

29.  Russia Rapidly Approaching Point at Which a Revolution Becomes Likely, Gallyamov Says  

30.  Patrushev’s Remark Suggests Kremlin Worried about Ukrainian ‘Green Wedge’ in Far East

31.  Mobilized Russians Go to Ukraine in Uncomfortable Cattle Cars but Return in Comfortable Coffins, Russians Reflect Bitterly

32.  Russians with Their Imperial Culture Prepared to Tolerate Losses for Territorial Gains but Not for Long When There Aren’t Any, Khristenzen Says  

33.  More than 20,000 Russian Children Now Homeschooling

34.  Decaying Company Towns Not Just a Russian Problem

35.  Ukrainian War Primary Reason Russian Men are Drinking More and Not Living a Healthy Way of Life, Yefremov Says

36.  Russian Census Highlights Changing Meaning of Nationality among RF Population  

37.  By Decolonizing Itself Intellectually and Spiritually, Russia Becoming a Model for Other Former Colonies, Rabkin and Saul Say

38.  Children of Putin Elite Not Serving in Ukraine but Continuing to Travel Abroad, as Pictures on Social Media Show

39.  Soldiers in PMCs and Regional Forces Likely to Prove More Loyal to Their Immediate Bosses than to Abstract Russian State, Nevzlin Says

40.  ‘History of Afghantsy Being Replicated in Russia Today,’ Okun Says  

41.  Seven of Ten Largest Nations in Russia and Nine of 15 Smallest Declined in Population Since 2010, New Census Figures

42.  Russian Census Takers Decided on Their Own Whether to List Nationality of Those They Couldn’t Contact Directly, One of Their Number Says  

43.  Putin Elite Not Only Promotes Five Conspiracy Theories but Also Believes in Them, Arkhipov Says

44.  ‘If It Weren’t for Ukraine,’ Russians Say, ‘We’d have Defeated NATO Long Ago’  

45.  More Concerned with Political than Military Risks, Putin Likely to Intensify His Attack on Ukraine, Pastukhov Says

46.  Putinism Becoming Mobutoism, Nevzlin Says

47.  Putin Pursuing Russification Only as Means to Destroy All Ethnic Identities, including the Russian, Erzyan Leader

48.  Russia Suffers from a Territorial Curse that Only Massive Defeat Can Cure, Epstein Says

49.  Majority of 15 Largest Nations in Russia Today from North Caucasus, New Census Shows

50.  Pskov Region Émigré Activists Follow Kalmyk and Ingush Counterparts and Seek Independence from Moscow

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