Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia  / March 1, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / March 1, 2023

1.     Putin Won’t Declare Total Mobilization because He Lacks Qualities Needed to Be Successful as a Wartime Leader, Eidman Says  

2.     Charges of ‘Discrediting Russian Army’ Far More Common Per Capita Outside the Capitals than in Them, Grayevsky Says  

3.     Raising Retirement Ages Likely to Make Russia’s Demographic Problems Even Worse, Kulkova Says

4.     ‘Not Russian’ Logo Uniting Non-Russians Against Russia and Russia’s War in Ukraine

5.     Over the Last Year, Deaths among All Russians between 18 and 35 have Risen 23 Percent and Among this Cohort in Daghestan and North Ossetia Almost Doubled  

6.     Five Percent of Russian Residents Did Not Want to Declare a Nationality in the Census, Ethnographer Says  

7.     Key Strategic Construction Project in Far North Comes to an Abrupt Halt Putting Russia’s Future in Question, Rybin Says  

8.     Russia’s Freikorps Moment  

9.     More than Half of Immigrant Workers in Russia are in Moscow and St. Petersburg and Fewer than One in 200 are in Poorest Non-Russian Republics  

10.  Russians Won’t Be Punished for Not Obeying New Law Against Using Foreign Terms, Duma Deputy Says  

11.  NATO has Decided Putin’s Desk is Now So Long It can Serve as an Aircraft Carrier, Russians Say  

12.  Moscow Responds to Rising Crime Not by Addressing Its Causes but by Lengthening Prison Sentences, Russian Criminologists Say  

13.  Moscow Insists Not Only that Kuban isn’t Ukrainian but that It isn’t a Cossack Land or a Russian Colony  

14.  No One Can Whitewash Stalin Except by Ignoring Russia’s Spiritual Traditions, Tsipko Says  

15.  Putin has Been ‘Absolute Evil’ from the Beginning, Zaidman Says  

16.  Lavrov Favors Extending Russia’s Genocidal Policy of Re-Educating Children from Occupied Portions of Ukraine to Other Regions and Countries  

17.  Lithuania May Soon have Two Orthodox Churches – One Subordinate to Moscow and the Second to Constantinople  

18.  Navalny Still hasn’t Faced Up to Russian Imperialism, His Own, the Kremlin’s and That of the Russian People, Galko Says

19.  ‘Hurrah Compatriots’ Now Include Descendants of First Anti-Bolshevik Russian Emigration  

20.  Ukrainian War’s Impact Helps Keep Russia’s Unemployment Numbers Low, Experts Say  

21.  ‘Biden’s in Kyiv and Putin Isn’t’ – Russian Bloggers on the Two Presidents  

22.  Russia’s Ruling Class Sees No Alternative to Putin or Support for His War, Preobrazhensky Says

23.  Moscow Patriarchate Seeking Immediate Political Gains Rather than Mass Evangelization in Africa, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

24.  Putin’s Claim that Lenin Created Ukraine Alarming Non-Russians whose Republics Bolshevik Leader Also Set Up, Solovyeva Says

25.  West Bears Some Responsibility for Russians’ Failure to Protest War in Ukraine, Filipenko Says  

26.  Moscow has Transformed How Russian Cities Look to Propagandize Putin’s War, ‘Novaya Vladka’ Reports  

27.  Putin’s Successor Must Be Chosen by Matchsticks as No One Wants to Volunteer to Go to the Hague, Russians Say

28.  UN CLCS Accepts Russia’s Documentation of Its Claims on Arctic Seabed, Increasing Likelihood It will Do the Same for Claims of Others  

29.  In 2021, Kremlin Made Plans to Absorb Belarus as Soon as It had Achieved Regime Change in Ukraine, New Document Shows  

30.  Are the Wakhan Kyrgyz Finally Going to Get to Go Home?

31.  Number of Ethnic Russians Grew in Soviet Period but has Fallen Since, Census Shows  

32.  Representatives of Middle Volga Nations in Orenburg Declining in Number but Those of Central Asian Ones Increasing, Census Shows  

33.  Putin Fears Russians won’t Remain a Single Nation if Russian Federation is Divided Up  

34.  Putin Plays Poker Not Chess and He has a Losing Hand, Kasparov Says  

35.  Number of Mosques in Turkmenistan has Been Cut Back to That at End of Soviet Times, Mitrokhin Says  

36.  Duma Deputies Now Must Respond to Commands Not Just to ‘Vote’ Correctly but to ‘Offer Their Paws’ and ‘Fetch,’ Russians Say  

37.  Telegram Channel Promoting ‘Sick Outs’ in Russia to Disrupt Moscow’s War Effort  

38.  War in Ukraine has 18 Important Lessons for Military and Defense Policies of All Countries, ‘The Insider’ Says  

39.  Western Leaders Want Ukraine to Win but Russia Not to Suffer Defeat, Two Desires that Can’t be Squared, Skobov Says  

40.  Moscow Hopes to Attract Seven Million ‘Ideological’ Immigrants from Europe and US  

41.  Émigré Mokshas Unite to Fight against Russification and Mordvinization and for National Independence  

42.  Soviet Union Ethnically Rooted Leadership in Non-Russian Republics Not to Promote These Nations but to Maintain Its Colonial Empire, Galko Says  

43.  Almost Twice as Many North Caucasian Soldiers have Died in Ukraine than Russian Siloviki Died in North Caucasus over the Last 11 Years  

44.  After Russia Disintegrates, Siberia Should have a Status like Antarctica, Saltayev Says

45.  Last Year ‘a Turning Point in Russian History’ Rivalling 1917, Editors of ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Say  

46.  Putin Not NATO is ‘Transforming Russia into Muscovy,’ Shtepa Says  

47.  ‘Parade of Autocephalies’ Leaving ‘an Imperial Church without an Empire,’ Desnitsky Says  

48.  Sufis Aren’t an Apolitical Counterweight to Political Islam, Babadzhanov Says  

49.  Only Military Defeat Allows Contiguous Empires to Come Apart without Domestic Explosions or Immediate Moves to Take Revenge, Skripov Says  

50.  Television Sets have Replaced Icons as Focal Point in Russian Peasant Homes

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