Haphazard Accusations: Circassians Don’t Beg for a Certificate of Good Conduct from Russia

Haphazard Accusations:

Circassians Don’t Beg for a Certificate of Good Conduct from Russia

Adel Bashqawi

March 15, 2023

In light of the recurring accusations, lies, and rumors that are launched through naive mouthpieces with colorful masks, and find those who are ready to receive, promote, publish, and often recycle them using available methods and means, regardless of the undesirable results.

Therefore, the following facts must be followed:

— Facts cannot be altered or amended, and therefore accusations must not be made haphazardly or blindly against those who are not implicated in the adventures against others.

— For example, the Circassians, the United States, and others did not push the Russian Federation to attack, occupy, and annex the Crimean Peninsula, which belongs to Ukraine, to the Russian state immediately after the end of the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

— Neither the Circassians, nor the United States, nor others forced the Russian Federation to move its army, armed forces, and mercenaries in February 2022 to invade Ukraine with the aim of occupation, subjugation, and possibly annexation to the Russian state, but eventually “snitches end up in ditches.”

— If the interests of two or more parties converge or coincide in an issue or issues, it does not necessarily mean that the parties that believe in similar principles are working for the benefit of another party, or that they are working according to the instructions of the American security establishment.

— Homelands are not built on rumors nor peoples’ problems are solved based on that.

— The Circassian nation, which was subjected to the fiercest war of aggression and unprecedented genocide, was exposed to a terrible crime that no other nation was subjected to in the nineteenth century.

— The perpetrators thought that their crimes would be forgotten by settling the Circassian homeland with mercenaries and foreigners after displacing the whole Circassian nation.

— The Circassians in dozens of countries kept wondering by saying: “where is our homeland and what happened to our nation.” They already have the scientific and professional capabilities and the human will to search for documents proving the occurrence of crimes of invasion, occupation, destruction, genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement.

— They don’t need Jamestown, USA, Georgia, International organizations and others to tell them what to do. It’s on the contrary, the Circassians have contacted these countries and entities to inquire from them, “why they are not moving to help Circassians to restore their legitimate rights.”

— Circassians even wrote to the Russian leadership, but they didn’t receive any positive reply until now.

— Do those who think naively and spread malicious propaganda whose source is well known and after knowing all the irrefutable facts according to the Russian archives, will not move the Circassian national feeling?

— If all those parties that are accused of being pushed by the United States become sweating the facts that come from the Russian documents themselves, in addition to the writers and analysts whose goal is usually to reveal the truth, even against anyone.

— Should the Russian state be immune from the proven accusations, because it will (legally be accountable) pay the price for all the crimes? Or because Russia is openly hostile to those whom it accuses arbitrarily, and at the same time it increased its accusations to the highest ceiling possible that will not change the facts.

— However, its clear that all this official rioting and screaming is to distract the attention from the real issues.

— What is this absurdity and unjustified accusation that the Circassians do not move a finger if no one pushes them to do so!

— The mouthpieces of propaganda and hypocrisy do not address the demands of the Circassians who are still living under Russian rule in their historical homeland, and the clumsy actions against intellectuals, scholars, researchers and human rights activists.

— Russia ignores the unacceptable actions of the International Circassian Association, apparently because there is a special institutional relationship between both of them.

— Are the Circassians in the homeland happy with Russia ignoring them, their language, culture, and rightful demands for the right of return of their compatriots scattered around the world because of the Russian crimes, which are compatible with international laws and norms, and even with the Russian laws themselves?

— Why don’t they answer Valery Khatagukov, the Head of the Center for Human Rights in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. He addressed his words to Hauti Sokhrokov and said that he and his organization do not speak on behalf of the Circassians. Instead, they both reflect the views of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which assumed control of this Association two decades ago. Also, Medina Khakvacheva, who is senior researcher at the Kabardino-Balkaria Research Institute of Human Science questioned that the leaders of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria haven’t realized yet that the loss of non-Russian languages will mean loss of the prestige of the republic.

— What is the United States role in that? Should the United States ignore the Circassian nation in its homeland?

— Eventually, the truth and facts disturb those who promote falsehood.


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