Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / May 22, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / May 22, 2023

1.     Putin Felt Presence of Other Presidents at Moscow Parade Kept Kyiv from Launching a Drone Attack, Some Russians Say   

2.     Putin has Been ‘Privatizing’ May 9 Holiday Since Coming to Power, But Russians Can Keep Its Original Meaning, Kolesnikov Says 

3.     Fear Far from Only Force Keeping Russia’s Administrative Elite in Line, Petrov Says 

4.     Having Destroyed Canals and Failed to Repair or Replace Them, Russian Forces Can’t Supply Water to Occupied Ukrainian Areas   

5.     Erzya National Movement Most Active and Radical among Russia’s Finno-Ugric Peoples, Loode Says 

6.     Now the Ural River is Dying, Exacerbating Relations between Russia and Kazakhstan 

7.     Putin Successfully Used but Then was Compelled to Discard ‘Immortal Regiment’ Movement, Arkhipova Says   

8.     Fertility Rate among Native Muscovites Falls to Just Over Half Replacement Level, and Rate in Other Russian Cities Falls Almost as Far   

9.     Russian Public Support for War ‘in Most Cases’ Simply Face-Saving ‘Non-Resistance,’ Laboratory of Public Sociology Finds  

10.  For Ukrainians, Putin’s Invasion is Their Great Fatherland War, a Conflict that has United Them and that They Expect to Win, Albats Says   

11.  Anyone Who Says Russia isn’t the Most Humane and Free Country in the World Will Soon be Sentenced to 15 Years in the Camps, Russians Say   

12.  Regional Officials Reported to Be Spreading Rumors that Ukrainians Setting Forest Fires in Russia 

13.  Two New Associations Uniting Non-Russian Movements Emerge

14.  Moscow’s Healthcare Optimization Takes on New Form, One Set to Leave Population with Even Fewer Options   

15.  Russian Defense Ministry Spokesmen Do More than Anyone Else to Prevent Russian Defeats, Russians Say   

16.  Turkmenistan Seeks to Become Gateway to the World for Landlocked States in Central Asia    

17.  Intervals between One Russian Emigration and the Next are Shortening, Making Cooperation among the New Waves More Difficult, Klishin Says   

18.  Putin Calls for Creating ‘Attractive Financial and Social Mechanisms’ to Keep Russians from Emigrating  

19.  Ethnic Russians Create Student Groups in Universities and Some of These are Racist   

20.  China to Complete Large Reservoir in Armenia that has Been On Hold Since 1985   

21.  Tatars Must Reject Moscow-Imposed Divisions or Face Eventual Extinction, Samigullin Says   

22.  Putin’s Optimization Program Means Forest Fires in Russia Now Seven Times Larger and More than a Third Less Often Followed by Reforestation, El Murid Says   

23.  Russians in 70 Percent of Their Country’s Cities Feel They Must ‘Either Leave or Die,’ Geographer Says   

24.  Aeroflot, Other Russian Carriers Order Employees Not to Report Aircraft Problems  

25.   The Faroe Islands, an Autonomous Part of NATO Member Denmark, Refuses to Join Anti-Russian Sanctions 

26.  Even a Territorially Much-Reduced Russia will Still Threaten Itself and the World, Podrabinek Says 

27.  US and Ukraine Focusing on Promoting Separatism in Chechen, Circassian, Nogay, Kumyk and Ingush Areas, Amelina Says   

28.  Russian Occupiers have Converted Crimea into ‘One Enormous Military Base,’ New Interactive Map Shows  

29.  Russia Not at War But It Nonetheless has Martial Law, Muscovites Say   

30.  Editors of Kremlin Media Outlets Now Struggling with Sense of Disaster about Ukraine, One Privy to Their Discussions Says 

31.  Some Bukharan Jews May Eventually Return to Central Asia, One of Their Number Says 

32.  Activists in Russian Regions Compiling Lists of Ukrainian War Losses which Constitute ‘Anti-War Manifestos,’ Seven by Seven News Agency Says   

33.  Federalization is ‘Fourth Division of Powers’ and in Russia Should Involve Creation of Super Regions and ‘Ideal Politburo,’ Pastukhov Says

34.  Putin Promises to Raise Birthrate but in Fact Pursues Policies Driving It Down, Experts Say  

35.  Émigré Bashkir Activist Sees War Ahead between Bashkortostan and Tatarstan

36.  Russia Now Ranks First in the World in Use of VPNs  

37.  Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Making It Harder for People to Be Local Patriots, Galkina Says

38.  Even if Moscow Defeats Kyiv, Russia May Find Itself in a Slavic Version of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for a Long Time to Come, Popov Says

39.  Despite His Claims to the Contrary, Putin Undermining Russia’s National Identity, El Murid Says   

40.  Nearly Three Out of Five Russians Say Religion Doesn’t Play a Major or Even Any Role in Their Lives, Levada Center Poll Finds

41.  Unlike KGB at End of Soviet Times, FSB Now Animated by Desire to Repress, Skobov Says   

42.  Moscow Alarmed by Talk in Kazakhstan and Mongolia about Their ‘Common Altai Home’ on Russian Territory 

43.  Islamist Threat to Central Asia Increasing and May Soon Spread into Russia, Shestakov Says   

44.  Russia Must Come Up with Its Own National Project Now that War in Ukraine has Left Imperial One in Ruins, Savvin Says 

45.  After Volodin Declared English ‘Dead,’ Russians Who Know It will Say They Speak American 

46.  Moscow Classifies More Data but Loosens Control on Some Businesses Need, ‘To Be Exact’ Says   

47.  Ukrainian War has Radicalized Non-Russian Interest in Gaining Independence, Khavlyg Says 

48.  Russia’s Rightwing Radicals Even More Divided and Impotent than Russian Liberals, Pertsev Says   

49.  Russia has Lost 50,000 Scientists Over Last Five Years, More than Any Other Country, Academy of Sciences Vice President Says 

50.  Russian Emigration Should Aim for Loose Alliance Rather than Tight Union, Kynyev Says

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