Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / June 4, 2023     

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / June 4, 2023

1.     Moscow will Talk Peace with Kyiv as Soon as Ukrainian Army withdraws from Ukrainian Territory, Russians Say  

2.     Russia Losing Ground in Central Asia to China and the West Not Because Moscow Can’t Conceal Its Anger, Dubnov Says  

3.     Moscow Sees Greenland’s Moves toward Independence as Part of US-UK Plot Against Russia  

4.     Karelian Studies His National Language Because His Ancestors were Shot for Speaking It, But Few are Following His Example  

5.     Putin Says ‘Idiots’ in West Now Seeking to Dismember Russia Only Strengthening Russian Unity  

6.     China’s Failure to Complete Construction Projects in Russia over Last Decade Sparks Concerns that Same Thing Will Happen Again  

7.     Russia May Last Another Several Generations in a State of Semi-Collapse, Sergey Medvedev Says  

8.     Prigozhin’s Wagner Far from the Only Russian PMC Fighting in Ukraine  

9.     At Rate It Occupied Bakhmut, Russians Say, Moscow will Occupy Ukraine in about 9500 Years  

10.  Putin Fears Making Gorbachev’s Mistakes and So is Making Those of Nicholas II, Nikulin Says  

11.  Russian Liberals have Failed to Offer Alternative to Kremlin’s Imperialist Narrative, Sidorov Says

12.  Russian Liberals and Non-Russian Nationalists Live in Separate Worlds but Share Skepticism about Early Elections, Shtepa Says

13.  Acquittals in Russian Courts Fall to Only One in Every 670 Cases — or 0.15 Percent  

14.  Putin’s Orwellian NewSpeak has Four Basic Forms, Philologist Says

15.  Aging Putin Regime Fails to See It is Creating ‘a Russia without Russians,’ Grachev Says  

16.  10 Percent of Russian Population that is Actively Religious Divided Equally among Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and Protestants, Mitrokhin Says  

17.  Putin Promoting Rudeness as Part of General Attack on Russian Culture, Pastukhov Says

18.  Kremlin-Promoted Image of China Helps Fill Ideological Vacuum in Russia, Denisenko Says

19.  What if Mongols Start Using Golden Horde Maps and Say There is No Russia, Russians Want to Know

20.  Even Now, Few Turkmens Becoming Migrant Workers in Russia  

21.  Far More Circassians Abroad Want to Return to their North Caucasus Homeland than have Applied to Do So, Expert Says  

22.  Magical Realism Spreading in Russia for Same Reasons as in Latin America, Nekrasova Says  

23.  Putin has Finally Proclaimed a New National Ideology – ‘Russia Against Everyone! Else’ Some Say  

24.  Strength of Russian Regime Overrated while Passivity of Russian People Underestimated, Ginzburg Says

25.  Next Russian Revolution May Begin Not in Capitals but on the Russian Periphery, Gallyamov Says  

26.  5,000 Bashkirs Protest Russian Mining, Putting Putin’s Plans to Make Russia Self-Sufficient in Manganese  

27.  Residents of Kemerovo’s Nasha Rodina Call Their Village’s Link to Outside World a Schroedinger Bridge  

28.  Russian Pressure on Circassians in North Caucasus Backfiring by Increasing Circassian Activism Abroad, Kase Kik Says  

29.  Kirov Oblast Villagers Support War Memorial Even When The War hasn’t Affected Them Directly and They Don’t have Basic Services  

30.  No One Attacked Russia before Putin Invaded Ukraine – But Some Officials Appear to Be Edging toward Recognition of That, Russians Say  

31.  Russian Leaders Still Think Money Alone Can Solve All Problems, Nigmatulin Says  

32.  Achieving Putin’s Goal of National Sovereignty for Auto Industry Equivalent to Stalin’s Plan for Socialism in One Country, Patsvania Says   

33.  Qualitative Deterioration of Russian Workforce Reducing GDP by More than Half a Percent Each Year, Abdeyeva Says

34.  Russians who have Left and Those who Remain Understand Each Other Ever Less Well, Narintskaya Says  

35.  ‘It is Impossible to Explain the Cruelty of Russians’ in Ukraine, Alexiyevich Says

36.  Putin isn’t So Much Lying as Engaging in ‘Chekist Mockery,’ Epstein Says  

37.  Bashkir Branch of KPRF Says It Will Expel Those Who Take Active Part in Environmental Protests  

38.  Some Russians Say Lavrov has Gone to Burundi to Get War Elephants to Fight in Ukraine 

39.  Prospects for Russia to Democratize or Disintegrate Soon Very Small, Morozov Says  

40.  Shafarevich, Anti-Semitic Soviet Mathematician who Popularized Term Russophobia,’ Recalled on Centenary of His Birth  

41.  Plan to Allow Chinese in Russia to Live Extraterritorially Under Chinese Laws Outrages Russians

42.  Putin’s Re-Stalinization and Neo-Medievalization Combining to Make Wars Ever More Likely, Khapayeva Argues  

43.  Putin Personality Cult Stabilizes Russia But Only as Long as He Lives, Pastukhov Says  

44.  Russian Diaspora in Armenia More Political and Pro-Western than Its Counterpart in Georgia, New Survey Finds  

45.  Kremlin Knows Power Corrupts and to Protect Russian People from Spread of This Plague Hires Only Those Already Corrupt  

46.  Changes in Diet Behind 30 Percent Rise in Mortality Rates among Khabarovsk’s Numerically Small Peoples, Experts Say

47.  Re-Integrating Russians who’ve Fought in Ukraine a Large, Difficult and Long-Term Challenge, Psychologist Says  

48.  Some Russian Regions Experiencing Economic Growth while Others Suffering Declines, Russian Central Bank Says  

49.  Some Russians Fear a Putin Victory in Ukraine; Others, a Loss; but None Expects Any Positive Change Soon, Kuleshova Says  

50.  Western Sanctions Affecting Not Only Russian Economy but Russian Environment, Experts Say

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