Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / June 17, 2023        

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / June 17, 2023  

1.     Moscow Likes to Say It has the Second Strongest Army in the World but It has Now Proven It has the Second Strongest One in Ukraine  

2.     Drying Up of Rivers Threatens Survival of Russian State, Mishina Says

3.     Anti-Putin Forces in Belgorod Must Drop Moscow-Centric Views and Adopt Regionalist Ones to Be Most Effective, Shtepa Says

4.     Russia on Course to Having Fewer Births in 2023 than in Any Post-Soviet Year, Raksha Says

5.     Kyiv Must Carefully Design Its Approaches to Russia’s Non-Russians Because the Latter Vary So Widely, Ukrainian Analysts Say

6.     Russians under Putin Lack Any Sense of Being a Cohesive National Community, Gozman Says

7.     Russia is Not the Orthodox Iran Some Believe, Baunov Says

8.     Putin’s Attack on Non-Russian Languages Prompting Young North Caucasians to Create Independent Spaces to Promote Them, Pukhayev Says

9.     Kyiv Behaving Treacherously by Driving Out Russian Troops without Announcing a Counter-Offensive, Russians Say

10.  Moscow Insists It Didn’t Blow Up the Kakhovka Dam Just as It says It Didn’t Invade Ukraine – and with Exactly the Same Credibility, Russians Say

11.  Russia Witnessing ‘Start of Disintegration of Its Army, Something that Always Precedes Collapse of the State,’ Pastukhov Says

12.  Tatarstan Exile Government Backs Return of Kuriles to Japan

13.  Moscow Admits Occupied Crimea Among Nine Russian Regions Suffering Serious Water Shortages

14.  Ukraine’s Population May have Fallen Below 30 Million, Some Estimates Suggest

15.  New Circassian Committee More Political and Youth Oriented than Other Circassian Groups, Organizers Say

16.  Given Growth in Number of Terrorist Cases, Russia’s Supreme Court Asks Duma to Allow More Courts to Hear Them

17.  Russia’s Orthodox and Muslims Clash on Origins and thus the Future of Russian State

18.  With His Hyper-Centralization, Putin is Making a Civil War More Likely, El Murid Says

19.  Metropolitan Tikhon, Putin’s Favorite Priest, Replaces Stephen King as Most Published Author in Russia

20.  Will Rare Environmentalist Victory on Wrangel Island Survive Demise of Greenpeace Russia?

21.  West Consistently Underestimates Russian Unity, Moscow Experts Say

22.  Northern Remnant of Aral Sea Now Struggling to Survive

23.  Fearful of Secession in Gorno-Badakhshan, Dushanbe Cracks Down on Ismailis and Aga Khan

24.  Russia Spends Less than One Percent of What Sweden Does for Each Prisoner but Keeps those Incarcerated Seven Times as Long, ‘To Be Exact’ Reports

25.  Iceland to Suspend Embassy Operations in Moscow

26.  Putin-Era Ideology has Differed from Soviet One but Increasingly Resembles It, Shelin Says

27.  Yeltsin’s Firing on Supreme Soviet in 1993 First Post-Soviet ‘Special Operation’ and Set the Stage for Putin System, Novoselov Says

28.  Putin’s ‘Destruction of Russian Statehood’ Means the Future will Be Even Worse than the Present, Oreshkin Says

29.  Kyiv Couldn’t Deprive Crimea of Water but Moscow Could and Has, Russians Say

30.  Having Been Forced to Disband Its Constitutional Court, Tatarstan has Formed a Constitutional Council to Perform Many of the Same Tasks

31.  Russians No Longer Think Senior Male in Families Should have the Right to Make All Decisions, a Shift with Significant Political Consequences

32.  Putin has Faced and Put Down Three Moves He Viewed as Signs of Conspiracies Against Him, ‘Proyekt’ Says

33.  Moscow Court Declares Biblical Commandment ‘Do Not Kill’ a Violation of Russian Criminal Code, Some Russians are Saying

34.  Ingush Seven’s Zarifa Sautiyeva in Failing Health Needs Immediate Medical Care, Memorial Says

35.  Will Russian Consulate and Listening Post on Aaland Islands be Shuttered Now that Finland is in NATO?

36.  ‘Bombing Voronezh’ No Longer a Laughing Matter, Russians Say

37.  Non-Russian Republics among Leaders of Federal Subjects as Source of Professional Soldiers, Russian Defense Ministry Says

38.  Russian Elite Increasingly Dominated by People who Don’t Think Climate Change is an Immediate Challenge, Tananayev Says

39.  Regionalism in Russia will ‘Inevitably’ Intensify and Become More Radical the Longer Putin is in Place, Shtepa Says

40.  Majority of Russians Impatiently Waiting for Putin to Meet Berlusconi, Some Russians Say a Poll Shows

41.  Since Start of Putin’s Expanded War in Ukraine, Senior Russian Officials have Taken to Drinking More to Relieve Stress, ‘Verstka’ Reports

42.  Russian Powers Pushing Anti-Gay Policies to Please Themselves Not the Population, Pozharsky Says

43.  Plunging Birthrate Prompts Ethnic Russian Regions to Close Maternity Hospitals

44.  Those who Say They Love Russia but Hate Its State are ‘Declaring War’ on Russia, Metropolitan Tikhon Says

45.  June 1990 Russian Sovereignty Declaration Made Possible Putin’s ‘Orwellian Anti-Utopia,’ Inozemtsev Says

46.  Regional and Ethnic Identities Reinforcing One Another, Komi Editor Says

47.  ‘Get Yourself Arrested and Save Russia’ as Criminals are Needed Not Only for the Military but for the Economy, Some Russians Say  

48.  Bad Roads are the Broken Windows of Russian Life, Safronov Says

49.  Kremlin Continues to Try to Combine the Incompatible by Honoring Russians who Fought for Franco in Spain, Makarkin Says

50.  Non-Russians Must Recover Not Only Their Own Toponyms but Their Family Names as Well, Sakha Activist Says

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