Circassia is not for Adventurers and Gamblers 

Circassia is not for Adventurers and Gamblers 

Adel Bashqawi

June 17, 2023

In the midst of what is happening in the Circassian arena, and thus in the Caucasus and regional arenas, Circassia will always remain and inevitably exist in the memory and conscience of the members of the Circassian nation, whether in their homeland or in diaspora. This is according to the skill of avoiding falling. Apparently, Russia’s moves and policies affect everyone with more propaganda and disinformation.

In the wake of revealing the hidden intentions and the secret truths in various cases, when the time’s right, they will inevitably clarify the whole picture. The rights of indigenous peoples were not, and are still not, taken into account, mainly by the Russian Empire and its successive regimes. Even international laws and norms are ignored and not taken into account.

On the impact of revealing the hidden intentions and secret truths of various cases, when the time comes, both the picture and the vision will inevitably become clear.

On the impact of the ongoing war of aggression in Ukraine, it’s really embarrassing and even unacceptable. The terrible atrocities must be taken into account. This brings back memories of brutal massacres, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and forced displacement perpetrated by the Russian Empire against the Circassians between 1763 and 1864. At the present time, the same crimes are repeated in Ukraine.

The strange thing is the desperate attempts exerted by some public figures who were or are still occupying high or middle political positions in countries that have direct or indirect influence or association with the public situation, whether in Circassia or its surroundings. They change their skin from time to time, as if they were cold-blooded creatures (Poikilotherms). They change their declared and documented opinions and positions as they come within the scope of a moody transition that is not based on a principled background. They eventually jump from one platform to another, knowing that this does not necessarily come in line with the principled positions of their countries.

Based on the above, the Circassian nation is not concerned in any way with any adventurer, gambler, intruder, or opportunist. Gamblers cannot be trusted to decide the  fate of peoples and nations. Seemingly, hands off the Circassian homeland, which does not belong to you from near or far. Take care of what concerns you and your countries. Stop your evils, solve your problems, and take care of the repercussions that resulted from the invasion and occupation of Circassia, the Caucasus, and neighboring countries by the Russian Empire. The situation cannot be interpreted, and every people has its interests, concerns, and rights that it will not give up on to anyone, nor at any price.

Circassia is not for losers of common sense and bargainers. rather, will remain a thorn in enemies’ side, whoever they are and whatever language is spoken or the way intentions are expressed. They had always and still, to deal with circumstances according to risk management prospects to maintain national identity and national dignity. Knowing that inhumane acts contradict the obligation to respect human rights.

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