Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / July 23, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / July 23, 2023

1.     Putin Turned Out to Be an Effective Dictator but Not an Effective State Builder, Matveyev Says

2.     Putin Says Cassette Bombs from US Threaten Russian Soldiers who are Peacefully Killing Ukrainians, Russians Say

3.     Moscow Will Now Fight Ghettos in Russian Cities, Places It has Long Denied Even Exist

4.     Criminality of ‘Wild 1990s’ Returning, Expanding and Taking New Forms, ‘Sovershenno-Sekretno’ Says

5.     Putin Regime Transforming Death into an Economically Rational Choice, Inozemtsev Says

6.     Like Condoms, Presidents Must be Changed in a Timely Fashion or There will be Problems, Russians Say

7.     Captive Nations Week Marked for First Time Marked in Ukraine

8.     In the End, Prigozhin Reached the Kremlin Exactly How and When He Wanted, Russians Say  

9.     Putin hasn’t Managed to Get Ukraine into NATO Yet but He’s Made Its Future Entry Easier, Russians Say  

10.  Moscow Slams Shut Russia’s Window on Europe by Closing Finnish Consulate in St. Petersburg but that Could Backfire on the New Muscovy, Shtepa Says

11.  Russia’s Administrative Collapse More Worrisome Prospect than Even a Military Defeat, El Murid Says

12.  Tsikhanouskaya Urges NATO to Cooperate with Democratic Belarus Instead of Waiting for the Collapse of Lukashenka Regime

13.  Moscow’s Need for Ships Growing Across the Board but Its Capacity to Buy or Build Them Isn’t

14.  In a Russian City of 50,000, Courts Find Someone Not Guilty Only Once Every Three Years, Statistics Show

15.  ‘Dismantling the Russian Empire will Stop Wars, Not Provoke Them,’ Sokolov Says

16.  Moscow’s Propaganda in Non-Russian Languages about Ukrainian War Backfiring, Baranova Says

17.  Northern Sections of Caspian Sea Rapidly Drying Up, Satellite Photos Show

18.  Putin has Broad Support among Russians because He Shares Values of ‘Deep People’ He is Part of and So Often Refers To, Skripov Says

19.  When an Ethnic Russian Commits a Crime, Media Ignore His Nationality But when a Non-Russian Does, the Media Focuses on That Alone, Komi Editor Says

20.  For First Time since 1991, Fewer People Moved from Russia to Kazakhstan than from Kazakhstan to Russia, Astana Says

21.  Many Non-Russian Republics are Becoming More Mono-Ethnic, Tishkov Warns

22.  Russian Separatist Attitudes Exist in Northern Kazakhstan But They Aren’t Dominant, Local Editor Says

23.  Russia is Like a Dinosaur: It has a Huge Body but a Tiny Brain that Keeps It from Competing with Other Countries, Some of Its Residents Say

24.  Russia may Hold Future Censuses Only Every 20 Years and Base Them on Official Sources instead of Surveys, Iskhakov Says

25.  Russia’s Nationality Agency Focuses Largely on Numerically Small Peoples

26.  Moscow Losing Its Predominant Role in Negotiations on Karabakh Issue, Markedonov Says

27.  Putin Admires Beria, One of Stalin’s Most Notorious Henchmen, Postnov Says

28.  Moscow Opens Internal Russian Waterways to Kazakhstani and Azerbaijani Shipping

29.  When Russian Army Faces Defeat, It First Looks for Traitors and then Turns on Political Leaders, El Murid Says

30.  Putin’s Effort to Use Ukrainian War to Weaken Non-Russians at Home Backfiring, Mavrov Says

31.  Many Confuse Weakening of States in the Post-Soviet Countries with Democratization, Snegovaya Says

32.  Putin Launched Ukrainian War to Block Russia’s Disintegration but Unwittingly has Accelerated that Process, Guseynov Says

33.  Siltification of Northern Caspian Leading to Re-Routing of East-West and North-South Trade in Central Asia

34.  Growing Central Asian Population Means Not Only Expansion of Existing Cities but Creation of New Ones

35.  Russians Adopting Healthy Lifestyles Not Trying to Live to 100 but Only to Outlive Putin

36.  Recent Emigres from Russia Remain in Close Contact with Their Compatriots at Home, New Study Finds

37.  Another Sign of an Approaching Revolution? Increasing Russian Interest in Esoterica

38.  Russian Liberals and Non-Russian Nationalists Clash Not Only in Emigration but Inside Russia

39.  Moscow Says It’s Easier to Solve Demographic Problems by Boosting Birthrate rather than Reducing Male Mortality by Exiting Hot Spots, Russians Say

40.  Kazakhstan Residents Increasingly Fear Russia will Invade Their Country, ‘Demoscope’ Polls Find

41.  Opposition to Russianization and Russification in Belarus Remains Widespread in Minsk, Moscow Commentator Says

42.  80 Percent of Belarusians Remain Opposed to Use of Their Army in Ukraine, New Poll Finds


43.  For Russians, Putin has Gone from Macho Man to Grandfather but is Trying to Redefine the Latter Term, Turkova Says

44.  German and Dutch Specialists Say Caspian Sea’s Water Level will Fall 9 to 18 Meters by 2100 but Russian Ones Say It will Rise Again by 2030

45.  The Surest Way to Get a Meeting with Putin is to Organize a Mutiny, Russians Say

46.  War in Ukraine Pushing North Caucasians from Interest in Federalism to Backing Independence, Yevloyeva Says

47.  Russia Being ‘Occupied’ by Migrant Workers and Must Save Itself by Leaving the CIS, Vetoshkin Says

48.  Russian Regions Failing to Meet Quotas for Volunteers to Serve as Professional Soldiers, ‘NeMoskva’ Reports

49.   Tatar who Emigrated to France Uses Cartoons to Tell How She Became More Tatar as a Result

50.  Russians See Their Pay Fall as They Approach Pension Age, Often to Levels Close to Those at the Start of Their Careers, New HSE Study Finds

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