RUCARR Symposium – Panel on Circassian in North Caucasus and Turkey, November 6

Nov 9, 2023

RUCARR Symposium, November 6-7: “Language in Conflict and War – Ukraine, Caucasus, Russia”. Panel. Language in Conflict and War – Focus: North Caucasus and Turkey

— Chair: Dr. Lidia Zhigunova (Tulane University, USA)

— Dr Emre Pshigusa (U.S. State Department, English Language Fellow): The Circassian language and identity created a feeling of illegality in us” Language Ideologies, Policies, and Circassian Language Rights in Turkey

— Dr Valeriya Minakova (Penn State): “It all starts in the family”: Placing discourses on the role of families in Circassian language preservation into a historical-political context

— Dr Lars Funch Hansen (Circassian Studies) The marginalisation of Circassian language through local history teaching, with cases from Krasnodar Krai including the Black Sea coast

— Prof Merab Chukhua (Tbilisi State University and the Circassian Culture Center, Tbilisi): One case of reflecting a historical fact in language

Full program:…

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