Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / January 24, 2024

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / January 24, 2024

  1.     For More than a Century, Russian and Western Experts have Repeatedly Failed to Predict Russia’s Future, Shelin Says

2.     No One Can Fix Frozen Pipes in Russia Because Those who Could are Fighting in Ukraine, Russians Say

3.     Kazakhstan Army Now the Strongest in Central Asia

4.     Kremlin Unwittingly Creating Veterans of Its War in Ukraine who are Likely to Prove More Dangerous than Afgantsy Were, Grachev Says

5.     No Azerbaijani-Armenian Treaty will Resolve All Issues, Leaders and Experts Now Say

6.     Russian Jail System’s Campaign against Muslims Hurting All Prisoners, Navalny Says

7.     Patriarch Kirill’s Policies Could Lead to Eventual Rise of Alternative Orthodox Church in Russia Itself, Chapnin Says

8.     Moscow has Responded to Communal Services Collapse by Banning Media from Covering It, Russians Say

9.     73 Percent of Russian POWs Just Returned were Convicted Criminals before Being Sent to Fight in Ukraine, Activist Group Says

10.  Moscow Not Including ‘About 40 Percent’ of Combat Deaths in Official Data about Russian Population as a Whole, Raksha Says

11.  Sakha Historian Urges Putin to Move Russia’s Capital to Irkutsk

12.  Putin Won’t Visit Regions with Problems that have Been All Too Obviously Created by Him, Russian Regional Specialists Say

13.  Neither Ankara Nor Baku Will Ever Give Up on a Zengezur Corridor, Senior Armenian Turcologist Says

14.  World Politics has Returned to What It was for Centuries Before 1985-2000, Pastukhov Says

15.  Some ‘Good’ News: Russians who’ve Never had Communal Services — about One in Four –Aren’t Affected by Their Collapse

16.  Anti-Catholicism Spreading in Moscow and Minsk

17.  Two Signal Developments Online: Russians Increasingly Using VPNs and Ukrainians the Ukrainian Language

18.  Moscow May Finally be About to Confront Problems Drying Up of Russia’s Major Rivers Present

19.  Ever More Russians Drinking Ever More Moonshine, Moscow Sociologists Say

20.  Kremlin Propaganda Behind New Wave of Anti-Semitism in Russia, Poluektova-Krimer Says

21.  Animated by Biblical Injunction ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill,’ Russian Christians Opposed to Putin’s War Being Persecuted by Their Own Denominations as well as Russian State

22.  ‘Bombing Voronezh’ an Ancient Anecdote that has Become True, Russians Say

23.  Duma Attack on Diasporas Directed Not Just at Foreigners but Also at Non-Russians Who Live Outside Borders of Republics within Russia, Iskhakov Says

24.  Putin Making Russian Nation Ever Less Russian, Putting His Empire at Risk, Idel-Ural Activists Say

25.  Gender Imbalance in South Caucasus has Risen since 1991 while Birthrates There have Fallen, New Study Finds

26.  Dugin’s Eurasianism Based on Same Mistaken Principles as His National Bolshevism, Tsipko Says   

27.  Russian Urban Legends about Ukrainians Ever More Hyperbolic and Both Threaten and are Exploited by Kremlin, ‘To Be Continued’ Portal Says

28.  Critical Thinking is ‘Applied Russophobia’ and Must Be Stamped Out in Russian Universities, Moscow Professor Says

29.  Russians More Certain about Their Personal Futures than about Future of Their Country, New Survey Finds

30.  Ukraine and West Can’t Count on Collapse of Russia’s Military-Industrial Sector as a Result of Sanctions, Inozemtsev Says

31.  Russia’s Rural Schools Still have Unisex Outhouses, Russians Say

32.  Circassians Abroad to Follow Kayseri Khase in Breaking with Moscow-Controlled ICA, Kochesoko Says

33.  Belarus Government Massively Shifting Prisoners from One Prison Camp to Another – And Moscow Appears to Be Doing So as Well

34.  Russian Wounded Overwhelming Hospitals in the Rear, Terrorizing Medical Staff and Compromising Ability of Citizens to Get Treatment, Doctor Says

35.  Bashkir Protests Shift from Environmental Issues to Ever More Radical Political Ones

36.  Petersburg Politics Head Urges Case-by-Case Assessment of Protests in Non-Russian Republics But Admits Moscow has No Easy Answer to Such Actions

37.  Moscow Patriarch’s Policies Making ‘Estonian Compromise’ Impossible There and Elsewhere

38.  One in Five Russian Workers Now Self-Employed, Reducing Government’s Tax Revenues and Control over Population, Analysts Suggest

39.  Don’t Ask a Man His Income, a Woman Her Age or a Russian Patriot about His Residence Permit in the West, Russians Say

40.  ‘Hybrid’ Protest in Bashkortostan Far Greater Threat to Kremlin than All Ant-War Actions Taken Together, Pastukhov Says

41.  West Must Prepared for ‘Fragmentation of Russia,’ Kyiv Official Says; but National Activist Suggests that May Not Happen Immediately

42.  Kremlin May Soon have ‘No Alternative to Creation of “Reserve Capital” in Siberia,’ Marzhetsky Says   

43.  Russia’s War in Ukraine ‘Next Phase of Continuing Disintegration of the Soviet Empire,’ Pastukhov Says

44.  Russians Suffering from Twice as Many Communal Services Breakdowns This Year than Last, Moscow Acknowledges

45.  Immigrants Must be Ready to Assimilate to Russian Nation Or They Shouldn’t Be Allowed In, Moscow Commentator Says

46.  Moscow’s Repression Can Drive Nationalism Underground But Not Eliminate It, Makarkin Says

47.  Neither North Caucasus Republics nor Their Peoples Doing Enough to Defend Their Languages against Moscow’s Attacks, Four Kabardino-Balkar Scholars Say

48.  North Caucasians Suffering Fewer Combat Losses Now than at Start of the War in Ukraine

49.  Russia Didn’t Invade Ukraine Because of What Russia has Always Been but Because of What It Became over the Last 30 Years, Zharkov Says

50.  Russians have Adapted to Conflict in Ukraine at Current Level of Intensity and Their Desire for Change has Disappeared, VTsIOM Head Says

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