Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / / February 04, 2024

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / / February 04, 2024

1.    US Media Ignore Ruble Exchange Rate Either Because Americans Don’t Care or Because They’re all Russophobes, Russians Say

2.     As at End of Soviet Times, Neither Russian Regime Nor Russian Opposition has a Plan to Deal with Non-Russian Nationalism, Inozemtsev Says

3.     Bashkortostan Events the ‘Black January’ of Putin Regime, ‘Idel-Ural’ Portal Says

4.     Moscow Now Facing ‘Triple Epidemic’ of Respiratory Diseases with Fewer Resources to Fight it Because of Money Being Spent on War in Ukraine

5.     Kremlin Policies Accelerating Trends in Russia toward Fewer Marriages, More Divorces, More Abortions and Fewer Children, Experts Say

6.     Two-Thirds of Former Russian Convicts Pardoned for Fighting in Ukraine Earlier had been Found Guilty of Murder, ‘Dokha’ Study Finds

7.     Since February 2022, More than 400 Military and Transportation Facilities in Russia has Been Attacked, Interior Ministry Says

8.     Since Putin Began Expanded War in Ukraine, Consumer Prices in Russia Risen by More than 50 Percent, ‘Romir’ Data Show

9.     Rising Death Toll in Ukraine War, from Lack of Heat and from Lack of Medicines Prompts Some to Say Putin is ‘Optimizing Russian People’

10.  100 Million Fewer People Will Speak Russian Next Year than Did in 1990, Arefyev Says

11.  Millions of Russians Now Face Another Communal Services Problem: Failing Elevators

12.  Russian Businesses Blocking Regime Efforts to Draft Their Employees to Fight in Ukraine

13.  Neither Government Support for Cultural Programs Nor Local Activists Can Prevent Komi-Permyaks from Continuing to Decline, Residents There

14.  Sakha Residents Take to the Streets to Protest Ethnic Murder Prompting Yakutsk to Shut Down Internet Lest There Be Even Larger Protests

15.  Another Circassian Organization Breaks with Moscow-Controlled Group

16.  Kremlin to Confiscate Property of All Russians who Don’t Believe Putin, Other Russians Say

17.  Democratic Federalism Best Way Forward for Russia Because Regions, Republics and Center have More in Common than Many Think, Garmazhapova Says

18.  Bashkirs Simultaneously ‘Almost Cossacks’ and ‘Most Rebellious People of Russian Empire,’ Levchik Says

19.  After Moscow Labelled Them ‘Foreign Agents, Leaders of Karelian, Smolensk and Ingush National Movements Speak Out

20.  In Response to Sakha Protest, Yakutsk Raids Migrant Homes and Businesses

21.  ‘Russia Only Beginning to Feel Full Weight of Sanctions,’ Zolotov Says

22.  ROC MP’s Repression Now Means Russian Orthodoxy in Future Likely to Be ‘a Federation of Churches without a Vertical,’ Chapnin Says

23.  Now that Strelkov has Been Convicted of a Crime, He Could Get His Wish, Go to Fight in Ukraine, and Be Pardoned, Russians Say

24.  Putin Shamelessly Flaunts His ‘Militant Dilettantism, El Murid Says

25.  Climate Change Hitting Different Russians Differently and that Must be Reflected in Analysis and Policy, Chernokulsky and Makarov Say

26.  Kremlin Now Understands that the Russian Empire has Been on the Way to Collapse for a Century, Yakovenko Says

27.  Kremlin Failing to Keep Its Promises to Convicts who Went to Ukraine but Instead Using Repressive Measures to Force More to Do So, Romanova Says

28.  Russia’s Demographic Problems Meet ‘Definition of Disaster’ – Small Shifts with Large and Negative Consequences, El Murid Says

29.  Putin hasn’t ‘Objectively Won’ in Ukraine but has Defeated ‘Illusory Expectations’ of His Opponents, Pastukhov Says

30.  Ufa Allowed Bashkir Nationalism to Rise under Guise of Ecological Movement, Filin Says

31.  Russian History Moves like a Boomerang not like a Rollercoaster, Russians Say

32.  Ingushetia Independence Movement Commits to Future Republic Based on Ingush Islam

33.  RSFSR’s Lack of Key Institutions of Its Own in Soviet Times Contributed to Return to Imperialism under Putin, Levchenko Says

34.  More than Half of Heads of Russian Federal Subjects Now Graduates of Kremlin’s Governors School

35.  War in Ukraine Opens the Way for Collapse of Russian Empire,’ Circassian Leader in Turkey Says

36.  By Reviving Black Hundreds, Putin Throwing Away Respectability on Which His Authority with Most Russians Rests, Gallyamov Says

37.  100 Percent of Population Trusts Putin and Remaining 46 Percent will Have Their Property Confiscated, Russians Say

38.  Fertility Rate among Russian Women Already Below 1.5 Children Per Woman per Lifetime, Far Below Replacement Level of 2.2

39.  Russia’s Buddhist Nations Want Ulan Bator to Adopt Compatriots Law to Make It Easier for Them to Move to Mongolia

40.  Russian Nationalist Groups Form in Higher Educational Institutions and Go After Anti-War Faculty and Students

41.  Moscow Shuttering Independent Military Media, Prompting Russians to Turn to Western Sources Once Again

42.  Corruption Serious Problem for Russian Army in Ukraine, ‘Verstka’ Study Finds

43.  Central Asia’s Demographic and Environmental Problems Began with Khrushchev’s Belief He Needed Cotton for Rocket Fuel, Suleymenov Says

44.  Russia Experiencing ‘a Real “Black Revolution”’ from Below, Pastukhov Says

45.  Russian Courts Rejecting Efforts by Some Claiming Membership in Russia’s Numerically Small Nations of the North

46.  Russians Should Stop Using the Bear as Their National Symbol Given that It was Imposed by the West, Knyazeva Says

47.  Ever More Russians are Dying in Prison, Some from Natural Causes but Most from Police Violence, New Study Says

48.  Putin Promoting Notion of ‘Genocide of Soviet People’ to Attack Uniqueness of Holocaust and to Portray Russians as Victims as Well as Heroes, Pakhalyuk Says

49.  Khabirov’s Actions are Fueling Growth of Bashkir Nationalism, Gabbasov Says

50.  Chechens Hope Their Battalions Now Fighting Russians in Ukraine will Become the Army of an Independent Ichkeria

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