Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / February 19, 2024

Paul Gobles 50 Windows on Eurasia / February 19, 2024

1.   Russian Dead Can Sign Only Putin Petitions, Some Russians Claim Election Officials have Decided

2.     Reported Peace Signals Not a Sign Putin is Worried but Rather Moves  to Disorder His Opponents and Further His Goals, Shelin Says

3.     Cuts in Subsidies to Russia’s Regional Air Fleets Leaving Ever More Places Effectively Cut Off from Larger Centers

4.     Digoriya Platform Becoming a Putin Party School for Future Propagandists

5.     Bashkotostan Protests Show Non-Russians Increasingly Recognize Moscow is the Problem and Independence the Only Option, Zaripov Says

6.     Chuvash Head’s Proposal to Entitle His Position ‘Vassal’ Likely Goes Too Far for Moscow

7.     Russian Empire will Collapse Only after It Liberalizes Again, Dubinyansky Says

8.     More than 90 Percent of RF Residents Say They Know Russian But Fewer than 80 Percent Use It in Their Daily Life, New Study Says

9.     Moscow has Its Reasons for Using Foreign Words Despite Its Proclaimed Intention of Fighting Foreign Borrowings in the Russian Language

10.  Dying Out of Russian Nation Over the Next Generation Will Take Place Not So Much in the Villages as in the Major Cities, Rosstat Says

11.  Putinist Gangsters Invariably Poor Administrators and When Ousted Will Lose Everything, Nesmiyan Says

12.  Russia Must be ‘Siberianized’ Again to Ensure Its Future Greatness, Karaganov Says

13.  Putin So Resembles Ivan the Terrible that Russia will Again Pass Through a Time of Troubles when He Leaves the Scene, Chernyshov Says

14.  To Discredit Attacks on Empire, Kremlin Agents Promoting Three Extremist Views within Ranks of Anti-Colonial Movement, Magaletsky Says

15.  Moscow Again Fighting Pan-Mongolism Real and Imagined in Buryatia

16.  Even if Russia Formally Retains Its Current Borders, Chinese Neo-Colonialism in Some Places There Likely to Be Entrenched by 2030, Musiyenko Says

17.  Most Russians Know What Needs to Be Done but No One is Sure Who Other than the State Should Do It, Pastukhov Says

18.   Moscow has Long History of Appealing to and Promoting Isolationism in the US, Makarkin Says

19.  Putin’s Program is to Die in His Bed and Not in The Hague, Russians Say

20.  ‘Krayevedeniye’ Again Becoming Breeding Ground for Ethnic and Regional Activists, ‘NeMoskva’ Says

21.  Moscow Further Distances Itself from International Medical Standards but Just How Far Remains Uncertain, Russian Doctors Say

22.  RF Migration Patterns Limiting Growth of Russian Regional Identities, Grigorenko Says

23.  Having Blamed the Poles for World War II by Their Resistance to Hitler, Putin May Soon Blame the Jews for the Holocaust, Some Russians Say

24.  Relative to Population, Moscow Ranked Only 14th among Federal Subjects as Place to Which Russians from Other Parts of the Country Moved Last Year

25.  Moscow 2024 isn’t Kyiv 2014 or Even Minsk 2020, Shelin Says

26.  Russia Should Restore Something Like Federal Migration Service Putin Disbanded in 2016, Khramova Says

27.  Kremlin Bots Show Precisely What Moscow Wants People to Think about Bashkortostan Events

28.  Two Districts in Rostov Oblast Want to Be Transferred to Neighboring Federal Subjects, the Latest in Long Line of Such Efforts Moscow is Increasingly Against

29.  Kremlin Controls Priests More than It Does Teachers So Polling Places will Be in Churches Rather than Schools, Russians Say

30.  Putin’s Cult of Masculinity Adds to National Predisposition toward Aggression and Re-Enforces Gender Gap in Life Expectancy, Russian Psychologists Say

31.  Putin is the New Hitler and the Only Way to Stop Him is the Way the Old Hitler Was, Skobov Says

32.  Tatars, Present at Founding of St. Petersburg, Eventually Formed 90 Percent of City’s Muslims Later but Now are Increasingly Inactive, Tagirdzhanova Says

33.  Fewer ‘Compatriots’ Return to Russia in 2023 than in Any Year of Previous Decade

34.  Moscow’s Problems with Russian Republic Reflected in Origins of the RSFSR Flag

35.  Moscow Patriarchate Can’t Fill Places on Court to Try Anti-War Priests, Thus Opening the Door for Rise of Alternative Orthodox Church in Russia Itself

36.  More than Three Million Russians Suffering from Collapse of Communal Services This Winter, Far More than in Last Pre-War Years

37.  Russia Now has More Churches than Schools, Sparking Worries about Country’s Future

38.  Russians Alarmed by Calls for ‘Tajik Autonomies’ in Moscow Oblast

39.  After Declining, Russian Consumption of Alcohol Again at Highest Level in Nine Years

40.  The Longer Putin’s War in Ukraine Goes On, the More Repressive Russia will Become and the More Recidivism It will Face in the Future, OVD-Info Experts Say

41.  A Warning from the Past: Tsarist Government’s Financial Assistance to Wives of Soldiers at the Front in World War I Ultimately Sparked Revolution

42.  Russians Must Learn to Love Their Country on Their Own Terms and to Oppose Putin’s War Because They Do, Kostyuchenko Says

43.  Russians Nearly Three Times More Likely Per Capita to Die in Fires than the Average in Other Countries

44.  Uzbekistan Residents who don’t Know Uzbek Either ‘Occupiers or Idiots,’ Tashkent Media Leader Says, Sparking Outrage in Moscow

45.  Kremlin’s Judicial Repressions Still Relatively Limited in Number but That Could Easily Change, Rogov Says

46.  Kaliningraders are ‘People who Speak Russian but Think European,’ ‘Free Koenigsberg’ Says

47.  Americans Want Putin as Their President, Duma Speaker Says; Russians Want to Know What Psychiatrists have to Say about That

48.  Mongolia’s Beijing-Financed Hydro-Electric Dams Threaten Lake Baikal, Danilov-Danilyan Says

49.  Russia has a Productivity Problem Not a Labor Shortage, El Murid Says

50.  Like Hitler Before Him, Putin has Had to Go to War to Try to Save His Regime but He Won’t Succeed, El Murid Says

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