Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / March 1, 2024

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / March 1, 2024

1.     Navalny Remembered Beyond the Ring Road as ‘the Muscovite Beloved in Russia’s Regions’

2.     Navalny’s Murder ‘Radicalizing Both Elites and Opposition,’ Mikhaylov Says

3.     Moscow’s Compatriots Program Allowing Too Many Non-Slavs to Enter Russia and Must Be Revised or Stopped, Shustov Says

4.     For Two Groups, Russian Presidential Election Remains Important even if Outcome is Already Certain, Levinson Says

5.     Putin’s War in Ukraine Means De-Colonization ‘No Longer a Metaphor’ in North Caucasus, Music Producer from Nalchik but Now in Georgia Says

6.     At Current Rate of Advance, Moscow will Need 1,000 Years to Occupy Ukraine, Some Russians Say

7.     Russia ‘Can’t Free Itself from Putin’s Madness on Its Own’ and Today’s West has Neither Will Nor Plan to Do So, Inozemtsev Says

8.     Non-Russians at Home and Abroad haven’t Forgotten Navalny’s Earlier Xenophobic Positions, Kosanov Says

9.     ‘Sudden Death Syndrome’ New Euphemism for ‘Sudden Bullet Wound Syndrome,’ Russians Say

10.  Decolonization Must Begin with Acknowledgement that Russia was and is an Empire, Sulyandiga Says

11.  Russian Society does Not have Either the Means of Achieving Consensus or Stable Divisions but Regularly Shifts Direction, Mokhov Says

12.  Putin’s Murder of Navalny Gives Permission to Dictators Everywhere to Do Their Worst, Alexievich Says

13.  Moscow Passes 300th Anniversary of Russian Academy of Sciences ‘Without Fanfare’

14.  Moscow and Minsk Seek to Destroy Radically Conservative Orthodox Group whose Views are Spreading within ROC MP

15.  Lack of Amenities in Russia’s Villages and Smaller Cities Behind Rather than Low Pay Primary Cause of Flight of Young to Major Cities, New Study Finds

16.  Fear of Destabilization has Heightened Russian Hostility to Any Opposition and Support for Harsh Punishments, Makarkin Says

17.  Putin Following Same Strategy in Navalny Case He Earlier Used with Magnitsky, Pastukhov Says

18.  Moscow’s Use of Trans-National Repression has Grown and Become Unashamed Since Start of Expanded Invasion of Ukraine, Experts Say

19.  Ethnic Russians in Non-Russian Republics Increasingly Insisting They’re ‘Indigenous’ – and Non-Russians There are Resisting

20.  Russian Defense Ministry Facing Problems Recruiting Women Prisoners to Fight in Ukraine

21.  After Killing Navalny, Putin Likely to Turn on His Own Most Rabid Supporters Next, Pastukhov Says

22.  Moscow Set to Re-Establish Nationalities Ministry, an Institution It can’t Live Without but can’t Live With

23.  ‘In Bad Times like These, Anyone who Thinks Turns Out to be a Dissident,’ Russians Say

24.  Not Everyone from Altai Republic Fighting for Moscow in Ukraine is Doing So Out of Poverty, Altai Émigré Says

25.  Moscow Tightening Screws on Circassians who have Returned to Their North Caucasus Homeland, Reducing Prospects for Revival of National Movement There, Activists Say

26.  Moscow Weaponizes Ethnography Institute by Naming Politically-Connected Finno-Ugric Specialist as Its New Head

27.  Russian Ignorance of the Past and Kowtowing to West Blamed for New ‘Krestopad’

28.  Russian Courts Giving Lighter Sentences to Women Guilty of Killing Their Partners in Partial Compensation for Limits on Their Ability to Claim Self-Defense, HSE Study Finds

29.  Putin has Used Laws to Repress More People over His Last Term Alone than Khrushchev or Brezhnev did in the Same Way during Similar Periods while in Power, ‘Project Media’ Finds

30.  Putin Says He’s Fighting Satanism in Ukraine but Uses and Even Gives Awards to Satanists Released from Russian Jails to Fight There, Makhacheva Says

31.  Putin’s Russification Drive Creates Conditions for Russia’s Disintegration when Moscow becomes Weak, Eidman Says

32.  Regular Appearance of NATO Equipment on Patriotic Banners Reflects Deeper Problem in Russian Administration, Markelov Says

33.  On 80th Anniversary of Deportation of Chechens and Ingush, Moscow’s Genocide of These Nations Continues

34.  Ukrainian Parliament Recognizes Right of Ingush People to Form an Independent State

35.  Putin and His Country will Lose Even if Russia ‘Wins’ in Ukraine, History Teaches

36.  Russian Court Bans Khabarovsk Movement as ‘Extremist’ Because It Opposed Putin

37.  If Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky were Alive, Russians Say, They would have Collaborated to Write ‘War and the Idiot’

38.  Division between Russians in Russia and Russians who’ve Left Deepening, Tenisheva Says

39.  Abyss Opens between What Russians Want and What They Expect as Long as Putin is in Power, ‘Khronika’ Poll Finds

40.  Ethnic Armenians who Fled Karabakh Reject Yerevan Plan to Resettle Them in Border Areas

41.  For Russians, the First Year of Putin’s Expanded War was Bad, but the Second was Far Worse, ‘Horizontal Russia’ Says

42.  After Two Years of War, Russians May Look the Same Externally but They’ve Changed Internally in Fundamental Ways, Rubtsova Says

43.  Brutality within Russian Army in Ukraine Now ‘Worse than in Hell,’ Veterans Say

44.  Moscow Makes ‘Flowerism’ — the Placing of Flowers at Monuments to Opposition Figures like Navalny – a Crime, Russians Say

45.  Idea that Russian People Can Peacefully Overthrow Kremlin Dictatorship is a Myth, Mitrokhin Says

46.  West and Russian Opposition Must Identify and Promote Divisions within Putin Elite if Russia is to Be Changed in a Positive Direction, Inozemtsev Says

47.  Few Russians Now Calling for Talks with Kyiv Prepared for Moscow to Make Any Concessions to Ukraine, Volkov Says

48.  New Push in Duma to Denounce 1990 Shevardnadze-Baker Agreement on Bering Straits

49.  Moscow Plans to Create ‘Hybrid Colonies’ Where Those in Preliminary Detention will Be Held Alongside Those Already Sentenced to Various Kinds of Prisons and Camps

50.  No One in Russia is Going to Vote for Anyone Calling for Country’s Disintegration, Shapovalova Says

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