Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia March 27, 2024    

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia March 27, 2024    

  1.     Pioneering Work of US Researchers on Non-Russian Nations of USSR at Start of Cold War Recalled by Researchers from Komi Republic and Moscow

2.       Kremlin Says that By Choosing a President, Russians are Choosing Their Future; but Russians Respond that If There is No Choice, There is No Future

3.     Fertility Rate of Central Asian Women in Moscow Area Remains 50 Percent Higher than that of Indigenous Russian Women, New Study Finds

4.     Moscow Using Russian Regions to Promote Separatism in Moldova, Despite Absence of Common Border

5.     Compared to His Soviet Predecessors, Putin Relies on Fear-Driven Self-Censorship than on Formal Controls, Golosov Says

6.     ‘For First Time Ever,’ a Kremlin Leader has Announced a Policy Explicitly Focusing on Demographic Collapse of the Ethnic Russian Core of the Country, Baburin Says

7.     Since Expanded War in Ukraine Began, Telegram has Become Most Widely Used Social Media Platform in Russia, Logunova Says

8.     With War against Ukraine, Putin is Demolishing His Argument that Russia Can’t Change and Become Democratic, Gallyamov Says

9.     Ever More Russians Again Becoming Internal Emigres, Turning Away Even from Social Media, Mikhaylichenko Says

10.  Aga Khan Promoting Western Ideas Not Only in Tajikistan but throughout Central Asia, Russian Experts Say

11.  Kremlin Increasingly Worried Criminal Groups Threaten Its Power, Anti Says

12.  Russia is an Amazing Country, Always Ready for a Nuclear War but Never for Winter or Natural Disasters, Some Russians Say

13.  To Meet Moscow Goals, Federal Subjects have been Forced to Raise Payments for Men who Sign Up for Russian Military by 50 Percent over Last Year, ‘Important Stories’ Reports

14.  At Local Level, Environmental Activism Transforming ‘Residents of Russia into Citizens,’ Expert Says

15.  Putin’s Interventions have Made Russian Mortality Data Extremely Unreliable, Experts Say 

16.  Russians Voted for Putin Because Only the One who Made This Mess Could Find a Way Back Out of It

17.  Navalny Killing Politicized Wives of the Mobilized who Seek Return of Their Men from Ukraine and Led Them to Call for Voting Against Putin

18.  Kremlin Views Sex Education as a Threat to Traditional Values and Itself, Activists Say

19.  Unlike Empires with Nation States at Their Centers, Those Like the Russian which Lack One Live and Die Violently, Smirnov Says

20.  Gagauz Assimilating to Russian Nation and Emigrating, Threatening Future of Autonomy, Turkish Journalist Says

21.  100 Quotations from Putin about Tatarstan – from ‘Criminal Outpost’ to ‘Example of Development We Can’t Do Without’

22.  ‘Horizontal Russia’ Documents Widespread Attacks on Russian Polling Stations

23.  Pamfilova Tells Putin Not to Despair: He’s Still Young and can Count on Getting 100 Percent in Some Future Election

24.  A Sign of Trouble Ahead: Housing Prices Dropping in Russia’s Largest Cities Despite Growing Populations

25.  In ‘War for the Consciousness of Russia’s Regions,’ Ukraine is Using the Siberia Myth Moscow had Employed So Successfully Until Now, Chernyshov Says

26.  Russian Government Wants to Take Full Control of History in Non-Russian Republics, Sidorov Says

27.  Aga Khan Accused of Working with British Intelligence to Spark War in Central Asia and Redraw Map of the Region

28.  Before End of 2024, Putin Will Abolish Russia’s Non-Russian Republics, Gabbasov Says

29.  Russians Subject to Draft Now Finding It Almost Impossible to Be Allowed to Do Alternative Service, Activists Say

30.  Putin’s Turn to the East Making Disintegration of Russia More Possible, Lipsits Says

31.  Moscow Considering Withdrawal from UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

32.  Russia has Already Lost the South Caucasus and will Eventually Lose the North as Well, El Murid Says

33.  Moscow Patriarchate Manages to Make Its Troubles Worse in Three Post-Soviet States at Once

34.  Kazakhstan Arrests More Karakalpak Activists But Isn’t Deporting Them to Uzbekistan

35.  Belgorod Residents Speak Their Own Language, Even Russian Linguists Say

36.  Moscow ‘Benefits from Mass Unemployment in North Caucasus,’ Lipshits Says

37.  Some Russian Prison Camps to Be Shuttered as Recruitment of Convicts to Fight in Ukraine Reduces Number of Incarcerated

38.  Election Over, Putin Regime Turns Its Attention to Nationality Problems

39.  Declining Precipitation This Year Threatens Tajikistan with Food Shortages, Rakhmon Says

40.  Russians Still have Many Ways to Promote Small Positive Changes Even when Achieving Big Ones Now are Impossible, ‘Horizontal Russia’ Says

41.  In Russia’s Presidential Elections, ‘Everyone Played Their Assigned Roles,’ Volkov Says

42.  ‘Russia is in a State of War’ With the West and that Has Domestic Consequences Peskov Says

43.  Kyiv Must Define How It Sees the Future of Russian Volunteers Now Supporting Ukraine, Savvin Says

44.  Putin has Arrested So Many But Can’t Stop a Terrorist Attack, Russians Say after Crocus Action 

45.  Water Level of Caspian Sea Falling at Accelerating Rate, Restricting Moscow’s Ability to Use Caspian Flotilla against Ukraine

46.  Moscow has Never Produced Enough Prosthetics for the Russian People and Both Putin’s War in Ukraine and Western Sanctions have Made This Lag Even Worse

47.  Putin Likely to Exploit Terror Attack to Abolish Non-Russian Republics, Aysin Says

48.  Russian Emigres Must Change Their Focus Given Prospect of a Long Putin Dictatorship, Morozov Says

49.  Any Mass Flight of Central Asians Out of Russia will Destabilize Their Homelands and Then Russia as Well, El Murid Says

50.  Restoring Death Penalty Won’t Deter Terrorists but Will Further Degrade Russian Society, Shlosberg Says

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