Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / May 11, 2024

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia / May 11, 2024

1.         Two Weeks Before Crocus City Attack, Tajikistan’s President Expressed Concern about Involvement in Terrorist Actions Abroad and at Home

2.     Moscow Increasingly Worried about Rise of Roman Catholicism in Belarus

3.     The Caspian Sea on Its Way to Becoming a Desert, Kazakh Political Scientist Says

4.     Kremlin’s Refusal to Break with Soviet Identity has Led to War and Will Lead to Russia’s Collapse, Eppl Says

5.     Secret Poll Results on Russian Attitudes toward Migrants have Kremlin Worried, ‘Verstka’ Says

6.     Media Stories Promoting Ethnic and Religious Divisions in Russia have Grown by Orders of Magnitude Since Launch of Expanded War in Ukraine, FADN’s Bulatov Says

7.     Moscow May Restart Regional Amalgamation Effort but Unlikely to Touch North Caucasus, Experts Say

8.     Russian Justice Ministry Calls for Declaring Non-Existent ‘Anti-Russian Separatist Movement’ an ‘Extremist’ Organization

9.     Moscow Increases Quotas for Immigrant Workers Despite Demands by Many Russians that They Be Cut

10.  Poorer Federal Subjects Forced to Use Compulsion Not Cash to Meet Russian Military Quotas

11.  Moscow Patriarchate’s Moves against Anti-War Priests Undermining the ROC MP and Opening the Way for Renewal of Orthodoxy in Russia, Soldatov Says

12.  Problems in Russian Logistical Networks Boosting Regional Businesses

13.  Despite Fears, Putin hasn’t Restored Soviet-Style Media Isolation for Russians, Shelin Says

14.  In Declaring Non-Existent Anti-Russian Separatist Movement ‘Extremist,’ Kremlin Opens the Door to Broad Range of Repression, Legal Experts Say

15.  While Kremlin Focuses Ukraine, Rest of Post-Soviet Space ‘Disappearing Before Our Eyes,’ Influential Telegram Channel Says

16.  ‘Kazakh Russian-Speaking Poles from Ukraine’ Struggle with Multiple Identities in Present-Day Kazakhstan

17.  Behavior of Russian Occupiers in Ukraine Recalls ‘Dark Times of Stalin Repressions,’ Nevzlin Says

18.  With New Naval and Air Exercises, Azerbaijan Highlights Its Growing Power on the Caspian – and Russia’s Decline There and across the Region

19.  Circassian Flag Day Highlights a National Unity Russians have Never Been Able to Break

20.  Islam Far More Important for Russia’s Muslims than Christianity is for Russia’s Orthodox, Levada Survey Finds

21.  ‘Criticism of the Russian Government has Fallen but Desire for a Renewed One Exists,’ Fedorov Says

22.  Fewer than Nine Percent of Pupils in Mari El Now Studying in National Language

23.  Moscow Expanding Contacts Between Russian Regions and Belarusian Ones, Raising Specter of a Donbass Scenario

24.  Putin Restoring Yet Another Feature of Soviet Past: The Promotion of Showy Giant Projects over Smaller Ones that could Help More Russians

25.  New Attacks on Police in North Caucasus Less about ISIS and More about Protests Against the Kremlin, Analysts Say

26.  ‘Two Worlds’ – Cities in Russia and Kazakhstan Face Common Flooding but Respond in Completely Different Ways

27.  Lukashenka Intensifying Repression against Belarusians at Home and Abroad, Korshunov Says

28.  Decolonization won’t Happen Unless Non-Russian Republics View Russian Oblasts and Krays as Fellow Victims of Moscow and thus Allies in This Cause, Shtepa Says

29.  Moscow Declares Committee of Ingush Independence ‘Undesirable Organization’

30.  Putin Homogenizing Even Hymns of Russia’s Federal Subjects, ‘NeMoskva’ Reports

31.  Moscow’s ‘Chaotic’ Response to Migration Crisis Fragmenting Russian Political System Rodin Says

32.  Dugin Not ‘Conservative Russian Traditionalist’ He and Others Insist He Is, Pushchayev Says

33.  Moscow Now Set to Selectively Enlarge Municipalities, Experts Predict

34.  Two Senior Armenian Cartographers Say 1991 Soviet Borders Were Illegitimate

35.  No Real Evidence for Notion that a KGB Conspiracy Brought Putin to Power, Mitrokhin Says

36.  Tehran wants to Expand Its Influence in Central Asia and Use Tajikistan to Help It Do So, Tomsk Scholar Says   

37.  To Form Dnepr River Flotilla, Moscow Taking Units and Equipment from Caspian Flotilla, Black Sea Fleet and Baltic Fleet

38.  ‘Cold Schism’ in Orthodox World Likely to Become ‘Hot’ if Moscow Church Continues to Back Kremlin and Its War at Home and Abroad, Chapnin Says

39.  Russians Opposed to War in Ukraine have Options as Putin Marks Victory Day, ‘Horizontal Russia’ Says

40.  Barring a Defeat in Ukraine, Putin isn’t Going to Change Course or Be Overthrown, Shelin Says

41.  After Two Years of Putin’s War, Desertions among Buryats More than Triple

42.  Russia has Removed Its Guards from Armenian-Azerbaijani Border but Not from Armenia’s Borders with Iran and Turkey, Kremlin Says

43.  Measles, Whooping Cough and Flu Now at Record Levels in Russia, ‘To Be Precise’ Reports

44.  Kyiv Must Reintegrate Donbass as a Distinctive Region or Ukraine will Remain Vulnerable to Moscow’s Subversion, Kuromiya Says

45.  Putin Declares Ethnic Russians ‘State-Forming People’ of His Country

46.  Soviet Experience Shows Forming Military Units on an Ethnic Basis Both Ineffective and Dangerous, Krutikov Says

47.  New Dawn Party Attracts Some Non-Russians but Sparks Skepticism among Others

48.  Moscow Arresting Ever More Imaginary ‘Traitors’ but Isn’t Charging Real Ones with that Crime, Pavlov Says 

49.  Russians Increasingly View Victory Day Not as a People’s Holiday but as an Official Action

50.  Even If Russians had More Children, That Wouldn’t Stop Russia’s Demographic Decline, Academy of Sciences Study Concludes

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