Russian Occupation Is The Real Enemy

Russian Occupation Is The Real Enemy

Puppet President of Kabardino – Balakaria Republic, Kanokov himself is a Russian agent, and particularly an agent to the FSB and the associate underground federal services gangsters.


The way Kaderov, the father was. He was the Mufti (undercover) of “independent Chechnya” who worked for Russian FSB, and he had eventually had to appear in the public eye, after he was for long an undercover agent and spy, but only when the Russians needed him to be the head of the puppet government that is designated by the Russian imperial authorities, which made Kaderov Junior to follow his father’s foot-steps and thoughts.


All the crimes carried out by the Kaderovists in Chechnya, Ingushetia, KBR, Moscow and even in the European capitals, are well known and even done in coordination with (the master-minds) those who facilitated and organized the murder and assassination, and who got connections with those who created the problems and still, within the same peoples and nations, to create effects according to “divide and conquer”!


Even if Kanokov and his gangsters know that the Russians would not appreciate or support what they usually do and they have already done, they wouldn’t dare to do.  


In criminal investigations to know the real criminal, it goes by finding out who is benefiting from the crime to know who committed the crime.


Even if Kanokov and his gangsters have no other way but to admit their guilt, they wouldn’t dare to say who is behind them.


Look at the so-called elections of the CIA, that appeared as a circus, and it was obvious that Kanokov and his gangsters had carried out and accomplished their mission and the conspiracy of doing all what they could to implement the Russian government’s policy and agenda. Also they made their best to marginalize the Circassian youth movement during the eighth conference in Maykop, during the month of October, because its agenda was of a Circassian national one.


That is why Russia had worked to get the CIA headquarters imprisoned and isolated in Nalchik, in order to dictate what is good for Russia that harms Circassians and their national identity.


I am sure that due to the fact that 10% of Circassians are living in Motherland under the rule of the Russian colonial and imperial authorities, they have to deal with them as the local authorities that implement their so-called “rule of law”, but in the back of Circassians’ minds and with wider scope and horizons, they have to have the real vision, and the detailed picture. 


Circassians should not be naive, and they have to pinpoint the real issues that need to be dealt with!


What is going on at present time in Motherland between Circassians from one side and Balkar and Karachay on the other one is not in any way a problem between these ethnic groups but a Russian policy to make gaps and even cracks in the historical and solid links and connections between them?


Circassians, Balkar and Karachay had defended their common interests together against the Russian invasion and later on occupation, who had personal relations between individuals and families, which no one can deny or ignore, and all of these ethnicities and others were victims of Russian genocide, and they had to be together at the Russian deportation lists!


Look at all of those Diaspora deportees! Who are they? Where they came from? What they are up to?


Simple answers for those questions: They are victims of Russian crimes and genocide, they all came from the country of Circassia in particular and the North Caucasus in general, and they are disseminating in the global community away from Motherland, but there is an awareness that all of those ethnicities to work together for restoring freedom of self-determination and independence in accordance with the international law and the United Nations Charter and regulations of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The same evil power that is behind what has happened in Nalchik on the 30th of November, is the same associated devil that cultivates incitement and division among the Circassians and their fellow citizens, and logic states that misunderstanding and variation should not be developed like a snow-ball, but on the contrary, the wise and intellectual people should have wider horizons to look into the problems created by the occupation because conflicts will make everyone gets a share of loss “God forbid”.


The enemy and the main problem for all is the Russian occupation.


Those victims who were targeted to terrorize Circassians through this cowardly act are the Circassian heroes of the 21st Century, and “One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name”.


“None are so blind or so deaf, as those who will not see or hear”.


Work with the Russian occupiers is the root of all evils and disasters.


Unity is strength, and truth will prevail.



1st of December, 2009


Justice For North Caucasus Group

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