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This is not about Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci discovering the new land, an organized scientific archaeological excavation about states that have become extent, or certain nation that is going to discover unknown facts about the development of its civilization on its inherited soil or waters in order to enhance documentation of certain facts that would lead to concerted efforts for the good of human beings, but it is an attempt to distort the history of lofty and grand human civilization that had exerted noble efforts to enrich the incorporation and integration between civilizations and cultures, both in the Caucasus Region or in other parts of the world that had existed then, for more than six thousand years.

Proving a point or certain claims takes sometimes unusual and even peculiar extraction of skills and/or tricks that might reach the Hollywood level in order to present words and images that are wrapped with intended falsification which do not necessarily change facts.

Media has recently reported that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has reportedly discovered two sixth century Greek urns, while scuba diving at an archaeological site off the Taman peninsula that is located south of the Sea of Azov, East of the Strait of Kerch and north of the Black Sea. According to Russian media, Putin went scuba diving in the Black Sea on Wednesday the 10th of August, and found what was described as “artifacts” after diving just 6.6 feet below the sea’s surface.

The event was covered by TV footage which showed two moss-covered vases with ear-like handles with Putin swimming into view. It was also reported that the “Treasure!” Fox News quoted Putin, as having told reporters travelling with him.  When asked if there was anything left in the jars, he said: “They drank it all already”.

The logic indicates that its worthier and more appropriate for Putin and the other Russian leaders instead of performing media sitcom research cases, there are other more serious and legitimate research of genocide wars committed against different peoples, both in the Caucasus or other places occupied by Russian invading forces that will neither require scuba diving into the water nor to take the trouble and hardship to go to other places in remote areas, in which the Sochi Olympic constructions had revealed but at the same time had ignored the effects and remnants of the Circassian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, which what it needs is only to refer to the documents in the Russian official archive to find many proofs and answers that the Russian state is still obligated to accept its moral and legal responsibility and to accept the rules of the Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court no matter how long the road and the time will take!

For reminder genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a)  Killing members of the group;

(b)  Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c)  Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d)  Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e)  Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

An article dated 12, August, 2011 on “itv NEWS” in the title of “Putin Election Stunt”has mentioned that the Greeks had settled the area over 2500 years ago, then jumped up over the time and centuries to continue “and was later incorporated into Russian in 10th century” as this date is not true! So, who had filled the gap between 2500 years ago and the 10th Century? The article then described the episode as “In the latest stunt ahead of next year’s elections in Russia, the country’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin uncovers ancient Greek artifacts from the sea”, and mentioned that “After apparently attempting only his third dive ever, Putin swam two meters down in the underwater archeological site on the Taman Peninsula in  Krasnodar region”.

Also it was published within the same time that ruins of an ancient Greek city, dated around the 6th century BC were discovered in Taman as well, which is not unusual taken in consideration the way old civilizations had extended their presence in many parts of the old world in the dimensions of, culture, trade and conquest, referring toAlexander the Great who had died young at 33 years old; but had reached Asia Minor, Gaza, Egypt, Babylon, Persia,  Central Asia, Punjab.

Other historical sites and even entire cities were found in many places especially in the Middle East including Turkey and North Africa, but the intended propaganda was not performed by those who uncovered such valuable ruins and sites, and in other words they did not execute publicity campaigns aimed at changing facts about peoples and nations.

What is this extraordinary work, O Putin? What could have had happened if few more dives had been performed for the sake of Russia? Would it had been better for Russia and the rest of the world if Putin had gone his way differently to be an archaeologist diver instead of selecting the KGB Academy to be an intelligence expert?

Coincides with this attempt of concentrating on Greek transient presence to undermine, eradicate and minimize the importance of the Circassian presence that lasted more than 6000 years, who had shared and excelled in creating a culture of one of the Caucasian cultures and proved to be a dignified nation who managed to defend itself against many aggressors until the Tsarist Russian armies had invaded the Circassian territories, committed genocide and mass murder for half of the population and deported 90% of the remaining alive inhabitants away from their homeland, during a lengthy war that had lasted continuous 101 years and officially ended in 21, May, 1864 after remaining Circassians had signed surrender agreement in Sochi, the last Circassian capital, which Putin has always disregarded mentioning anything about Circassians even when delivering a public relations speech to the International Olympic Committee for Russia to achieve hosting the Winter Olympic Games of the year 2014, which he meant to mention that the Greeks had passed from the region, but he stopped short of admitting that the Circassian sportsmen had participated in the Olympic games in Greece since its early stages and they had trade and cultural relations with the Greeks in addition to Genoa and Venice.

In 2007, Putin gave a speech in front of the Olympic Committee in Guatemala in English language in order to secure Sochi as the Olympic event of 2014. During his speech, he lied numerous times regarding the actual indigenous people of Sochi in order to cover up the massacre of Circassians. Millions of Circassians were killed by the Russian Tsarist armies. Scholars consider this to be largest genocide in the 19th genocide and the largest forced exile to happen to any group of people.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had reported in 1st of July, 2007 that “IOC members often vote less on the technical merits of a bid and more for reasons of personal choice, politics, geography, sentiment and emotion. That’s especially true for the Winter Games, as many members have little knowledge or interest in winter sports”. According to the same article, Dmitry Chernyshenko, Sochi bid chief had said: “This is not a Muppet show. Russia is very serious about this. For President [Vladimir] Putin, it is his personal challenge. He’s really passionate about this”. This shows that the selection of Sochi was a decision taken by people who are not aware and/or familiar with what has happened or what is happening in this world.

The conclusion that an observer can come up with is: Such Media Frenzy reveals that these acts are for the sake of gaining personal publicity, be impressive and thus be directed towards the goals of electoral politics in order to foreplay emotions and to attract more devotion to the Russian colonial and illegal gains, which can be summed up by the control of territory and subjugation of peoples through obtaining endorsement and approval of people who do not evaluate matters properly and who do not look at issues in depth.

A leading opinion of a Circassian who has dealt with the real issues closely due to close proximity to the scene in the Caucasus for many years has said:

“Taman Peninsula was once parts of Greater Circassia, then it fail under the Crimean Khans. But according to the Russian writers and historians the big number of the Circassians remained there until the very deportation”.

Another Circassian who is close to the scene as well has said:

“Taman Peninsula is certainly part of Circassia which however had suffered one of the first. It was original territory of Jana Province. In ancient times Circassians lived there together with significant non-Circassian segments. The cities in that area were historically engaged in international trade. All the artifacts from there are definitely related to Circassians in first place and to others afterwards. Recent TV program with the Putin posing as a diver extracting the ancient wine vessel from the bottom of the sea created one more furious cyber reaction from the Circassian youth. It proved our actions to be right and our complaints and claims are absolutely fair”.


Adel Bashqawi

16, August, 2011

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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