Dr. Mohammed-Khair Mamser Batsij Honored

Dr. Mohammed-Khair Mamser Batsij Honored

29 – June – 2009

The Jordanian Association of the Caucasus Circassian Friends (JACCF) and the Circassian Charity Arms Fund held a ceremony for His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Khair Mamser on the occasion of publishing his historic Encyclopedia for the Circassian nation in the Hashemite Garden at Al-Ahli Club on the evening of Sunday, 28-6-2009, and was attended by a gathering crowd of invitees at the forefront of them were those who are concerned with the Circassian Question.

The Secretary-General of the Jordanian Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends (JACCF), Dr. Rouhi Hikmat Rashid ruled a speech welcoming the audience and praised Dr. Mamser for what he has done of great effort to publish the historical encyclopedia of the Circassian nation, adding that this encyclopedia will immortal his memory for that great work to benefit the whole nation over the years. 

He explained to the audience the aims of the Jordanian Association of the Caucasus Circassian Friends (JACCF) indicating that upon its aims is to preserve the nation’s identity and to work to recover its denied rights.

Dr. Rouhi, mentioned the Olympic Games which are scheduled to be held in Sochi in the year 2014, referring to its lack of legitimacy because they are held on Circassian land under Russian occupation.

He cited the Circassian Summer Olympics to be held under the banner of the so-called (good brings good), after the Olympics that will be hosted by London in the summer of the year 2012, and referred to the formal proceedings of the organizing Committee and pointed out that there are suspicious targets of holding these games in Maykop, and added that of those targets, the preparation of bridging for the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Sochi in the year 2014 to convince the world that Circassians are out of their well, doing the preparations for the Circassian Summer Olympics, and their absolute acceptance of holding the Winter Games in Sochi in the year 2014.

He also reviewed all the procedures and preparations undertaken by the organizing committee, referring to the statement of the Chairman of the historic Commission of the Coordinating Council of the Civil Adiga Organization in Kabarday-Balkar, Sufyan Jimykhov indicated that the Olympic Flame will not roam only 12 of the regions inhabited by Circassians in the Southern Federal Regions (North Caucasus) according to him, but also, will be traveling around the countries that are hosting the Circassian Diaspora, in an attempt to involve the Diaspora Circassians in the scenarios prepared for the success of holding of the Olympic Games in Sochi in the year 2014 despite strong opposition of Diaspora Circassians for holding the Sochi Olympics.

Dr. Rouhi warned strongly of being fooled of those attempts on the Circassian nation, and said that the (JACCF) strongly rejects all of these Russian attempts, also  rejects the Circassian Summer Olympics in Maykop, and strongly rejects holding the Winter Olympics in Sochi in the year 2014, and requested Circassians in Motherland and Diaspora, to mark their rejection for that, and stated that no Circassian man or woman on the face of the earth will accept holding the Olympic Games over the skulls of our forefathers who were martyred in defense of Homeland and the nation, especially  that their country is now occupied by the Russian Federation, the legitimate successor of Tsarist Russia.

Dr. Rouhi also appealed to the Circassian nation to be vigilant of the plots being woven against, by the enemies, and to stand together and strongly against all the challenges that to be confronted with.

The Chairman of the Circassian Charity Arms Fund which is branched from the (JACCF), Mr. Hani Yacob Hujurat, gave a speech in which he praised the effort made by Dr. Mamser to publish his historical encyclopedia, adding that honoring him is as honoring the Circassian nation which is deep in history for more than six thousand years.

Dr. Mamser spoke at the ceremony and thanked those who organized the ceremony, and the audience, for the warm reception that he was met with, and gave high-lights on the encyclopedia, and he replied to the comments that had been received from some people and said that he will hold meetings that would be devoted to discuss these matters in order to be corrected in the second revised edition, which he intends to issue in the future.

Also, Dr. Adnan Al-Bakhit spoke at the ceremony, and commended Dr. Mamser and the encyclopedia that he published; he briefly talked about Circassians and their issues, also stated that they are of profound culture and deep-rooted civilization, and they are considered an integral part of the Jordanian social composition.

The floor was given then to Mr. Kamal Salim Shhaltogh, who expressed some of his remarks on the contents of the encyclopedia, indicating the importance of writing history, thanking Dr. Mamser for his efforts in issuing the historical encyclopedia.

It was noted that the “Al-Ahli” Club Group for Circassian Folklore (Kuban) had presented substantive paragraphs of Circassian dancing during the ceremony.

Source: Circassia News

Translated by: Justice For North Caucasus Group

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