Securing Return of Circassians from Syria Immediate Task for National Movement, Karov Says

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Securing Return of Circassians from Syria Immediate Task for National Movement, Karov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 5 – “The main task” for Circassians now is “saving Circassians living in Syria” and their security once they return to their motherland in the North Caucasus, according to Ratmir Karov, a Nalchik activist. They have brought and can bring much good to the KBR, KChR and Adygeya and pose “no danger for Russia.”

            He advanced this argument at the online Circassian Circle at the end of last month ( (This is the sixth in a series of Windows on speakers at that event. The first five are available at, and

            “Experience has shown that [such people] are law-abiding and professional people. For example, among repatriants from Syria to Kabardino-Balkaria are the best doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, sculptors and representatives of other professions needed in the republic,” Karov continues.

            “There has not been one case of violation of the law by our compatriots from Syria,” he notes. And because they need help, make a serious contribution to national rebirth, and do not cause problems for Moscow, they deserve the whole-hearted support of both Circassians in the homeland and those in the diaspora.

            Villages and families should collectively gather funds to help them return and get started in their historical motherland, Karov argues.  “The most important task is to provide for the security of the Circassians,” and helping those in war-torn countries to return is the best way to do that.

            In other comments, the Circassian activist says, the Internet is bringing together a new generation of Circassians in the homeland and abroad and making a significant contribution to the survival of their language and national traditions.  The coming together of this generation must be integrated into the larger coming together of the nation as a whole, he suggests.

            And Karov says that out of respect for our ancestors who died in the Caucasian war, “we undoubtedly must seek Russia’s recognition of the genocide of the Circassians.” That end, we must produce “documentary films and books” to spread knowledge about what happened and why rather than allow enemies of the Circassians to distort and misuse this history.

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