Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 20-25, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 20-25, 2021    


1.      Most Russians, including Politicians and Rights Activists, Opposed to Corvid Passports

2.      Russia Must Radically Expand Infrastructure in North if It is to Keep Population from Fleeing, Yaskorsky Says   

3.      Moscow Will Be Able to Save Russian Only Where People have Economic Interests in Russia, ‘Nezavsimaya Gazeta’ Warns

4.      The USSR Could have Been Saved had Gorbachev Backed the OMON in Riga, Krutikov Says

5.      Another Prosecution Witness in Ingush Seven Case Fails to Provide Evidence Government Wants

6.      Anger of Russian Middle Class and Russian Masses May Now be About to Link Up, Gallyamov Says  

7.      A Tale of Three Statues in Russia Today: Validi-Togan, Stalin and Beria

8.      Pandemic Increased Authoritarianism in Russia with Powers Using Technology More Effectively against Population

9.      Like Lenin, Navalny isn’t a Politician but Rather a Revolutionary, Pastukhov Says

10.  Unification of Just Russia, For Truth, and Patriots of Russia Not Working Out in Regions  

11.  Biden ‘Paradoxically’ May Reprise Reagan’s Role in Transforming Russia, Shtepa Says

12.  Kremlin has Trained Russians Not to Resist by Frequency of Its Illegal Actions, Yasaveyev Says  

13.  Qarabagh War Undercut Notion that Shiite-Sunni Divide is Key in Muslim World, Semyonv Says

14.  New Book on Yeltsin’s Time in Sverdlovsk Argues 1990s were Product of 1970s and 1980s  

15.  Russians among Most Skeptical of World’s Nations about Vaccine – and Kremlin is Largely to Blame  

16.  North Caucasians without Work Increasingly Registering and Getting Unemployment Payments from Moscow, Zubarevich Says

17.  Moscow Unlikely to Dispense with the Minsk Group on Qarabagh Altogether, Markedonov Says  

18.  The Longer Putin Stays in Power, the More Radical Each New Generation will Be, El Murid Says

19.  Moscow Commentator Denounces Baku’s Statement on Black January as ‘Blasphemous’ Lie

20.  As Young Russians Protest, Putin Wants Aging Elite to Remain in Office Beyond Normal Retirement Age   

21.  Iran Loses Leverage on Baku if Zengezur Corridor Opens, Armenian Experts Fear

22.  Many Russians Upset Moscow Having Turkey Produce Sputnik-5 Vaccine

23.  Beijing Enriching Central Asian Elites Families to Buy Their Loyalty, Umarov Says

24.  Russian Speakers Now have Direct Access to Study of Mao’s Genocide against Mongolians  

25.  In Chita, Some Police Deployed Against Navalny Demonstrators Refused to Disperse Them

26.  More Fallout from Baku’s Qarabagh Victory – An Accord with Turkmenistan on Caspian Oil Fields

27.  Kremlin Making Potentially Fatal Mistake in Angering Young People, Gallyamov Says

28.  Moscow Plans for Ships ‘Too Big to Fail’ But That are Very Likely To, Russian Commentators Say  

29.  After the Pandemic Passes, Russian Urban Life and Russia’s Place in World Will Be Very Different, Experts Say  

30.  Kremlin Should Be More Worried by Attitudes of Russians toward Protests than by Protests Themselves, Pastukhov Says  

31.  ‘If the Whites had Won the Russian Civil War,’ What Would Russia Today be Like? New Novel Asks  

32.  Navalny Protesters are Anti-Kremlin but Not Necessarily Liberal, Pro-Western or Democratic, Baunov Says  

33.  Standard of Living Gap Between Russia’s Pskov Oblast and Baltic Countries One of Highest in World, Kamlyagin Says  

34.  By Attacking Dual Citizenship among Officials, Putin has Handed Opposition and West a Weapon Against Him, Inozemtsev Says  

35.  Putin Regime’s Use of Force Against Navalny Demonstrators May Lead the Latter to Respond in Kind, Martynov Says   

36.  Russian Officials Warn Demonstrations Potentially Super Spreader Events

37.  Russian Politicians Celebrate Stalin in Ways Even CPSU Didn’t under Brezhnev, Tsipko Says

38.  Latest Protests Far More Massive and Determined than Those of 2011-2012, Navalny Aide Says  

39.  Kremlin’s One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Repressing Non-Russians May Backfire Prompting Them to Unite against Moscow

40.  Navalny’s Supporters have Tripled since 2013 but his Opponents Still Consolidated Behind Putin, Levada’s Denis Volkov Says

41.  Moscow’s Plan to License Enlightenment Work Sparks Massive Online Protest against New Form of Censorship  

42.  Kremlin’s Men in Regions Caught Unawares by Massive Protests Outside of Moscow

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