Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 13-18, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 13-18, 2021  

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1.      Sputnik-5 Gave Putin a Boost but Russians Want to See More, Commentator Says

2.      Yavlinsky Attack on Navalny Hurts Democratic Opposition and Helps Putin’s Fascist Regime, Skobov Says  

3.      Russians Want Benefits of Europe without Having to Obey European Rules of the Game, Pastukhov Says

4.      Any Increase in Western Sanctions on Russia will Only Make It Easier for Kremlin to Repress Its People, Inozemtsev Says  

5.      Magas Court Fines Ingush Mufti Merely for Calling on Putin to Free Ingush Seven

6.      Kazakh Nationalism Needed but Still Remains Truncated by Soviet Experience, Tatilya Says

7.      Navalny Protests May Be Strengthening Putin’s Standing among Those Starting to Turn Away from Him, Gallyamov Says  

8.      Russia Better Able to Mobilize than Other Countries in Response to Pandemic, Putin Says; but Experts Cast Doubt on That  

9.      ‘Kremlin Losing Battle for Hearts and Minds of Russians,’ Zhelenin Says

10.  State Anti-Semitism Reemerging in Putin’s Russia, Eidman Says

11.  West Mistakenly Takes at Face Value Moscow’s Names for Institutions in Russia, Martynov Says

12.  Azerbaijan Faces New and Difficult Challenges Precisely Because of Its Victory

13.  A Bellwether for the Future? First Officially Permitted Protest Occurs in Kazan

14.  65 Years Ago Today, Khrushchev Denounced Stalin, Opening the Way to the Demise of Soviet System

15.  Russians with Health Problems Must Wear Masks Even after Pandemic Ends, Expert Says   

16.  Rising Number of Protests in Siberia Reflects Diversity of Power Centers among Elites in Many Cities There, Sociologist Says   

17.  Technical Contacts between Azerbaijanis and Armenians in Qarabagh Open Way to Broader Poliltical Ones, Moscow Commentator Says

18.  Unlike Many, Russian Protesters Still Carry Flag of Repressive Government They Oppose, Shtepa Says  

19.  Ten Things Ashgabat has Banned in Neo-Totalitarian Turkmenistan

20.  Belarus Today More Urban and Less Rural than Any of Its Neighbors

21.  Navalny has Won First Round with Putin Who’ll Find It Hard to Recover, Nikolay Petrov Says  

22.  During Pandemic, Russian Courts Hold Fewer Trials But Find Far More People Not Guilty  

23.  Working-Age Russian Men Now Dying at Same Rate as That Cohort in War-Torn Syria, Rybalchenko Says

24.  Some in Moscow Now Talking as Stalin Did about Defeating Enemies rather than Punishing Criminals, Inozemtsev Says  

25.  Artemenko’s Suit Against Navalny Recalls Both Falwell’s Against Flint and Lenin’s Warning about Stalin, Pastukhov Says

26.  Failure of Prosecution Witnesses to Back Accusations against Ingush Seven Creating ‘Illusion’ about a Positive Outcome, Buzurtanov Says

27.  Many Ethnic Russians Returning to North but Moscow isn’t Counting Them, Anthropologist Says  

28.  Many Countries are Now Getting Poorer but Russia is Doing So in Its Own Unfortunate Way, Shelin Says  

29.  Russian Arms Sales, Tourism Both Fell During Pandemic Year

30.  Russian Courts Ignore Russian Law to Impose Increasingly Harsh Sentences on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Rights Leaders Say

31.  Unrecognized Armenian Regime in Qarabagh Seeks to Make Russian the Second Official Language There  

32.  Most Russians Can’t or Won’t Rate Lenin but Overwhelmingly Oppose Taking Down Monuments to Him  

33.  Russian Elites’ Admiration for Fascist Leaders Reflects a Common Contempt for Democracy, Makarkin Says  

34.  Pandemic Presents More Serious Challenges for Putin than Kremlin Now Thinks, Nikolayev Says   

35.  Kremlin Now Faces Flash Mobs Not Revolutionaries, Kamyshev Says

36.  Three Factors Explain Why Russians aren’t Protesting Excess Deaths from Pandemic

37.  ‘If Russia were a Christian Country, Khrushchev, Not Stalin, would Rank as a Saint,’ Tsipko Says

38.  Putin Rejects Slogan Many Non-Russians Believe Shapes His Own Policies

39.  Russians Want Moscow to Spend Less on Military and More on Domestic Needs, Higher School of Economics Poll Shows   

40.  Kremlin Deploys Dzerzhinsky and Andropov Against Navalny and the Young, Eggert Says

41.  FSB May Be Preparing Something Like a Reprise of 1999 Apartment Bombings, ‘Sieve of Socrates’ Telegram Channel Says  

42.  Fate of Russians Still Depends on Whims of the Autocrat, ‘Yezhednevny Zhurnal’ Says

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