Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 25-Mar. 2, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 25-Mar. 2, 2021   

1.      Moscow Borrowed Far More in 2020 than It Spent Fighting Pandemic

2.      Kadyrov Again Highlights His Territorial Ambitions by Focusing on Daghestan’s Chechens, Experts Say  

3.      Putin Cult Unlikely Ever to Be Exposed as Stalin’s Was in 1956, Sinelnikov-Orishak Says 

4.      Putin’s Speech to Chekists Highlights His Increased Focus on Domestic Opponents and Foreign Enemies  

5.      If Lapis Lazuli Corridor Opens, Georgia Could Be a Big Loser from Latest Karabakh War  

6.      Russia’s Party of Power and Its Partners Promoting National Socialism to Distract People from Their Problems, Zhelenin Says  

7.      Moscow TV Removes Most Powerful Lines of Eisenstein’s ‘Aleksandr Nevsky’ Lest Russians Get Ideas   

8.      Kremlin Denies Vaccine Shortage Regional Officials and Medical Experts are Reporting

9.      A Baker’s Dozen of Other Stories from Russia This Week

10.  Central Asians Moving into Cities but Not Becoming Urbanized, Mamyrayymov Says

11.  Russians’ Passivity Welcomed by Regime Puts Country on Way to Failure, Scholars in Regions Say

12.  Political Correctness Not Principles Dominates West and Weakens Its Influence in Russia and Other Authoritarian Countries, Shelin Says

13.  Unless Regions Become Republics, Russians will Remain Both a Colonizing and a Colonized Nation, Sidorov Says

14.  Siloviki Arrest Ingush Leader They’d Sought for Almost Two Years  

15.  All Aspects of Russian Pandemic Response Distorted by Falsification, 3400-Member Watching COVID-2019 Group Reports

16.  Political Crisis in Armenia May Lead 200,000 More People to Leave, Reducing It to Something like Abkhazia, Vardanyan Says

17.  Unlike Stalin, Putin isn’t Bloodthirsty and Uses Violence Only When He Feels Threatened, Gallyamov Says  

18.  Federative Party Absurdly Being Accused of Being a Khodorkovsky Project, Miftakhov Says   

19.  Lubyanka Statue Debate Highlighted Ideological Vulnerability of Putin Regime, Popkov Says

20.  Russia Less a Mafia State than One Too Closely Integrated with Business, Inozemtsev Says  

21.  Actions on Sixth Anniversary of Nemtsov’s Murder Take Place Across Russia

22.  Despite Improved Statistics, Only One Russian in 16 Immune to Coronavirus, Epidemiologists Say  

23.  2020 was a Hard Year for Russia’s Regions; 2021 will Be Even Worse, Experts Say

24.  Study of Non-Russian Languages has Collapsed Since Putin Made Them Voluntary Subjects

25.  Fall in Share of Raw Materials among Russian Exports ‘a Bookkeeping Illusion,’ Stolypin Institute Says  

26.  Unresolved Conflict of Individualism and Collectivism in Russia Makes Radical Reforms There Difficult if Not Impossible, Auzan Says

27.  Northern Sea Route to Connect Not only Europe and Asia but Northern Russia to Moscow, Stanulevich Says  

28.  Kremlin’s Attempts to Hide Stalin’s Crimes Only Attract More Attention to Them, Eidelman Says  

29.  Nearly Two-Thirds of Russians Say Coronavirus Form of Biological War and Many of These Won’t Get Vaccinated

30.  Russian Conservatives Must Back Navalny Tactically Because He is Weakening State, Savvin Says   

31.  Russian ‘Patriots’ Hate Gorbachev because He’s Both a Russian and a European, Tsipko Says

32.  Russian Judges Arresting Six Times More of Detainees than They did Two Years Ago, Project Media Says  

33.  Centenary of 1921 Peasant Rising, One Even More Fateful than Kronshtadt Revolt, Recalled  

34.  Russians Flee Tuva as Law Decays, Economy Collapses and Separatism Intensifies, Znak Journalist Says  

35.  Moscow Wants to Strip Republic Languages of ‘State’ Status’ and Make Them Only ‘Official’

36.  Moscow Says Russia will Have Collective Immunity to Coronavirus No Later than August  

37.  USSR Would Have Collapsed Even if Gorbachev had Never Existed, Gozman Says

38.  By Imprisoning Navalny, Kremlin has Made What He Represents Politically Immortal, Pastukhov Says

39.  West Changing Itself to Allow It to Impose More Sanctions on Russia without Harming Itself, Shevtsova Says   

40.  The More Radical Navalny Becomes, the Less Support He will Have, Shaburov Says

41.  No Russian Believes Declaring Support for Putin is Dangerous, Levinson Says

42.  Even Witnesses from Russian Guard Aren’t Supporting Charges Against Ingush Seven

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