Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Sept. 5 – 10, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Sept. 5 – 10, 2021

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1.      Five Percent of Russians have Been Infected with Covid Since Start of Pandemic, Officials Say

2.      Beijing Now Views Kazakhstan as a Kazakh and Not a Russian-Speaking Country, Some Say

3.      Komis Fighting School Consolidation and Its Negative Impact on Their Lives and Language

4.      KPRF Winning Support of Liberals for Opposing Latest Repressions Despite Its Backing of Authoritarian Laws, Mitrokhin Says

5.      Unlike in Other Countries, Russia’s Parties Aren’t Making Promises or Talking about the Future, Martynov Says

6.      New Textbook Seeks to Promote Civic Identity among Russian Muslim Religious

7.      Russia Prison Colony in Khabarovsk Revolts, There are Dead and Wounded and Special Forces are Sent In

8.      Diplomatic Activity Reduced by Pandemic Unlikely to Recover Anytime Soon, Moscow Analyst Says

9.      Putin Becoming a Laughingstock Much Like Brezhne, Eidman Says

10.  Shoygu’s Plan for New Cities East of the Urals Possible Only if Unpopular Soviet Methods are Revived, Sitnikov Says

11.  As at End of Soviet Times, Russian Universities Producing More Graduates than Economy Can Use, Pryanikov Says

12.  Russia Now Confronted by Second Generation Problem among Migrant Workers, Diskin Says

13.  You Can Change Your Name but Not Your Nationality, Siberian Told

14.  Chechen Government in Exile Marks 30th Anniversary of Declaration of Independence from the USSR

15.  Birobidzhan Priest Blames Russian Government for Covid Deaths of His Parents

16.  Basmachi were ‘Taliban of Their Times,’ Uzbek Says in Objecting to Their Rehabilitation

17.  China and US Combined have More than 100 Times as Many Supercomputers as Russia Does, Zlobin Says

18.  Ingermanland Activists Open Center in Estonian Border City of Narva

19.  Super-High Mortality Among Working-Age Russian Men, Not Pandemic, Explains Russia’s Declining Life Expectancy Figures

20.  Pandemic Exacerbating Pressures on Business to Decentralize Even in Russia, Experts Say

21.  Vendor Bankruptcies Emerge as Another Threat to Survival of Russian Newspapers

22.  Despite Upbeat Official Statements, Russians Pessimistic and Aren’t Buying Tickets for Winter Travel

23.  Putin’s Perestroika, One Driven Like Gorbachev’s by a Desire to Revive a Stagnating System, Path to Its Destruction, Inozemtsev Says

24.  Like Other Fundamentalists, Russians Reject the Modern World and Foolishly Assume They can Outlast It, Martynov Says

25.  Putinism is the Post-Industrial Form of Fascism, Skobov Says

26.  Russian Nationalist Outraged Russians Described as Newcomers Anywhere

27.  Ingush Seven Witness Says Yevkurov Provoked Protests to Hide Corruption from Moscow

28.  Moscow Complains about Campaign against Russian Speakers in Ukraine While Waging a Far More Sweeping One against Ukrainian Speakers in Russia, Yatsenyuk Says

29.  Two Out of Three Vaccinated Russians Oppose Penalizing Those Who Aren’t

30.  Ingush Seven Case Costs Second FSB Overseer in Moscow His Job

31.  Regional Governments More Centralized than Russian Federation One Is, Strakhov Says

32.  Russian Nationalist Denounces Adding Karelian to Street Signs in Petrozavodsk as Step toward Secession

33.  Russians May be Drinking Less Vodka But are Downing More Moonshine, Roshchin Says

34.  Corruption is the Glue Holding the Putin System Together, Guriyev Says

35.  Kalmyk Cossack Leaders Must Now Receive Blessing of Dalai Lama’s Student

36.  Russian Government Reports on Coronavirus Skimpier and Less Plausible as Elections Near, Roshchin Says

37.  A Baker’s Triple Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

38.  By Two to One, Russians Now Want a Well-Off Russia More than a Great Power One, Levada Poll Finds

39.  Real Tie Binding Russians Together Desire for Justice, Krichevsky Says

40.  Russian Judges So Overloaded with Work They Can’t Dispense Justice, One of Them Says

41.  Moscow Should Be United with the Rest of Russia, Not Just Moscow Oblast, Some Russians Say

42.  Two New Circassian Organizations Take Up Cudgels for that Nation’s History, Language and Toponymy

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