Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for April 12-18, 2022

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for April 12-18, 2022    


1.     Oil and Gas Prices Up, but Russia’s Earnings from Sales of Them Down Almost 50 Percent since Start of Putin’s War, Moscow Admits

2.     Last Year, Russian Juries Found One Defendant in Three Not Guilty while Judges Found Did So for Only One in 230, Retired Federal Judge Says

3.     Moscow Wants to End Eurocentric Approach to History and Thereby Downgrade Importance of Division of Powers, Aksyonov Says

4.     Divisions among Russians on War in Ukraine Stable as They Reflect Long-Standing Patterns, Levada’s Volkov Says among-russians-on-war-in.html

5.     Russian Charities Increasingly Hard-Pressed because of Economic Crisis, War and Sanctions

6.     New Moscow Study Focuses on Identity Change among Russian Speakers in the United States

7.     Putin Doubles Spending on State Media to Promote His War in Ukraine

8.     ‘Only Complete Liberation of Russian-Occupied Parts of Ukraine will Stop Formation of Puppet Regimes There,’ Klyshch Says

9.     Putin and Empire, Not Russian Culture, to Blame for Bucha, Shtepa Says

10.  Putin Regime Lacks the Mass Support and Revolutionary Goals Hitler and Mussolini Had, Pozharsky Says

11.  Russia Committing Genocide Against Greeks in Ukraine, Community Leaders Say

12.  Russia Sets Another Record: the Longest Blitzkrieg in History, Russians Joke

13.  Ever More Ingush Thinking about Emigration Because of Putin’s War in Ukraine, ‘Fortanga’ Reports

14.  Poor Quality of Russian Officers and Soldiers Makes More Bucha-Type Crimes ‘Inevitable,’ Davydovsky Says

15.  Russia’s Technocrats Aren’t the Liberals Some Imagine but Rather the Gravediggers of Democracy, Skobov Says

16.  Ukrainian Political Nation Must Serve as Model for Non-Russian Peoples within the Russian Federation, Gabbasov Says

17.  Russian Applications for Estonian Citizenship Triple Since Start of Putin’s War in Ukraine

18.  Risks for Russia from China ‘Lesser Evil’ than Western Pressure on Moscow, Pritchin Says

19.  Even Putin’s Opponents aren’t Prepared to View Russia as an Empire that is Falling Apart, Etkind Says

20.  Putin has Only One Goal and Only Those who Want to Be Deceived Are, Skobov Says

21.  Moscow Facing Problems Attracting North Caucasians to Military Service, Kyiv Says and Russian Reports Confirm

22.  Moscow Struggling to Cover Cost of Funerals for Russian War Dead

23.  Ethnic and Religious Minorities Playing Very Different Roles in Russian and Ukrainian Forces, Sidorov Says

24.  Putin Regime Reviving Another Noxious Stalin-Era Term – ‘Kowtowing to the West’

25.  Both the Siloviki and the Oligarchs May Be Swept Away in the Coming Struggle for Power, Grashchenkov Says

26.  Bucha Horrifies Not Only Because of the Victims but Because of the Victimizers

27.  Some Russians who Fled Their Country after Start of Putin’s War Now Trickling Back

28.  Kazakhstan Overwhelmingly Opposes Putin’s War in Ukraine, but Russians Placing Their Hopes in Minority that Doesn’t

29.  Putin has Gone to War Not Only Against Ukrainians but Against Their Pet Dogs and Cats

30.  Armenian Who in 1920 Fought Against Baku’s Control of Land Bridge to Nakhichevan Continues to Divide Yerevan and Baku

31.  Russian Raping of Ukrainian Women Appears Almost Systematic, Medical Experts Say

32.  Putin’s War has Consolidated Ukrainian Identity Quickly and for the Long Term, Wynnyckyj Says

33.  Was ‘Moskva’ Carrying Piece of the True Cross?

34.  Russia has Long but Carefully Concealed Tradition of Losing Colonial Wars, Levchik Says

35.  Those who Lived in East Germany Still ‘Immunized’ against Hostility to Russia and Putin, Moscow Commentators Say

36.  Putin’s Search for Allies Sparks New Attention to Earlier Russian Emigrations to Latin America

37.  More Collateral Damage from Putin’s War in Ukraine: Moscow Closes Sites of Lake Baikal’s Defenders

38.  Russia Remains a Technically Trained but Unenlightened Country, Pastukhov Says

39.  Putin Wants a Third World War but He hasn’t Decided Against Whom to Declare It, Russians Say

40.  Ukrainian Mufti Calls on Russian Muslims to Denounce Putin’s War and Refuse to Serve in His Army

41.  Crisis in Russia Worse than the 1990s Because Country Lacks Resources Soviets Built Up or Any Help from Abroad, Kagarlitsky Says

42.  Drive in Russia to Drop Any Reference to Ukraine or Kyiv in Names of Popular Products Fizzles

43.  Foreign Architectural Firms Fleeing Russia, Raising Questions on What Will be Built and How Well

44.  Putin Targets Jehovah’s Witnesses Because He Assumes Few will Come to Their Defense, Verkhovsky Says

45.  Novosibirsk Academic Community Speaks Out Against Putin’s War in Ukraine

46.  Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAS) Leader in Organizing Russian Protests against Putin’s War

47.  New Book Explains How and Why Bi-National Kabardino-Balkar Republic Survived

48.  Moscow City Struggling to Find Jobs for 200,000 Residents Losing Them as Foreign Firms Depart

49.  Kremlin Confirms Russian Troops in Ukraine Using Soviet Symbols, and Reports Say They’re Using Tsarist Ones as Well

50.  To Limit Protests to Putin’s War in Ukraine Kremlin Plays on Intelligentsia’s Distrust of the People, Kurilla Says

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